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Tomoki Yonemura Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Job, Is She The Wolf?

Tomoki Yonemura is the star of Netflix’s new dating show Is She The Wolf? The show premiered in June 2023 on Netflix. Since the premiere, his fan base has grown which means they are interested to learn more about him.

Here we bring you details about his age, job, girlfriend, and birthday. So tag along and learn more.

Tomoki Yonemura On Netflix’s Is She The Wolf?

Tomoki Yonemura, an aspiring Japanese actor, has joined Netflix’s latest offering Is She The Wolf? The show follows five men and five women who go on dates, but there are unknowable numbers of “lying wolves” who are forbidden from getting romantically involved. Consider The Traitors but with a romantic component added.

All of the candidates who aren’t ‘wolves’ are continually attempting to determine whether the relationships that are developing on the show are actually the start of true romance or just the ‘wolves” sly schemes.

In June 2023, Tomoki took to his IG and announced, “#Don’t be deceived by wolves Streaming starts today at 22:00 on Netflix. Please take a look at it with your family, friends, and loved ones.#Netflix #Netflix.”

Tomoki Yonemura Girlfriend

Does Tomoki Yonemura have a girlfriend? Honestly, we can’t say for sure. He like many of his fellow cast members isn’t the one to break down details about their present and romantic pasts. (

However, on the show, Tomoki demonstrated a romantic interest in Sakurako Okubo. He has shared a few snaps from the show where he appears with Sakurako. Viewers have also shipped them as Tomorako.

For their date, ‘Tomorako’ went to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise where they enjoyed a good time that viewers at home enjoyed watching. He posted two photos on his IG and wrote, “#Don’t be fooled by wolves Thank you for watching. If you were going on a date, would you go to an aquarium? amusement park? I enjoyed both at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise ☺︎.”

One fan wrote in his IG comment, “The two shots with Sakurako-chan were always like a scene from a movie, they were beautiful😢I learned from Tomoki-san that people grow so much😭I will continue to support you from now on🌟.” The second fan added, “I cried 😭 but when I realized that the feelings of the two of them were real, my tears started to flow 😢❤️ It suits you very well! !”

Another fan added, “It was the best. Thank you for your wonderful love. It was Tomoki and Sakurako’s strongest push cap! 🫰🫰🫰.”

Similarly another fan of ‘Tomorako’ added, “Thank you for posting a two-shot with Sakurako-chan 🥺💕 The first one is a very beautiful photo✨ It’s too awesome to be staring at each other!! In the second picture, it’s heartwarming to see the two of them laughing 🤭💖 No matter how many times I see Tomoki-kun hold hands with me, I get so excited т т♡ Both aquariums and amusement parks are good😻 They have different fun I can do it, but I’m the type of person who wants to have a lot of fun at amusement park attractions🎢 I’d also like to see Tomoki-kun and Sakurako-chan’s amusement park date🧏🏻💞.”

Tomoki Yonemura Age

Born in 2000, Tomoki Yonemura turned 23 in 2023.

Tomoki Yonemura Height

Per Tomoki Yonemura’s profile on PKP, he stands tall at 1.8 meters (5 feet 11 inches). His bust, waist, and hip measurements are 90, 74, and 89 inches respectively.

Tomoki Yonemura Job

Tomoki Yonemura is an aspiring actor by profession. However, Is She The Wolf is the only major gig he has landed by far in his budding career. He appears to be represented by PKP. The company is based in Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Per his PKP profile, Tomoki appeared on Showa Gakuin High School’s new uniform model. He also played soccer in elementary and junior school. The bio states, “About 5 years from the 5th grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of junior high school. From high school onwards, it is about twice a week in the adult team.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tomoki Yonemura Birthday?

Tomoki Yonemura’s birthday is on 27 April.

  • Where Is Tomoki Yonemura From?

Tomoki Yonemura hailed from Tokyo, Japan.

  • Is Tomoki Yonemura On Instagram?

Yes, Tomoki Yonemura is on Instagram (@ranru0122). On the profile, he has 13.2K followers.

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