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Ryan Warner Bio, The Mole S2, Husband, Age, Job

Many of the viewers of The Mole season 2 believe that Ryan Warner is a mole. They have argued of her chance of being a mole on a Facebook page. Learn why is that as we bring you details about her age, job, husband, and more in this article below.

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Ryan Warner On The Mole S2

A volleyball coach Ryan Warner is the star of The Mole S2. She claims that she is not a Mole because “I’m here to compete for my family and win cash. I don’t have what it takes to sabotage or ruin people’s chances of winning money.”

Ryan has been encouraging team unity throughout the tournament, waiting to take off solo to win the reward until she can no longer do so. She was a key member of the shipwreck crew in the treasure hunt, taking the lead and frequently finishing ahead of others. But sometimes her efforts were hampered by annoyance at other people’s apparent lack of interest. Feeling suspicious of Michael in particular, Ryan stayed under the radar, always concentrating on raising the pot value, finding the mole, and solidifying her position.

When Ryan and Tony faced off over who held the elimination exemption and the $20,000 fortune cookie for the pot, things got heated. She came dangerously close to fooling the others and earning immunity, but Tony’s science ultimately prevailed, and she was eliminated from the round. So $20,000 was added to the pot, and when the bidding competition came to an end, she was disappointed to see it shrink to nothing.

Unfazed, Ryan kept going for more difficulties, always trying to strike a balance between team chemistry and her own desire for success.

But after 5 episodes, some fans are convinced that Ryan could be Mole. In a Mole fan group, one fan argued, “she is sooo nervously shaking her legs when she said no I’m not the mole. 3rd she seems so nice …is just a nice mom kind of woman that’s a good cover. 4th she helped Neesh with the last shot like Kesi did in the first season gaining trust. 5th she says the wrong food at the gala only Hannah noticed it and she never explained in an interview why she did it. 6th Tony and Hannah were on the same page (Michael) but Tony didn’t know about Hannah observing Ryan sabotaging the mission. She really flies under the radar and even said she didn’t vote for any of the names on the truck.”

Another fan shared a similar theory of Ryan being a mole as they argued, “She’s emotionally unphased when $ is lost. Plus she rarely is interviewed or talks. Acts like a non-player.”

In the second season, twelve strangers will collaborate to finish a set of tasks in the hopes of increasing the amount of money in a prize pool. Among them, though, is a character designed to subtly undermine the team: the Mole, whose mission it is to stop the team from contributing any funds to the fund.

During the season, each player is required to monitor those in their immediate vicinity and assess their intuition by taking recurring tests regarding the identity of the Mole. The player with the lowest score is removed.

Ryan Warner Age

Born in 1989, Ryan Warner tuend 34 years old in 2023.

Ryan Warner Job

Ryan Warner is a volleyball coach at Oldham County High School’s Lady Colonels volleyball. In addition, she is also a personal trainer.

Ryan Warner Husband

Ryan Warner is married to her high school sweetheart Ben Warner. The couple said their “I do” on 18 December 2010 on a snowy winter day in a little chapel.

On their 12th wedding anniversary, Ryan posted on Facebook, “Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary Ben Warner. On a snowy winter day, we said “I do” in a little chapel at the top of a hill.”

In October 2023, when Ben turned 35, Ryan wished her husband, “Happy 35th Birthday Ben. Thank you for everything you do! My love for you knows no bounds. The kids and I are so lucky to have you as an example and inspiration in our lives.”

Hailing from Kentucky, Ryan graduated from Oldham County High School. He is a wrestling coach at Olympus Wrestling and also works at East & Westbrook Construction Co., Inc.

The couple share four children from their marriage. Their oldest daughter is named Bella Kate who is a softball player likely in junior high. Their miracle boy Liam “LJ” Jackson Warner turned 12 in August 2023.

Last but not least, Ollie reached 9 years old in October 2023. Another daughter Hazel Avery was born on 16 March 2017 she turned 7 in March 2024.

Ryan Warner Height

Ryan Warner’s height measures 5 feet 2 inches. In August 2019, she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. At first, she believed she had had a stroke. Warner was eventually identified by medical professionals as having Guillain-Barre syndrome, an uncommon ailment in which the immune system targets the nerves.

A head coach, Ryan made the most of her hospital room experience despite a rigorous therapy regimen. She has watched videos of plays and sessions and sent in new drills via email. Frequent video conferences are another feature. When the team was riding the bus to their first scrimmage, Warner made sure to Facetime with every member of the team.

Related FAQs

  • Is Ryan Warner On Instagram?

Yes, Ryan is available on Instagram (@ryanw270).

  • When Is Ryan Warner Birthday?

16 August is the birthday of Ryan Warner.

  • Where Is Ryan Warner From?

Ryan Warner is originally from La Grange, Kentucky.

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