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Sam Carmona Bio, The Circle, Parents, Married, Height

The Season 5 of The Circle dropped on Netflix on 28 December 2022 and like old times it introduced to its audience the cast, including a UK fashion model, a comedian, and a fitness enthusiast. And because Sam Carmona, a self-described “Brooklyn Rican,” is one of them, we shall tell you all about her in this writing called ‘Sam Carmona Bio’.

Sam Carmona On The Circle Season 5

Introducing Sam to its viewers The Circle even narrated that she might be the “spiciest thing” ever to enter the game show but really. Yet, they also gushed she is “squishy like jello” before warning the spectators not to be fooled by her.

So, like in previous seasons, the format of the show is such that contestants move into the same apartment building. Yet, the players live in their own individual apartments and do not meet another face-to-face during the course of the competition. They communicate only through a specially-designed social media app, presenting themselves as a completely different personality to the other players.

Another common thing about the season is that Michelle Buteau will return as host. Otherwise, the new 2022 season is the first to have a subtitle, known as The Circle Singles.

Throughout the game, Sam and her co-contestants rate one another from first to last place. Then, out of these ratings, the two highest-rated players become Influencers, while the remaining players will be at threat of being blocked by the Influencers. And just like that when the finale happens, the contestants rate each other one final time, where the highest-rated player not just wins the game but also the US$150,000 prize money. Also, the player that receives the most votes is dubbed the Fan Favorite and is given US$10,000.

Is Sam Carmona Married?

Sam Carmona was likely single at the time of this writing. So far, she also did not say anything about being married in the past.

Sam Carmona Age

As Sam Carmona turned 35 years old in 2022, she took to her social media to write she is thankful to be alive.

Sam Carmona Parents

Sam Carmona’s father is Robb Carmona Sr. and he could be found on Instagram @robb_carmona_sr. Brooklyn, New York-based at the time of this writing, he mentioned being single on his Facebook. Besides, he also briefly cited studying at John Dewey High School and then pursuing further education in English, History, and Spanish at Brooklyn College.

Sam showed her fans the humorous side of her mom, Kasfi Figueroa (Hettie), once in her YouTube video where her mom and niece did her voice-over as she did her own makeup.

You should also know that at this point in life, Sam’s parents were no longer together or married. They were really young and very much in love when they got married.

As for siblings, Sam has a sister named Sade Zaida Carmona (on IG @sadecarmona) and a brother named Robert Richard Carmona Jr.

According to her LinkedIn, Sade had been working as a commission sales associate at Walgreens since January 2018. Also, she turned 33 in October 2022 and was based around Staten Island, New York around this time.

Another family member that Sam’s internet fam knew of was her beloved grandmother Zaida Marquez who passed away in likely August of 2021. She was a proud grandmother and the heart of her family.

So, on Instagram Sam once recalled a story of her and her grandmother. Sam was 10 and really heartbroken when her elderly moved out of their New York home. Young Sam did not understand why she was leaving. After 3 months when she surprised her by showing up to their apartment, she exactly remembered how she ran down the stairs jumped in her arms, and sobbed. That, she said, was the first time she ever cried tears of joy. So when that very special person in her life was no more, Sam shared that her life was going to change so much. While grieving the loss, she was just hoping that she would guide her visit her in her dreams.

Is Sam Carmona On Instagram?

Indeed. Sam Carmona could be found on Instagram @bkshedevil with 661 posts and 55.1K followers as of 28 December 2022.

Besides Instagram and TikTok, Sam was entertaining around 5.63K subscribers on her YouTube channel ‘BKSheDevil’. Here, she welcomed people to her “unscripted crazy life”. She also was on Twitter @BkSheDevil.

So, basically on her social media accounts, she showed people her passion for beauty, her “OBSESSION” with Kicks, and the day-to-day basics.

Sam Carmona Job

Sam Carmona is a social media influencer, especially a star on TikTok. And when she is not on the internet, she operates as a freelance makeup artist. She often takes to her internet platforms to post tutorials and regimes and thus in turn makes her living out of it. By December 2022, she had an amazing 777.9K followers and 25.7M likes on her TikTok @bkshedevil.

Sam also talked about earning commissions via ‘Sam’s BODEGA’ on Amazon. Not to miss, she also seemed to be generating good money from her merch store,

Sam Carmona Height

Sam Carmona stands above 5’3” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sam Carmona’s Birthday?

Sam Carmona’s birthday is on April 3rd which makes her an Aries.

  • Where Is Sam Carmona From?

Sam Carmona comes from Brooklyn, New York.

  • What Is Sam Carmona’s Ethnicity?

Ethnically, Sam Carmona is a Puerto Rican and a proud one.

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