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Rosalie Barnett Bio, Age, Job, HGTV Shane Duffy Girlfriend

Added: The fan-favorite HGTV series Build It Forward, has come back with a second season and with a few changes. A new co-host with the name Shane Duffy took Matt Blashaw’s place and joined designer Taniya Nayak in the heart-warming journey of renovating homes for five community heroes throughout the U.S., in collaboration with Lowe’s.

Shane is a talented builder and co-owner of NYC-based SD Squared, a home renovation firm. He also is a US Army War Veteran and has already found fame as a home renovator in the likes of Cosmopolitan, In Touch, and Yahoo! He also has made appearances on popular national network shows such as Jimmy Fallon’s tonight show.

Now, in the rest of the writing, we shall tell you about the lesser-known aspect of his life, i.e., his relationship with Rosalie Barnett, his girlfriend turned baby mama. Keep reading to find out who she is and more.

Meet Rosalie Barnett, HGTV Shane Duffy’s Girlfriend-Turned-Baby Mama

Rosalie Barnett has been in HGTV’s Shane Duffy’s life since at least November 2020. They have not been married already. But, they do already have a kid together. It is their son Denali Barnett Duffy we speak of. He was born on 13 October 2021, surrounded by so much love, positivity, and pure magic, according to his mother.

Long before he was born, Denali’s parents already had a name prepared for him. “We have the name!! 😍👼🏼 Do you think the little one needs a second name? I don’t have one and never missed it 🤷🏼‍♀️”, Rosalie had gushed in a social media post.

As for her relationship with her baby daddy, Rosalie has told people that her life completely changed when she met him. And yet she said she does not regret a thing. “You’re my partner in crime, best friend, and father I could ever imagine. Your positive energy is what I was longing for so long”, one can occasionally see her write words such as these about him.

Rosalie Barnett Age

Rosalie Barnett was born before 1995. So, she should have reached the age of 27, even in the least. As for Shane, he turned 43 in January 2023.

Who Are Rosalie Barnett’s Parents?

Rosalie Barnett’s mother is Ilona Barnett, a photographer based in Germany and New York. One can have a look over her beautifully captured photographs on IG @ilona_barnett_photography, where she already entertained 21.7K followers.

So, Rosalie’s mom is mostly into taking pictures of weddings, couples in general, and family. There are many of Rosalie and her family also.

Rosalie has not yet mentioned her dad on her social media posts. But, more than once, she has shown people some glimpses of her brother whom she seems to adore a lot.

And if she gets married to Shane someday, she will also have a lovely pair of in-laws in the form of John Eugene Duffy and Claire R Duffy.

Rosalie Barnett Job

Professionally, Rosalie Barnett is a model. She also is aspiring to become an internet influencer it seems. And if you dig deep, you will also know that she also makes her living working as an architect. On social media BIO, she has invited people to hit her up for freelance Architecture and design, modeling, or just to find a Mom friend.

As a model, Rosalie has been represented by the Dallas-based Dragon Fly Agency and Philadelphia’s Click Models.

Rosalie got her bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt in Germany.

Speaking of Shane, in high school, he was doing carpentry, side summer jobs painting and landscaping, and building decks, and terraces with stone and wood trellises. And so he really got some knowledge on the back end of carpentry and outdoor work. All that eventually translated into his handyman company, and from there he evolved that into a full-scale renovation company. It has been 15 years since and he has not looked back.

Rosalie Barnett Height

Blond-haired and Blue-Green eyed Rosalie Barnett stands around 5’10” (1.78 meters) in height. Her bust-waist-hip measurements were recorded as 32-25-35 (in inches) not long ago.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rosalie Barnett From?

Rosalie Barnett had been splitting her time between New York City and New Jersey, as of 2023. As for her home it is in Germany it seems. She has in detail talked about flying there “home” for the holidays.

It seems Rosalie moved to the States in late 2020. At the time, she said that on some days she misses her family and friends so much that she wants to get on a plane home the same day. Even so, she has not regretted moving far away she said. This big move, in her words, has allowed me to grow and has shown her what really is important in life.

  • When Is Rosalie Barnett’s Birthday?

It is not yet known when Rosalie Barnett celebrates her birthday. But, every time on Shane’s birthday on January 15th we have seen her lengthily write about him on social media. She would say things like Denali being the luckiest to have him as his father and so on.

  • Is Rosalie Barnett On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Rosalie Barnett can be found on Instagram as well as Facebook. As of 12 June 2023, her IG @

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