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Eric Richins Bio, Family, Age, Job, Kouri Richins Husband

Until March of 2023, Kouri Richins was busy promoting a children’s book she wrote about dealing with grief in the wake of her husband’s death. Never in her wildest imaginations did she think that she would be put in jail in connection with the death of her husband Eric Eugene Richins.

The children’s book author has been accused of fatally poisoning her husband Eric with fentanyl in March 2022. In the rest of the writing, let us tell you who Eric is and what really happened to him.

Meet Eric Richins, Kouri Richins’s Husband

Eric Richins passed untimely on 4 March 2022. The next year on 9 May 2023, his wife Kouri Richins was charged with aggravated murder, a first-degree felony, and three counts of second-degree felony possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, according to a Summit County, Utah, court docket.

Eric was found dead on the foot of the couple’s bed and after life-saving measures were attempted, he was declared dead.

Kouri in her statement said that at around 9 p.m. on that day she and Eric were celebrating her closing on a house for her business. And so she made him a Moscow Mule, she said.

The autopsy performed on Eric showed that he died from an overdose of fentanyl and that it was ingested orally.

According to the court documents, C.L. alleged that Kouri asked specifically for fentanyl and they later acquired for her 15-30 pills. Days after this alleged conversation, Eric and Kouri had a Valentine’s Day 2022 dinner at home and he “became very ill,” with him telling a friend that he “thought his wife was trying to poison him.” Kouri later is said to have obtained more fentanyl pills from C.L. and after six days, Eric was found dead of a fentanyl overdose.

The search warrant also mentions that before his death, Eric had changed his will and life insurance policy without Kouri’s knowing. He had made his sister his beneficiary. On the warrant, it is also stated that Eric was looking into a divorce and wanted his kids taken care of. Allegedly, Kouri later logged into his account and tried to make herself the beneficiary, but the insurance company notified Eric.

Kouri And Eric Richins Kids

In his obituary, it’s been written that he was a family man who always strove to be the absolute best father and husband. Also, it is said that he was an attentive and loving father to his three sons Carter, 9, Ashton 7, and Weston 5, and a devoted husband to the love of his life, and wife of nine years, Kouri. The ages of the kids mentioned are as of Eric’s demise.

What Was Eric Richins’s Age At The Time Of His Death?

Eric Richins was 39 years old when he passed away. He was born in 1982.

Eric Richins Family

Eric Richins was the son of Eugene F “Gene” Richins and Linda Kay Carter Richins. Linda is also no more. She died on 26 Mar 2018 when she was only 59. She passed away surrounded by her family in her home in Kauai, Hawaii.

Linda and her husband Eugene were married for over 40 years.

According to his obit, he loved his family unconditionally and was a devoted son, brother, and uncle.

Also, they say being the eldest was a dubious task for him. But, he anyway up for the challenge and led and loved his sisters fiercely. He is survived by two sisters Katie (Clint) Benson and Amy (William) Richins.

In his will, Eric actually transferred his family home, all personal property, and his share in the masonry business, he ran with friend/partner, Cody Wright, into the Trust and then placed it in the sole control of his older sister Katie Richins-Benson.

Eric’s wife Kouri and his sister Katie reportedly had a fight the day after his death at their family home. The former subsequently sued for more than $3.6 million and to remove the other as trustee, arguing that a prenuptial agreement she and Eric signed, on their wedding day, entitled her to his assets if he died before they divorced.

Eric, so you know, was previously married to Julie Jorgenson (in 2005). She died later in a fiery car crash in January 2011. Eric got married again to Kouri on 15 June 2013.

Eric Richins Job

Eric Richins worked as a missionary before building a masonry business.

He also was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who served a mission to Mexico City. As per his obit, he built a very successful masonry business from the ground up and helped many friends do the same.

Being born into the Richins Legacy was believed to have shaped Eric’s formative years and resulted in a lifetime of hard work, dedication, and fierce loyalty.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Eric Richins From?

At the time of this death, Eric Richins was in his home in Summit County, Utah. It is not his hometown though. He was born instead in Bountiful, Davis County of Utah.

  • Was Eric Richins On Facebook?

Eric Richins was not on Facebook or other social media platforms. He did feature on his wife Kouri’s Instagram and Facebook though.

  • When Is Eric Richins Birthday?

Eric Richins used to celebrate his birthday every year on May 13th.



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