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Sabrina Strasser Bio, Age, Net Worth, Dancing Queens

A dream never dies! A stay-at-home mom, Sabrina Strasser is back on the stage to claim her spot amongst the top dancers on Dancing Queens.

Let’s get to know her better as this Sabrina Strasser Bio proceeds.

Sabrina Strasser On Bravo’s Dancing Queens

Dancing shows aren’t that uncommon, but Bravo’s Dancing Queens stood out from the rest as the ballroom dancing divas from different countries spent up to six figures on costumes, training, and more.

As per a press release, the series follows Sabrina and five other dancers “as they invest their time and money into their all-consuming passion to vie for the top spots, respect, and recognition in the world of Pro-Am dance competitions.” On top of that, the amateur dancers had to bear the cost of their professional partners — including hair, makeup, outfits,  practice, travel, and more.

But that’s not all, behind the scene, the women are willing to sabotage their frenemies in the name of competition, even going as far as poaching pro partners for a chance to win. So, there’s a lot of drama as well.

Guess, Sabrina, who wasn’t on the best terms with her pro dancer, Stanislav Kochergin, was definitely in for a ride.

Her Bravo bio read, “Sabrina is a driven dancer and is willing to put it all on the line to win… but will she let the drama on the dance floor with her partner affect her home life?”

Fun Fact: For the Dancing Queens premiere party, Sabrina’s nephew Samantha Odella made 60 “FRENENY” t-shirts based on Sabrina’s famous line from the show.

How Much Is Sabrina Strasser Net Worth?

Sabrina Strasser flaunted a net worth of above $600 thousand in 2023.

She is the founder of Sabi Chic, which focuses on different aspects that can elevate a dancer’s experience. To put it in simple words, she designs Neoprene bags made to carry dancing equipment, customizes special “booties”, which are lightweight and durable shoes made for dancers, and also sells robes, totes, and pouches.

“Whether you’re an athlete or a woman that leads a busy lifestyle, we know that you can count on our versatile, star-quality, SabiChic products,” she said.

Find Sabi Chic on IG @sabichicto.

Besides this, obviously, Sabrina’s a dancer. She’s been partnered with Stanislav Kochergin for over 12 years and won competitions like The New York Dance Festival and the United States Dance Championship.

Trivia: Sabrina graced an ep of Bomb Girls back in 2013 as Francine.

Sabrina Strasser Age

Sabrina Strasser was born before 1979. That made her at least 44 years of age in 2023. (

Who Are Sabrina Strasser Parents?

Sabrina Strasser was close to her parents. Sadly, her father passed away in May 2011, and she still misses him till this date. It seems her dad was 57 when he suffered from Alzheimer’s. “I will never forget the years you suffered and how it stole my father when I was just a young girl,” she paid him a tribute on FB.

As for her mother, she was doing well at the age of 81 in 2023. The mother-daughter pair seemed close on socials.

Talking about her siblings, she has three sisters named Marliz Tel, Angelique Vaisenberg, and Limor Benezram, and a brother.

Sabrina Strasser Height

Sabrina Strasser stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 5 Inches (165 cm).

Is Sabrina Strasser Still Married?

Yes, as of 2023, Sabrina Strasser is still married to her husband, Ronnie Strasser, the CEO of Phantom Developments. The two recently celebrated their 15th anniversary on January 28. “Tonight we celebrated 15 years together! Blessed for the life we have ❤️❤️❤️Thank you @heidiciachurski and @jeffciachu for helping me pull this off,” Sabrina posted on her IG at the time.

Sabrina first met her 17-years-older husband when she was 19. She worked for his company, Phantom Developments at the time, so you can connect the dots.

As for their kids, Sabrina and Ronnie share two daughters Abigail and Chloe who were a huge part of Sabrina’s business Sabi Chic. “The name not only comes from my nickname being “Sabi” but… S stands for Sabrina, Abi stands for Abigail, Ch in chic stands for Chloe. Hence, SabiChic,” Sabrina revealed.

Abigail turned 13 on June 3, 2022, while Chloe hit the double-digit the same year and month.

The last we saw the family of four, they were n a trip to Lisbon Portugal in late 2022. It was their first trip in two years as they suffered a big loss in their family.

Now, talking a little about her husband, Ronnie Strasser is the owner of Phantom Developments. Infact, he’s been the president of Phantom Industries ever since 1983 — even before he attended Harvard.

In 2023, Ronnie even bought North America’s first professional Padel league’s Miami Franchise.

On Ronnie’s birthday (i.e. on June 10) in 2022, Sabrina took to her IG to write, “My handsome better half! Happy birthday my love!”

Did you know: Sabrina has a stepdaughter named Lauren Strasser from her husband’s previous relationship.

Related FAQs

  • Is Sabrina Strasser On Instagram And Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @sabrinaofficialdq and Facebook @sabrina.strasser.90.

  • Where Is Sabrina Strasser From?

Sabrina hails from Toronto, Canada.

  • When Is Sabrina Strasser Birthday?

The ballroom dancer receives her birthday wishes on October 12 and is of the Libra zodiac.

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