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Ryan Thompson Bio, Age, Married, Instagram, Blown Away 4

Get to know Ryan Thompson, the star of Blown Away season 4. As seen in season 4 of Netflix’s “Blown Away,” Ryan is among the world’s most skilled glassblowers, having effortlessly astounded everyone with his abilities. His creations throughout his time on the reality show demonstrated both his creativity and his expertise in the delicate and eerily beautiful craft of glassblowing.

In addition to his constant efforts to stay within the guidelines, he never shied away from adding his unmistakable personal touch to the projects. After landing a role in the series finale, he has only attracted more admirers who are curious about his present whereabouts.

Is Ryan married? How old is he now? What is his Instagram?

Ryan Thompson On Blown Away Season 4

Ryan Thompson had an exciting and educational experience while he was on the Netflix series. Being proficient in the expensive Venetian technique of glassblowing, he had consistently been in the lead competing.

Ryan was renowned for using his steady and delicate hands to create pieces with patterns, color selections, and decorations that spoke to his trademark style—things that few might be able to make. Despite receiving accolades for his work, he was not able to secure the top spot throughout the first two rounds of the tournament.

He collaborated with Ryan Blythe to produce a vertical installation with a natural theme for the third round. The judges were impressed by the pair’s interpretation of the mushrooms that appeared to flow through the vertical glass panel, even though they found the color palette and quantity of mushrooms to be a little lackluster.

Ryan amazed the judges one again in the fourth round, staying safe from elimination even though it seemed like his best was still to come. When it came time for the competitors to create colorful candies and other sweet delights, Ryan made a spectacular blue sucker that looked like it was melting.

His first place in the series was secured by the scale and realism of his artwork. In the second round, Ryan would carry on his winning streak when he was given the opportunity to select which competitor would receive which child-made drawing. His own interpretation of a hat-wearing serpent enabled him to secure the top spot once more.

Ryan was able to secure the top rank in the series due to the scale and realism of his artwork. When Ryan got to choose which contender would receive which child-drawn drawing in the second round, he would carry on his winning streak. He was able to secure the top spot once more with his own depiction of a snake in a hat.

Up until round nine, Ryan stayed in the competition and finished in the top three. He was excited about the Venetian-style competition. Unfortunately, the cup itself broke minutes before the item could be cooled, making his first attempt at creating a drinking vessel in thirty minutes less than ideal. Still, he concentrated on the competition’s second round, in which he had to construct yet another vessel. The judges were unimpressed with the lack of colors, although appreciating his expertise in producing the skeletal key that was included in his work.

However, Ryan found himself in the last two, where he would have to face Morgan Peterson. Ten hours were allotted to the two artists to create their own installations. Ryan decided to create a piece that would be entirely black and have a big pendulum in the middle that would create patterns on a dish of sand.

The ultimate result was a captivating work of art that, when someone chose to move the massive and hefty pendulum, practically gave the impression of being hypnotized. He was nevertheless proud of himself for being able to demonstrate his abilities to the world, despite not placing first in the competition.

Ryan Thompson Career

Ryan Thompson has been in the love of glass blowing from an early age. He used to concentrate in “Batman” drawings, but ever since turning ten, I’ve been gradually expanding my horizons. In my final two years at Perkins High School, Ryan started taking art classes.

Ryan enrolled at Bowling Green State University to study Visual Communication Technology after receiving his degree. He transferred to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree after realizing after two years that he wouldn’t be able to witness enough unrestricted innovation and expression in my work.

Ryan tried glass after a few semesters in the 2D curriculum, and he realized my voice was no longer needed. He started teaching glass at Buck’s Rock: Creative and Performing Arts Camp in New Milford, Connecticut, after two years of studies.

Ryan won the 2014 NICHE Award for Functional Glass, an international craft honor, during his last year at BGSU. He currently resides and works in Toledo, Ohio, which is the original site of the American Glass movement’s inception.

Ryan works as a production glassblower (gaffer) at Firenation Glass Studio. It is a workshop instructor at Gathered Glass Studio and Gallery, and a glass technician at the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion. He is always striving to grow my work and get it in front of people outside of Ohio.

Is Ryan Thompson On Instagram?

Yes, Ryan Thompson is available on Instagram (@ryanthompsonglass).

Ryan Thompson Age

As of March 2024, Ryan Thompson is 34 years old.

Is Ryan Thompson Married?

No, Ryan Thompson is not married but he is currently in a relationship with Kayla Kirk. The couple have been in a relationship for more than 3 years as of this article.

On Valentine’s Day 2021, Ryan wrote, “My best friend. My love. @kaylankirk. ♥️♥️ More of this soon please.”

The couple are very private about their relationship.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ryan Thompson From?

Ryan Thompson is originally from Sandusky, Ohio. He is now residing in Toledo, Ohio.

  • When Is Ryan Thompson Birthday?

Ryan Thompson celebrates his birthday in May.

  • How Tall Is Ryan Thompson?

With numerous tattoos on his body as his distinct feature, Ryan Thompson stands tall at the height of 6 feet.

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