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Morgan Peterson Bio, Blown Away S4, Age, Partner, Height

The fourth season of Blown Away on Netflix has a new winner in Morgan Peterson. Netflix’s “Blown Away” is bringing numerous gifted glassblowers to light who are ready to bring their visions to reality via glass. The winner of this particular series, Morgan, says that glassblowing has given her the opportunity to explore her slightly unusual way of thinking.

Because of the distinctiveness of her work and her undeniable abilities, Morgan has been able to win over admirers who are still interested in knowing where she is.

Read all about Morgan in this article below.

Meet Morgan Peterson, Blown Away S4 Winner

Morgan Peterson had been a little worried that her preference for darker themes in her glass creations might restrict her when she joined the Netflix series. But throughout her on-screen journey, the majority of her other cast members continued to express gratitude for her attention to detail and capacity for truly unconventional thinking. In the first round, each competitor showcased their skills to start the competition.

Despite losing the first round of the competition, Morgan managed to go to the second phase, which was devoted to the artists’ childhood aspirations. Though it probably would have resulted in something bloody, Morgan herself created a striking piece that illustrated how she had wanted to be a knife thrower in the circus when she was younger. She breezed through the third round, a team task, working with Jonathan Capps.

The fourth round of the season focused on the horror genre, which looked to be Morgan’s strong suit. Her invention of a man-eater mushroom won over the judges with ease and propelled her to the top once more. Morgan was adamant about not being the next person to go home and kept showcasing her skills for the following few rounds. Nevertheless, she didn’t reclaim the top rank until the penultimate round.

Morgan gave it her all to stay in the competition even though she wasn’t sure she could blow glass in the Venetian manner. Even though she lost the first job of the round, her short, sturdy drinking vessel managed to win over the judges. Her masterpiece for the round was a gorgeous glass piece that seemed to be a reflection on the entire idea. She acknowledged her own difficulty in pursuing competence in the Venetian style, and this helped her score many points and take first place once more.

Morgan now faced Ryan Thompson in the championship match. Although she was aware that the task would not be simple, she was eager to realize her long-dreamed installation. She and her crew collaborated for ten hours to create six distinct crime scenes complete with glow-in-the-dark footprints and handprints.

The judges, who named her the competition winner, were drawn to the interactive aspect of the entire project.

Morgan Peterson Career

In 2006, Morgan Peterson received a dual degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After earning her degrees, she moved to Seattle, Washington, in order to pursue a career in the arts, further her studies, and grow in the glass community. Among the many well-known artists Morgan has worked with are Bruce Mau, Buster Simpson, and Dale Chihuly, for whom she is a full-time team member.

Morgan teaches at Pilchuck Glass School and is actively associated with Pratt Fine Arts, both as an instructor and staff member. Morgan also participated in The Glasmuseet Ebeltoft’s Young Glass Exhibition, which takes place once every ten years and is open to worldwide competition.

Up until 2018, the exhibition traveled around Europe. Additionally, Morgan is represented by the Sandra Ainsley Gallery in Toronto, Canada; Habatat, Florida; Habatat Galleries in Royal Oak, Michigan; and Traver Gallery in Seattle, Washington. In 2019, Morgan took part in several group exhibitions, such as those held by the Irish Glass Biennale (Dublin), the Pittsburgh Glass Center, The Habatat Invitational, CHROMA (Nashville, TN), Traver Gallery (Seattle, WA), and REFRACT (Seattle’s Glass Art Fair).

Speaking of her art, Morgan wrote, “I portray the addictions common to life in contemporary society. I believe that all people,  regardless of their background or pretensions, are in some way addicted to something. Some of these addictions are obvious and literal, but some, like religious and moral judgment, are obscured by our society’s rhetorical tropes. I believe that our society’s most powerful people often exploit these addictions to minimize discontent and unrest.

She concluded, “I confront the hypocritical way that social control is disguised as morality through form and technique. I employ common images and replace their usual context and palate with something more alarming, I hope to evoke in the viewer the disquiet and disturbance that our addictions— religion, consumerism, drug use—bring out in me.”

You can find Morgnan’s shop here.

Morgan Peterson Age

Born in 1983, Morgan Peterson is 40 years old.

Morgan Peterson Partner

Morgan Peterson appears to have a partner in her life. The pair first appeared together in 2017. She first featured him on his IG in 2017 when they traveled to Denmark.

Later in 2019, Morgan posted another selfie of the couple and captioned it, “#donthateusbecausewerebeautiful #babes #london.”

Morgan’s current relationship status is unclear as she hasn’t provided any updates since January 2020.

Morgan Peterson Height

Morgan Peterson’s height measures under 5 feet 8 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Morgan Peterson From?

Morgan resides in Seattle, Washington. She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • When Is Morgan Peterson Birthday?

Morgan celebrates her birthday in July.

  • Is Morgan Peterson On Instagram?

Yes, Morgan is available on Instagram (@zucchininoodlesandbeef).

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