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Ryan Kramer aka El Morya From Love Has Won Age, Today

El Morya aka Ryan Kramer was one of the followers of Love Has Won. Serious criminal charges against the members included false detention, tampering with the remains of deceased people, abuse of a body, and abuse of children. Two children, ages two and thirteen, who were on the property when the body was found, are the subject of the child abuse accusations.

The life and death of Amy Carlson, better known to her devotees as “Mother God,” are chronicled in the book Love Has Won. She created a devoted following of believers with the help of her many “Father Gods,” and while some of their ideas were harmless, others were plain harmful. This week marked the conclusion of the documentary series, with Episode 3 showing the group traveling to Hawaii just before chaos broke out. The most recent chapter also introduces Madi, the biological daughter of leader Amy Carlson who was raised by her mother but was abandoned.

Ryan Kramer, also known as El Morya, is one of the many Love Has Won supporters who are interviewed for the series. But what happened to him and where is he now?

Where Is Ryan Kramer aka El Morya From Love Has Won Today?

According to the documentary, Ryan Kramer aka El Morya fled to Florida after Carlson passed away and the criminal proceedings against the organization were dropped. She now has over 40,000 Telegram followers. Additionally, on LinkedIn, he is identified as a Spiritual Consultant for Love Has Won. El Morya received his title from Mother God just like the other members of Love Has Won.

Morya has been referenced in a number of places, including Theosophical beliefs about a spiritual being regarded as one of the “Masters of the Ancient Wisdom.”

“El Morya lived as Rambir Singh, a member of the royal family or Kashmir in the 1800s. His political focus was on making humane and fair changes to the laws. Madame Blavasky, a founder of the Theosophical Society, spent time with El Morya in India and then later channeled his messages after he passed away, ” according to Archangel Oracle. “You can call up on El Morya to help keep your energy clear, high and protected, as well as to assist in any legal or political situation.”

El Morya was one of the prominent figures in Love Has Won. When “Mother God” died Ryan said, “I actually do not have an answer for that. Sincerely I do not know. Why can’t she heal herself- she is God. I actually don’t know how to answer that question.”

“So maybe she will come back to life?” asked CBS4. “Maybe she will come off a starship” said Kramer.

The cause of death could not be ascertained by the coroner. Kramer was one of the members who had mentioned her illness in their YouTube videos.

The Cult of Mother God Has Won: Love Has Won Episode 3 tells the story of Amy Carlson’s decline and eventual demise. She was reportedly taking shots of colloidal silver, which caused her skin to turn grayish-blue, and drinking a lot every day, but she refused to go to what the group referred to as a “3D hospital.” Rather, they thought she would “ascend” through cloud-based starships.

The gang claimed she was still breathing and warm when she passed away, so they kept her body and went with her. Seven members of Love Has Won were taken into custody after authorities visited the group’s Colorado location following a tip regarding Carlson. According to a coroner’s report, she consumed colloidal silver, suffered from anorexia, and died from organ failure.

El Morya was interrogated by authorities, and the documentary included a recording of him being questioned concerning the allegations that group member Archangel Michael, a disciple, owned the $320,000. “The body, the woman you found, she started it all,” El Morya declares. She began this more than 14 years ago. “I don’t know,” he says in response to the question of where he expects to go next.

El Morya and the other members of the group broke up once the accusations were eventually dropped. Some of them are still active on Telegram, but Jason Castillo, also known as “Father God,” has joined a new organization called Joy Rains.

Three more members of the “Love Has Won” cult have had their charges against them dropped by a Saguache County court. Following the discovery of the leader of the cult’s mummified body in April, seven individuals were initially prosecuted. The mummified remains of Amy Carlson was discovered by Saguache County deputies in a Crestone residence following a call from a 2-year-old’s father who claimed his boy was being detained there.

Ryan Kramer, Jason Castillo, and Sarah Randolph were involved in the case. Prosecutors told the judge they did not believe the charge of abuse of a corpse was constitutional in this case.

Ryan Kramer Age

In 2023, Ryan Kramer is at least 32 years old.

Ryan Kramer Job

Ryan Kramer’s, now-deleted LinkedIn, stated that he was a Spiritual Consultant. Besides that, there is no additional information regarding his career.

Is Ryan Kramer Married?

The marital status of Ryan Kramer is not a public knowledge.

Related FAQs

  • Is Ryan Kramer On Instagram?

No, Ryan Kramer is not available on Instagram.

  • When Is Ryan Kramer Birthday?

Ryan Kramer’s birthday details are not available.

  • Where Is Ryan Kramer From?

As of 2023, Ryan Kramer is residing in Florida.

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