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Tom Houghton Bio, Dad, Mum, Height, Wife, The Circle

Tom Houghton from Netflix’s The Circle is not your usual comedian. The background that he came from and his thriving career make him much more interesting. After the latest TV show gig, viewers wish to learn more about him.

This article is about his dad, mum, wife, and more. So, keep scrolling down to learn more about Tom.

Tom Houghton On The Circle

Comedian Tom Houghton is one of the stars of The Circle. According to his short bio for the show, Tom is a “cheeky chap traded living in the Tower of London for a spot on The Circle. 🇬🇧 (no, seriously… he lives in the Tower of London).”

The Circle is a well-liked Netflix series that returned for a fifth season with a brand-new cast. Cast members from the new season made their debut on December 28, 2022, alone in their own apartments. They communicate with one another through online discussions, and each week they cast votes for the best and worst players. In Season 5, the same format is applied along with a new set of contestants.

This year’s other contestants are Brett Robinson, Chaz Lawery, Oliver Twixt, Sam Carmona, and Xanthi Perdikomatis who are playing as themselves. Meanwhile, contestants playing as catfish are Brian Clark as his daughter Brittney, Tasia Lesley as Tamira, Billie-Jean Blackett AKA (Bruno, her ex), Raven Sutton and Paris (Both are playing together as Paris), and Marvin Achi.

A former contestant from season 1 named Shubham Goel will also shock audiences on the show, but it is unclear when he will return for The Circle season 5. The other contestants will subsequently be ranked by the competitors based on their appeal and competitiveness. The candidates who receive the fewest votes lose. The last contender will win the $100,000 grand prize, and the contestant who garners the most public support will win $10,000.

The show’s final four seasons’ championships were won by three original players and one catfishing contestant. Deleesa St. Agathe won season 2 despite pretending to be her lover Trevor. Joey Sasso, James Andre Jefferson Jr., and Frank Grimsley successively won the first, third, and fourth seasons.

Tom Houghton Age

In 2022, Tom Houghton turned 38 years old. He was born in 1984.

Who Is Tom Houghton Dad?

Tom Houghton’s dad is General Sir Nicholas Houghton, the former head of the British military. He was appointed as the constable of the Tower of London and moved into his Tower residence in 2016.

Nicholas was born in 1954 in Otley, West Yorkshire. He was educated at Woodhouse Grove School in Bradford, RMA Sandhurst, and St Peter’s College, Oxford, where he did an in-service degree in modern history. Commissioned into the Green Howards in 1974, General Houghton was both a Company Commander in and Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion in the Mechanised and Air Mobile Roles and in Northern Ireland.

Nicholas attended the Army Command and Staff Course at both Shrivenham and Camberley and the Higher Command and Staff Course.

More recently, from October 2005 to March 2006, General Nicholas Houghton served as the Senior British Military Representative and Deputy Commanding General of the Multi-National Force-Iraq. He was appointed Chief of Joint Operations (CJO) in April 2006, just before the UK Forces’ commitment to southern Afghanistan and later, just before their withdrawal from southern Iraq. For his leadership in Northern Ireland, he received the OBE and CBE awards, and for his work in Iraq, he received the US Legion of Merit. For his service as CJO, he was made KCB.

Who Is Tom Houghton Mum?

Tom Hougton’s mum is Margaret “Maggie” Houghton. Magie and her husband Nicholas also have another daughter named Sophie Houghton. Tom is an uncle to his sister’s child.

Also, in 2019, Tom posted on his Twitter that his sister was in labor. He wrote, “My Sister (Sophie Russell) is in Labour and the baby (Baby Russell), is taking ages to “exit”. Baby Russell is taking ages to exit. #BRexit The family WhatsApp is (Fire emoji). Baby Russell, you’re about to join an amazing family and we can’t wait.”

In March 2020, Tom tweeted about her cancer treatment. He posted, “A moment of sincerity. They are fighting the front line for Corvid 19, but also they do so much more. Today my Mum got the all-clear for her cancer treatment. Thank you @NHSuk We are so lucky to have you.”

Back on Mother’s Day 2014, Tom tweeted, “Happy Mother’s Day!! To celebrate here is a picture of my mum with me and my sis on a bike in the late 80s.”

Tom Houghton Height

Moving on to his physical attributes, Tom Hoghton stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Tom Houghton Job

Tom Houghton is an “upper-class comedian.” He is the ultra-privileged master of making the seemingly unrelatable, relatable. Tom marked his stand-up comedy career with a sold-out debut solo show at the Edinburgh Festival. His subsequent shows have achieved critical acclaim, toured nationally, and transferred to London’s Soho Theatre.

Furthermore, Tom is a stand-up comic, influencer, and illustrator who has just finished his first sold-out UK tour, Work in Progress. With a loyal fan base of over a quarter of a million followers, Tom is a social media star, thanks to multiple viral videos of his stand-up, insights into his incredible life, and chats with his father (General the Lord Houghton GCB CBE DL). His videos have garnered millions of views thanks to their combination of humor, education, and down-to-earth charm.

Additionally, Tom is known for First Dates Hotel (Channel 4) and Roast Battle (Comedy Central), his other TV appearances include Comedy Blaps (Channel 4) and The Jim Jefferies Show (Comedy Central).

He was formerly of the Noise Next Door improv troupe, now a solo stand-up. Here is a schedule list of live comedy dates.

Tom has been writing and performing comedic material for many years in plays, sketches, and musicals. He has been taking the comedy scene by storm with his humorous stories and astute silver spoon observations since going solo once more. The son of the former Chief of the Defence Staff, who is currently a Constable at the Tower of London, performs this posh-boy stand-up with a lot of charm, vigor, and theatricality.

Every story, whether it’s about growing up with his father, living in the Tower of London, or revealing what it’s like at an all-boys boarding school, will intrigue and make you think while simultaneously making you double over with emotion.

Tom is a social media sensation with more than a quarter of a million devoted fans, thanks to numerous viral videos of his stand-up, glimpses into his extraordinary life, and conversations with his father (General the Lord Houghton GCB CBE DL). His videos’ blend of humor, knowledge, and approachable appeal has attracted millions of views. Absolute Shambles, his brand-new national tour, is currently on sale and is scheduled to start in January 2023.

Talking about education, Tom attended Sedbergh School, University of Kent, Canterbury, and studied drama at the University of Kent.

Tom Houghton Wife

Tom Houghton has never married before so he never had a wife. In 2022, Tom appears single. Most of his social media post is about his shows and his career. And there are no details about his dating life yet.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tom Houghton Birthday?

Every year, Tom Houghton celebrates his birthday on 11 December.

  • Where Is Tom Houghton From?

Tom Houghton hailed from Darlington, Co Durham.

  • Is Tom Houghton On Instagram?

Yes, Tom Houghton is on Instagram (@honourabletom) and TikTok (@honourabletom).

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