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Michael Rittenhouse Bio, Kyle Rittenhouse Father, Age

Meet Michael Rittenhouse, father of ill-famed Kyle Rittenhouse who went on a trial in Wisconsin for allegedly killing two men and wounding another during a protest against racial injustice in Kenosha.

As Kyle’s trial for the Kenosha shooting continued for several days in November 2021, those following the case closely have also been curious about the defendant’s life outside of the courthouse and before it all happened on 25 August 2021.

So, in the process, people realized despite being a high-profile case, there is not much information understood on his parents. Still, the rest of the writing, i.e., Michael Rittenhouse Bio, is going to reveal so much, especially about Kyle Rittenhouse’s father.

Meet Michael Rittenhouse, Kyle Rittenhouse Father

So first, let us tell you that it is not just Kyle facing trouble with the law in the Rittenhouse family. Word has it, even Michael Rittenhouse, his father, has served his sentence for some kind of offense or wrongdoing.

During his son Kyle’s trial, it was revealed that Michale now resides in Kenosha and that he is sober, unlike the old times when he struggled with alcohol and experimented with drugs.

Does Michael Rittenhouse Have A Wife?

Certainly, Michael Rittenhouse once had a wife. However, she now has turned out to be his ex-wife and she is none other than Kyle’s mother and her name is Wendy Rittenhouse.

The now-estranged couple tied the knot in 2000 and welcomed three kids together before their separation. The name of the kids would be Faith, 21, Kyle, 18, and McKenzie, 17. (Other than their ages, i.e, recorded as of Nov.2021, not much information is available on Kyle’s siblings.)

Reportedly, in 2014, Michael’s then-wife Wendy had petitioned the court for child support, and Mike was later ordered to pay $85 a week.

A profile in the New Yorker also reported that when Kyle was 4 years old, his father was charged with domestic battery after allegedly punching his wife Wendy in the stomach. Michael however had denied this and the charges were reportedly dismissed.

Meanwhile now, it is also said that Michael now wants to be on good terms with Wendy and their kids.

It is unclear if Michael remarried after divorcing Wendy.

Michael Rittenhouse Age

Michael, who is also known by the name Mike, was born before 1975. So, he should have turned at least more than 46 years of age as of 2021.

Michael Rittenhouse Job

While not much is known about Kyle’s father, a profile in the New Yorker claimed that Michael Rittenhouse was once a machine operator.

Is Michael Rittenhouse With The Kenosha Sheriff’s Department?

A Facebook post suggested that Michael Rittenhouse is himself a law enforcement officer. Referring to Kyle who is arrested for killing two protesters and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz, many likes — “Wondering about Kyle Rittenhouse’s father? Call the Kenosha Sheriff’s department and ask for Deputy Rittenhouse.” — comments were passed.

All this, however, has already been flagged as false news as the county’s employee database has no Rittenhouse in its sheriff’s department lists of 10 staffers.

Is There A Fundraiser For Michael Rittenhouse?

Insider stated that Michael Rittenhouse has been paying $84 in child support per month since March 2014 and is bound to do so until May 2022. So, how does he provide for that fund?

The media outlet also reported that Michael was an employee of QPS Employment Group Inc, a staffing agency in Brookfield, Wisconsin. However, it would not tell if he is still employed with QPS.

Following Kyle’s incident on Kenosha, a fundraiser was started for Michael’s ex-wife. Launched with a goal of $150,000, it had raised $7,600 until the time of this writing. But, there did not seem to be a fundraiser that is dedicated to Michael.

Also, Michael’s son Kyle’s efforts to raise money for his defense and living expenses by selling branded merchandise had been taken down by nine different online vendors around January 2021.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Michael Rittenhouse From?

Currently a Kenosha dweller, Michael Rittenhouse also lived in the City of Zion, in Illinois at one point.

According to The New Yorker, when Michael and Wendy separated, Wendy, who is a single mother, a nurse’s assistant, and has this condition called Dyslexia, remained in Antioch, Ill., where the kids lived, while Michael moved away.

And it is said, the day Kyle shot two people and injured third, he was in staying with Michael in his Kenosha home.

  • Is Michael Rittenhouse On Facebook, Twitter?

No. You may not find Michael Rittenhouse either on Facebook or Twitter.

Michael appeared a low-key profile as compared to his ex-wife and Wendy and son Kyle who you may spot on their respective social media pages.


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