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Ruby Jessop Bio, Now, Husband, Age, Former FLDS Member

Ruby Jessop was only 14 years old when she was deemed “se*ually mature” by FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.

On April 23, 2001, Ruby and her second cousin John Haven Barlow had a church wedding ceremony in Caliente, Nevada. But she was being torn at the time as to whether this was what she truly wanted. “I needed time just to find myself,” she said.

Her two older brothers had already left the FLDS, and three weeks after the wedding she went to be with them. But Ruby was there for only one week and was already regretting leaving. Ruby and Haven were legally married when she turned 16. On May 5, 2002, they were married before a judge in St. George, Utah after Ruby was more comfortable and sure of what she wanted.

On the day that Flora Jessop, her sister, was married, leaving the FLDS, Ruby was born. “Ruby gave me my freedom,” Flora later said. “She was born the day I left Hildale. May 3, 1986.”

Ruby’s stepfather at the time was Fred Jessop. The Jessops and Barlows are the two founding families of the FLDS. In 2001 Fred Jessop was the top counselor to Warren Jeffs. Fred died in 2005.

Meet Ruby Jessop, Former FLDS Member

For the next 12 years, Ruby Jessop was detained against her will at the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, where she bore six children and lived under the iron grip of the deviant leader.

Her sister, Flora Jessop had fled the FLDS church in 1986 she was able to escape in 2013. Flora said that her sister was able to muster the courage to run away in 2012 after Warren imposed even stricter rules on his followers, wielding his influence even from behind bars.

DailyMail reported that Ruby was forced to return to the community because the FLDS would not give her children. She also accused the Colorado City Marshal’s Office and called them Warren Jeffs’s personal ‘security force’, and did “everything they could to block her getting access to her children”.

Finally reunited with her children in January 2013, Ruby claimed that her children were brainwashed to think that their mother was “wicked”.

Flora said her sister, who did not speak on the advice of her lawyers at the time, had been held captive by the FLDS for years. She underwent sexual and mental abuse at the hands of her cousin-husband while not being allowed to leave with her kids.

In December 2012, Ruby left in the middle of the night while her husband was away for 15 minutes. “She was able to have someone pick her up and they left the community,” her sister Flora Jessop said. “However she was followed by the security, church security, everywhere she went”.

Eventually, Ruby filed for divorce at the Mohave County Court in December 2012. The court also granted her temporary custody of her children — and the support of the Sheriff’s Office in executing the court order.

Ruby Jessop On Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey?

Ruby Jessop appeared on Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey. She recounted her time in the FLDS and her experience during that period.

What Is Ruby Jessop Doing Now?

Ruby Jessop is currently residing in Hildale, Utah. She has been a public speaker and appeared on Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil in 2018, according to her IMDB. Ruby Jessop started a long process of recovery by making a list of what she and her children need in their new lives.

Ruby Jessop Age

Reportedly born on 3 May 1986, as of 2022, Ruby Jessop is 36 years old.

Ruby Jessop Husband And Kids Today

According to Ruby Jessop’s Facebook, she is currently in a new relationship. She has a son named Smithy Barlow. According to 2013 Facebook posts, she has claimed all six children for herself. Besides Smithy, she also has Jewelle, Millie, Ernie, Sequoia, and Nettie.

In one FB post, Ruby commented, “Well after having 6 kids I feel much older than I am. That gives me much confidence Brenda, thank you so much!”.

As for her husband, Haven is also no longer associated with FLDS. Ruby and Haven are connected to each other on Facebook. Haven remarried his new wife in May 2019. He was initially accused of keeping Ruby away from the kids. You can find him on Facebook (@haven.barlow.9).

Ruby Jessop’s case was also difficult because her husband is a member of the Marshal’s Office as well as the fire department. In 2013, Ruby shared with CNN that couples weren’t allowed to have any form of intimate contact with their partner because she showed off images of the moment she was reunited with her children.

‘The only relations you could have with your husband was a handshake and no longer than three seconds,’ she told CNN. The reason being he does “not want any child to be born in this wicked generation”.

Before reuniting with her kids, Ruby was “told that she didn’t have the right to take her children, she can leave, but she doesn’t have the right to take her kids, and she doesn’t have the right to visit them, see them, hear from them, she’s no longer part of the United Order”.

Flora, sister of Ruby, had also accused Haven of rap*ng her so violently that she lost her life to hemorrhaging.

Is Ruby Jessop On Instagram?

No, Ruby Jessop is not on Instagram. But, she has a Facebook account (@ruby.jessop.90).

Ruby Jessop Job

After rehabilitating to a new life, Ruby Jessop’s first job was in a restaurant. She hasn’t updated on anything beyond that regarding her career.

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  • Who Are Ruby Jessop Parents?

Ruby Jessop’s parents are Joe C. Jessop and Patricia Jessop.

  • Does Ruby Jessop Have Siblings?

You can find the list of Ruby Jessop siblings here.

  • When Is Ruby Jessop Birthday?

Ruby Jessop celebrates her birthday on 3 May.

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