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Honoka Nishimura Boyfriend, Age, Job, Is She The Wolf?

Get to know Honoka Nishimura AKA Honopi. She reached celebrity status before joining the show. So who is Honoka? In 2023, she is the star of Is She The Wolf? which premiered on Netflix in June 2023.

Find out about her age, job, and more in this bio.

Are Honoka Nishimura And Taiju Shiratori From Is She The Wolf Still Together?

Both Taiju Shiratori and Honoka Nishimura have not yet disclosed any updates on their romantic relationship.

On the day they first met, Taiju and Honoka’s friendship began to grow. The former decided to deliver his fragrance to Honoka right away after the duty was given to the male cast members, something that pleasantly surprised many because he had to leave the next day to get ready for his forthcoming kickboxing battle. Honoka even paid Taiju a visit once when he was still in the gym with Masaki Nakao to wish him luck in his fight.

Honoka, regrettably, was unable to attend Taiju’s match that day. Sakurako Okubo and Gabby, who had also begun to feel a connection to the kickboxer, accompanied Masaki as they watched the game. Taiju and Honoka joined the other cast members to congratulate the former on winning after the match. However, Honoka became irritated when she observed Taiju talking to many girls one at a time and began interacting with Tomoki Yonemura.

Honoka actually selected Taiju, Tomoki, and Gabby to go with her to the venue of the photo session. Taiju, however, realized that she might be interested in Tomoki when she asked Gabby and Taiju to take pictures while spending time with Tomoki. However, Tomoki didn’t seem to be interested in pursuing a relationship with Honoka after a candid discussion between the two men. Gabby, meantime, struggled between her affection for Taiju and the possibility of ruining his relationship with Honoka.

Both Gabby and Honoka decided on Taiju during the midseason confessional. Later, Gabby spoke to Honoka and assured her that she would pursue the kickboxer despite her commitment to following her heart. However, she did not want to do so at the expense of jeopardizing her relationship with Honoka. The two spent a lot of quality time together when Gabby utilized the MOON line to ask Taiju out on a private date, and it appeared as though Taiju’s focus was beginning to change in Gabby’s direction.

Soon after, Gabby requested Taiju’s company for her photo shoot in Hokkaido, Japan. Taiju made it clear to Gabby when the assignment was finished that his affection was exclusively reserved for Honoka, a fact that she seemed to be aware of but could control from upsetting her. Indeed, Taiju’s relationship with Honoka grew stronger when he got back from Hokkaido. Honoka utilized the MOON line to request a private date with Taiju as the big confession got closer, and he agreed.

However, Taiju made the decision to use the MOON line to arrange a meeting with Gabby. The two had a great time together, and Taiju was grateful for Gabby’s love and care as well as sorry that she had been harmed by the circumstances. Taiju selected Honoka as his partner for the final confessional, and he was certainly relieved that she wasn’t a wolf and that she felt the same way about him.

Honoka Nishimura On Netflix’s Is She The Wolf?

Honoka Nishimura is one of the ten stars starring in Is She The Wolf? The show follows five men and five women who go on dates, but there are unknowable numbers of “lying wolves” who are forbidden from getting romantically involved. Consider The Traitors but with a romantic component added.

All of the candidates who aren’t ‘wolves’ are continually attempting to determine whether the relationships that are developing on the show are actually the start of true romance or just the ‘wolves” sly schemes.

“This is a report 🌼 I will be appearing in the Netflix reality series “Don’t be deceived by wolves”, which will be exclusively distributed every Sunday at 10:00 pm from Sunday, June 11th! I’m a slightly older and more mature wolf than the Abema series, so I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve said too 🥹I’ll do my best!! Thank you for your support, #Netflix #Don’t be fooled by the wolf #WhoIstheWolf, ” Honoka announced her appearance on her IG in June 2023.

Honoka Nishimura Boyfriend

Netflix shared Honoka Nishimura’s comment video where she shared that “she is not good at aggressive approaches, is struggling with love in the main story.”

In the Netflix show, sparks flew between Honoka and Taiju Shiratori. However, the development of her on-screen relationship was making her fans nervous.

One wrote, “Damn I wanted to see it😢I can tell you that I’m nervous👍That’s what makes me nervous.” Another fan added, “Please, this can’t be happening. I can’t believe it…”

Likewise, a fan added, “I’m too worried about next week’s episode 😭 but I’ll enjoy working hard for another week 🤩”

Taiju Shiratori is 27 years old. His birthday is on 2 February. He has been a professional fighter since 2011. He started out as a Muay Thai fighter, most notably succeeding in earning the WPMF Japan title in 2013. Shiatori switched to kickboxing after a two-year, fruitless boxing career. He won the RISE World Series in 2019, the RISE Lightweight championship, and the 2021 Rizin KICK championship. According to Combat Press, he was the fourth-ranked bantamweight in the world between July and November 2021. Combat Press ranked him as the world’s fifth-best super bantamweight kickboxer.

Between August 2019 and August 2020, Shiratori was ranked by Combat Press as one of the top ten bantamweights, reaching his highest position of #1 between April and August 2020. Additionally, between September 2020 and August 2021, Combat Press ranked him as a top 10 super bantamweight and March 2021, peaking at #1 in September and November 2020.

In a cryptic message from August 2023, Honoka writes, “Thank you for 3 months I ‘m glad I met you🐺.”

Honoka Nishimura Age

As of Sept 2023, Honoka Nishimura is 28. Her birth year is 1995.

Honoka Nishimura Job

Honoka Nishimura began her career as a hair and makeup stylist. Now along with hair and makeup, she is also a member of Last Idol and its unit, Love Cocchi.

Last Idol is a Japanese idol group produced by Akimoto Yasushi. The group was formed through the music competition show of the same name. The group at the time of disbandment had 31 members and had 55 in total from debut. The multiple groups that formed through the show were referred to collectively as the “Last Idol Family”.

Honoka joined Last Idol in December 2017. Since then she has sung on three albums in total called Last Album, Aishika Bukiga Nai, and Last Idol Yoroshiku. Some of her singles are Bandwagon, Kimi no Achoo!, Suki de Suki de Shouganai, Everything will be all right, Ai Shika Buki ga Nai, Otona Survivor, Seishun Train, Ai wo Shiru, Nanbitomo, Kimi wa Nan Carat?, and Break a leg.

You can view her discography here.

Additionally, she is also a social media star with 967K followers on her TikTok (@honnchan), 405K subscribers on YouTube, and 159K followers on Twitter.

Visit Honopy’s website for more details about her career.

Honoka Nishimura Height

According to her J Pop fandom profile, Honoka Nishimura’s height measures 5’2” (1.53 meters).

In 2021, J-Pop Project announced on their Facebook page that Honoka tested positive for COVID-19 after reporting a fever, sore throat, and cough. The “Last Idol’s Summer Night 2021” performances on August 7/8 have been canceled. Tests on the other members came back negative at the time.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Honoka Nishimura From?

Honoka Nishimura hailed from Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.

  • Is Honoka Nishimura On Instagram?

Yes, Honoka Nishimura is available on Instagram (@honoka.n28).

  • When Is Honoka Nishimura Birthday?

Honoka Nishimura celebrates her birthday on 28 January.

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