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Sai De Silva Husband: David Craig Age, Job, Instagram

Meet Sai De Silva‘s husband David Craig in this writing.

Sai De, as you know, is one of the stars of the rebooted Real Housewives of New York City franchise that is set to begin this fall (in 2023). She is a renowned fashion blogger and Scout the City owner. Yet, the rest of this tell-all is less about her and more about her husband David Craig.

Here’s what we know.

Meet David Craig, RHONY Sai De Silva’s Husband

Even today (at the time of this writing) RHONY Sai De Silva remained married to David Craig. But because he avoided the limelight not much was known about him.

Sai was once asked why her husband does not make any appearances on her blog or social platforms. To this, she had answered that he liked his privacy and she also did not mind him not wanting to be in the spotlight. Instead, she believed that in a world where we share everything, it is nice to have something that is private in life. She said, this very thing, keeps her sane and she enjoys having a little mystery.

Be that as it may, David is very involved when it comes to his family. His wife also thinks that he should win an award for father of the year, i.e., of course, every year.

Together, David and Sai also have parenting roles to play. There are two children — daughter London (b. on 6 September 2012) and son Rio (b. in April 2017).

Sai and the family spend almost every weekend unplugged in their empty home making a few memories (PIC: Instagram)

So, over the years since they were born, Sai has been learning to find a balance between being a mother and a full-time blogger. She put it this way.

She heads to the office when her kids are already at school and daycare, and tries to leave the office at 5 whenever she can. Spending time with the kids is incredibly important to her, so she does her best to stick to a schedule and leave the work emails behind when it is quitting time. Plus, she added that she is lucky to have a great hubby who helps her with everything including kids.

If you don’t already know, David also has a son from his first marriage. The son turned 22 in April 2022.

Now, as for having more kids of their own, Sai and David seemed to be still on the fence about it.

Sai De Silva And David Craig’s Wedding

Sai De Silva married David Craig in Brooklyn in a courthouse on 16 June 2017.

Taking about it much later in a video (on Sai’s ‘Scout The City’ YouTube channel), Sai revealed how this person who married them was “awful”. Why? Sai said that he made up his own words. Also, Sai recalled that at the time, Rio was just born, she was wearing Zara jeans and a self-portrait top and the groom actually had a nice button-down. So, basically, they did not overdo it as bride and groom.

So, what led to this wedding?

In David’s words, he was pretty smitten with Sai right away because he thought this was the most beautiful woman he ever saw. He loved how she was so confident, funny, and most importantly, she shared a lot of the same kind of views on life and things. Some eight years later and after Rio was born, they finally decided to tie the knot.

As to how long they have known each other, they marked their 13 years since knowing each other in May 2022.

The two met at a swim bar. Sai was very hung over from her night out before with the girlfriends and David was on a work trip.

David Craig Age

David Craig likely turned above 50 years old in 2022. As for Sai, full name Saiobiyah A Desilva, we know for sure that she turned 41 the same year.

David Craig Job

David Craig had not yet publicly talked about his job and career. His wife who herself is a lifestyle and luxury fashion content creator also had not said anything at all about it.

Ia David Craig On Instagram?

David Craig himself could not be found on Instagram or any other platforms as of 2022. In fact, he also has not been seen on his wife’s famous social media pages.

He may seem shy in general/or a social media shy kind. But he himself explained that he is not at all shy but actually very outgoing in social situations. He said it is just that he and Sai have been able to perfectly balance social media, especially with their children. Also, he shared that because Sai’s job involves her being in the spotlight so much, they made a constant decision earlier on that he would be in the background to show the kids that social media is a job for mommy.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is David Craig From?

David Craig is originally from Canada. Exactly what part, it was not revealed.

As for Sai, she is Puerto Rican, Brazilian, and Cuban. She says she relates to her Puerto Rican side the most, her family is very proud.

  • When Is David Craig’s Birthday?

David Craig also had not opened up about his birthday.

  • How Tall Is David Craig?

David Craig stands above 5 feet and 10 inches in height.

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