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Rona Vent Bio, Ricko DeWilde Wife, Age, Job, Life Below Zero

Ricko DeWilde — featured on the documentary television series Life Below Zero by BBC Studios — has been a fan-favorite among its audience. Since especially the November 9th (2021) episode, Ricko, including his family, has been the talk of the fourteenth season of the National Geographic show. Get to know some more in the rest of the bio writing, i.e. about Ricko’s partner Rona Vent.

Is Rona Vent Ricko DeWilde’s Wife?

In the documentary television series that illustrates Ricko DeWilde’s family’s extreme ways of living, viewers saw Ricko committed to his partner Rona Vent.

The couple has been pictured together since 2013, which implies they have been in a relationship for years. However, it is not understood if the two are also married as of 2021.

The audience saw Rona and Ricko also as the parents of their five children. Together, they have three daughters Simone, Skarlett, and Maya, and sons, Skyler and Keenan. Ricko has also named another daughter called Sarah, who he has said he misses on a couple of his Instagram posts.

A few times, the young children appeared on Life Below Zero when they paid a visit to their father where he is seen teaching them about subsistence living.

Rona and her partner thus brought a bunch of kids making their living in remote areas of Alaska. Their oldest, Simone, reached the age of 17 sometime before Nov. 2021, while the youngest is thought to be around 5.

In an interview with blogger Eric Nestor, Ricko had mentioned that despite him and Rona raising their kids in Fairbanks, he is eager to pass down the Native Alaskan traditions that he learned from his parents.

Ricky is the sixth of 14 children born to Amelia a Koyukon Athabascan and Lloyd, an adventurer from California.

One of Ricko’ssister, Riba Dewilde, died at 51. Her son, Eli Simpson, had shot her dead citing it was self-defense and that he endured abuse from her for years.

Rona Vent Age

Until November 2021, Rona Vent was likely in her early 40s or late 30s. This would make her still a couple of years younger than Ricko who turned 46 on 4 July 2021.

Rona Vent Job

Rona Vent is most like a homemaker. Other than that we have news to tell you about her educational background, career, or net worth.

It is clear though that she has been a very supportive partner to Ricko in his professional endeavors as well. Ricko, as you may already know, is a subsistence hunter and outdoorsman, a Native American rights activist, entrepreneur, and a reality television personality. The Huslia, Alaska native is also the owner of HYDZ clothing.

Is Rona Vent On Instagram?

Rona Vent did not seem to be on Instagram until 12 November 2021.

Still, however, you may catch her being featured on Ricko’s Instagram @reeky_reeks (with 10.9K followers) and Facebook, now and then.

Rona is pictured on Ricko’s socials from as far as February 2012. Back then, he would address then much-younger and carefree Rona with captions such as: “I’m lucky because she puts up with all my bullshit!”

Related FAQs

  • Does Rona Vent Appear On Life Below Zero?

IMDB has not yet credited Rona Vent for her appearance on any of the Life Below Zero episodes.

We know, Ricko joined the cast of the reality show during the 2018’s season. So, he must have shown Rona or talked about her many a times on his journey of teaching his TV audience the traditional subsistence-hunting way of life that he grew up in.

He continued to show up in the 2021’s season of the show as well.

Besides all the good experiences in life Ricko also lived through some tough times. Among them are the two years that he spent in prison on cocaine-possession charges. Still though, looking back he believes the bad-timing then turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Because afterward, he quit drugs and in 2019 he had already been clean for 15 years.

  • How Tall Is Rona Vent?

Rona Vent stands below 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

  • Where Is Rona Vent From?

From what is seen on Life Below Zero, Rona is also likely an Alaskan Athabaskan. That is, she is also likely a native of Alaska like Ricko. Seemingly with Rona, Ricko moved into his family’s remote abandoned cabin near Huslia, Alaska.

For now, Rona and Ricko are Koyukon Athabascan. It is a group named after the territory its people occupy along the Koyukuk and Yukon rivers.

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