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Sarma Melngailis Parents: John Melngailis And Susan Toye

Meet Sarma Melngailis parents — John Melngailis and Susan Toye.

Throughout the harrowing ordeal that Sarma went through in her life, she received support from her parents. How old are they? What do they do for a living? Are they still married to each other? We got it all covered below.

So, keep scrolling down to learn about Sarma Melngailis’s parents.

Who Are Sarma Melngailis Parents?

Netflix’s Bad Vegan explored the downfall of Sarma Melngailis. Anthony Strangis manipulating her to funnel Pure Food and Wine‘s fund to his name not only degraded her reputation but also forced her to become a fugitive. This ordeal immensely affected Sarma and her family.

Sarma’s parents struggled when her daughter went off-grid in the cusp of 2015-2016 with no medium to communicate with her. So, who are Sarma’s parents, and what have they said about her daughter and Anthony. We also cover their age, job, and social media reach here.

Meet Sarma Melngailis Father, John Melngailis

Sarma’s ordeal was upsetting and terrifying for father John Melngailis at one point. In 2015, Gothamist reached out for his comment about his daughter vanishing. John told the outlet, “You know more than I do. I don’t read anything because I don’t want to be upset. Knowing her, I know she must be miserable and fighting like mad to do whatever she has to.”

John also state that he had “not spoken to her for months,” but that they “exchanged a few emails” since July. He refused to reveal the substance of those emails and said he had not been keeping up with the aftermath of Sarma’s abduction.

  • John Melngailis Age

Born in 1939, John Melngailis is 82 years old as of March 2022.

  • John Melngailis Job

John is currently the founding partner of Black Rooster Food (IG: @blackroosterfood & Twitter: @BlackRoosterFd). He became inspired by her mother who was a baker until the age of 91. In 2015, speaking with Gothamist, John shared that Sarma motivated him to take off from his job as an electrical engineering professor in 2013 and focus on making and selling Latvian rye bread.

Speaking of which, John previously worked as a faculty member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland since October 1993. He was also an IEEE fellow.

Professor John Melngailis received his BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in physics from Carnegie Mellon University. He completed his high school education at Butler High School.

  • Is John Melngailis On Facebook?

Yes, John Melngailis does have a Facebook account. You can find him at (@john.melngailis).

Meet Sarma Melngailis Mother, Susan Toye

Sarma Melngailis introduced her mother Susan Toye to her ex-husband Anthony in 2012 Thanksgiving. He had her utterly charmed and they communicated with each other via email. For the sake of her daughter, Sarma piped wired him $450 thousand that she had taken out of a trust.

  • Susan Toye Age

As of 2022, Susan Toye is 77 years old.

  • Susan Toye Job

Susan Toye has worked as a corporate cook in the past. She worked as a chef in Boston and used her knowledge to launch the company’s Wedding and Event division.

Susan is the current owner, CEO, and President of Alyson’s Orchard. She is in charge of the workforce as well as the financial operations. Susan went to Notre Dame Academy for her formal education. She also attended Miami University for a college education.

  • Susan Toye On Facebook?

Yes, Susan Toye is on Facebook (@susan.jasse) but she has private her account.

Related FAQs

  • Are Sarma Melngailis Parents Still Married?

No, Sarma Melngailis’s parents aren’t married. They separated when she was 9 years old. Her father John married his second wife Michaele Weissman, a journalist and author who writes about food, families, business, and American culture.

Meanwhile, Sarma’s mother Susan Toye married her late husband Robert “Bob” Jasse. They met each other in Bob’s company Chomerics where she landed the job as a corporate cook.

  • How Many Kids Do Sarma Melngailis Parents Have?

Sarma Melngailis’s parents had two kids from their marriage. Sarma has an elder sister named Ilze. From her father’s second marriage, she has a brother named Noah Melngailis.

  • Where Do Sarma Melngailis Parents Live?

Sarma Melngailis’s father lives in New York. Meanwhile, her mother lives in Walpole, New Hampshire.

  • Do Sarma Melngailis Parents Appear On Netflix’s Bad Vegan?

Sarma’s dad John appears on Netflix’s Bad Vegan but her mother doesn’t.

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