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Gabriel Gomez aka Buddha From Love Has Won Age, Today

Learn about Gabriel Gomez. He is one of the subjects of Love Has Won on HBO.

Amy Carlson asserted that she was reincarnated as Joan of Arc and Marilyn Monroe, and that she received advice from Robin Williams from the Great Beyond. The Colorado-based guru said that she could heal any illness, including cancer, and that she was 19 billion years old, having created the universe in the role of “Mother God.” She gained a sizable internet following and up to 20 live-in acolytes who joined the band Love Has Won as a result of her audacious claims and endless charm.

Amy’s declared goals on her now-defunct website,, were to assist humanity in ascending to a higher dimension, release people from the alleged “cabal” that was imprisoning them, and “reconnect with PRIME SOURCE CREATOR, ME!”

While Amy insisted that Love Has Won was saving the world, some others, such as cult expert Rick Alan Ross, who discussed the group during an appearance on Dr. Phil in 2021, called it a dangerous cult. Carlson, who was 45 years old, passed away in 2021 from chronic colloidal silver consumption, anorexia, and alcoholism. Her mummified body was discovered with glitter covering the eye sockets, draped in Christmas lights and covered in a sleeping bag.

Where Is Gabriel Gomez aka Buddha From Love Has Won Today?

Gabriel Gomez Age

Allegedly born in 1979, Gabriel Gomez is 44 years old (as of 2023).

Gabriel Gomez Job

While in Love Has Won, Gabriel Gomez served as expert operations manager. He appeared regularly on their YouTube channel to spread their beliefs and ideologies among their followers. He is famously known for claiming that the world “are literally eating our children.”

Is Gabriel Gomez Married?

It is not clear if Gabriel Gomez is married as of this writing in 2023.

Related FAQs

  • Is Gabriel Gomez On Instagram?

Gabriel Gomez only appears to be on Facebook (@buddah.kuthumi) and Twitter (@bkuthumi).

  • When Is Gabriel Gomez Birthday?

Gabriel Gomez’s birthday is likely in November.

  • Where Is Ryan Kramer From?

Ryan Kramer is originally from California. He appears to be residing in Colorado now.

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