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Sakurako Okubo Boyfriend, Age, Netflix Is She The Wolf

The Japanese favorite reality series Who Is the Wolf? is now on Netflix. The dating program in its place of origin is thought to have been viewed by about 70 percent of females in their teens and 20s. And now, clearly, they are hoping to repeat its great success beyond its shores too with the help of Netflix.

So, in this show, five men and five women date, and among them are an unknown number of “lying wolves” who are not allowed to fall in love. Sakurako Okubo is one of these contestants. Keep reading and we shall tell you more about her.

Sakurako Okubo On Netflix’s Is She The Wolf?

Just like all other cast members, Sakurako also seemed really excited about participating in Netflix’s Is She The Wolf?. When she was finally allowed to talk about it in June, she took to her social media to tell everyone to “please take a look!”. Below, in the comment box of it, one fan had commented, “I’m watching~ It’s so cute I’m curious about how it unfolds”.

At this point, not much was known about Sakurako’s journey on the show. We only briefly learned that on the S01E06 episode titled “A Wish Upon the Falling Cherry Blossoms”, she, Tomoki, and Robin, head to cherry-blossom-filled Aomori to take a photo, and later, one of them uses the more secretive Moon LINE for the first time.

Sakurako no doubt has found fame bigger than before via Netflix’s Ookami-chan ni Won’t Fool.

“They’re all here to look for true romance — but hidden among the women is at least one “wolf” who’s prohibited from falling in love,” this is how the Netflix people introduced Sakurako and the other cast to its watchers. Later, the likes of Guardian magazine reviewed the program as “this instantly addictive dating series is unbelievably relaxing” while giving not more than three stars.

Sakurako Okubo Boyfriend

As of September 2023, it was not understood if Sakurako found a boyfriend for herself on the dating reality show. Even on her social media, she did not specify her relationship status.

Back in December 2017, rumors surfaced about Sakurako Okubo dating Takumi Kizu (Lucky/Shishired) after tabloids caught photos of them walking together after a live performance at Theater G-Rosso on 25 November 2017. But, Sakurako’s agency eventually addressed the speculations citing that Takumi is seen as an older brother figure. Fellow actor Takumi currently plays Lucky/Shishi Red in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

So, for one Sakurako is not known to be dotting on anyone, except for her pet dog Shina.

How Much Is Sakurako Okubo’s Net Worth?

Sakurako Okubo reportedly had an estimated $400K net worth as of September 2023.

Starting in January 2017, Sakurako was represented by Avex Group Holdings Artists Development Division. But, the next year in December, she switched to Wonderwave Agency. And most recently, on 10 August 2023, as she joined Oscar Promotion she took to her social media to thank everyone for the support. She said she was “lucky enough” to join the company. At the same time, she also promised her audience that she would continue to cherish her gratitude and devote herself to being an actor and a human being.

Sakurako is best known for her role as Hammie Chameleon Green in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. She debuted in this role in 2017.

In 2019, she released her first photo book “SAKURAKO” and in January 2022 her second photo book “Sol”. As of 2022, she also started playing Akane Shimada on the TV Asahi series Kasouken no Onna and also appeared in the TBS Sunday theater Old Rookie‘ as a waitress. In 2022, Sakurako also did her first play (as the coral princess), The Bottle Sea Sang Luztan’s Dream in the Bedroom.

2023 was when she signed to be seen regularly in the late-night drama series Akai Ringo in the role of Kanna Ushimoto. While gaining recognition for this through bold costumes and kissing scenes, she published her third photo book Candle on her 25th birthday.

Sakurako Okubo Age

Because Sakurako Okubo was born in 1980, she reached the age of 25 in 2023. If you also need to know, her native name is ‘大久保桜子’.

Sakurako Okubo Height

Beautiful Sakurako stands in the height of 5′ 0″ as per her profile on While IMDB happens to report it as 4′ 11¾″ (1.52 meters).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sakurako Okubo From?

Sakurako Okubo originally hails from Kanagawa, a coastal prefecture just south of Tokyo. As of 2023 too, she had been residing in Japan. But at what place, she was yet to reveal.

  • When Is Sakurako Okubo Birthday?

Sakurako Okubo’s birthday is on July 20th and that makes her a Cancer.

  • Is Sakurako Okubo On Instagram And Facebook?

Sakurako Okubo was on Instagram and on Facebook as of September 2023. On IG, her account @sakurako.official included 179 posts and as many as 185K followers.

Other than that Sakurako also enjoyed some 95.8K followers on her Twitter @sakurako_offi. Another 20.2K people subscribed to her ‘Okubo Sakurako Channel’ YouTube channel. Here, she requested people to keep in touch and promised she would be uploading more and more.

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