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Selina Chhaur Bio, Ethnicity, Nationality, Parents, MAFS

When you’re the black sheep of the family, you know you’ve got to prove yourself! And this was one of the reasons why Selina Chhaur joined Married At First Sight Australia for its ninth installment — to prove her parents wrong by not only succeeding in her career but also in her romantic life.

Learn more about her as this Selina Chhaur Bio proceeds. 

MAFS: Are Selina Chhaur And Cody Bromley Still Together?

Yes, Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley were still together as of Feb 2022. The duo was last spotted together (after the filming) out in Sydney, wearing matching ensembles.

Guess the pair was able to overcome their issues after all.

According to Selina, they were able to make up after consummating their relationship. “We got back from the dinner party, Cody and I both realized we were in a really good place and, like, comforted each other, We had sex,” she explained.

As for Cody, their relationship changed course after he acknowledged their difficult start. But he also admitted that it was after consummating the marriage “it sort of felt like” they were “on track.”

Well, Selina’s dream of proving her parents wrong has come true.

Also, she’s happy to have met a partner of her dreams — Someone to live her best lives together, bring out the best in each other, and have so much fun that even a trip to the grocery store will be like a trip to Ibiza!

Had she listened to her parents, Selina would have probably been already married to an older, wealthy Asian. “If my mum could pick me the perfect husband, he would look like Kim Jong-il and have like a multimillion-dollar company in China, and I would be his fourth wife or something,” the star explained.

Selina Chhaur Ethnicity And Nationality

Selina Chhaur flaunts half-Cambodian and half-Chinese ethnicity, and Australian nationality.

And because of this sole reason, Selina faced a lot of racism and Asian fetishization in the past. She even talked about a lot of her ex-partners (who were European or Caucasian), having dated only Asian women before and after her.

“I think there’s this thing of Asian women being submissive and subdued and not having much of an opinion,” she explained.

Well, even on MAFS, Cody admitted he wasn’t initially attracted to Selina because of her Asian ethnicity. No wonder, he wasn’t making as much effort as Selina to progress their relationship.

However, he later revealed that her ethnicity was “not a big deal.” He just felt like Selina typically wasn’t his type. Ouch!

But don’t judge him too quick! Cody lost his father when he was 15. He’s been putting walls up ever since, rarely allowing himself to show vulnerability. Maybe, Selina was just the kind of lady he needed to accept himself, and open up to a deeper commitment.

Trivia: Selina visited Cambodia in April 2018, where she also went on to see the Tomb Raider Temple, in Siem Riep.

Selina Chhaur Parents

Well, you might have heard Selina Chhaur labeling herself as the black sheep of the family, but she is still on good terms with her parents and siblings.

Her loving mother — “the one human that knows how to whoop (her) Asian ass back down to planet earth” — often appeared over her IG. According to the MAFS star, her mother mediated every morning and night, worked out every day, worked her ass off full time, and still has dinner served every night.

Although Selina didn’t reveal her mother’s name, we know that she celebrates her birthday in July.

Also, it was reported that Selina’s father came to Australia as an orphan and her mother as a refugee in the 1970s during the Khmer Rouge regime.

So, why did Selina call herself the black sheep of the family? It was because she left school early to pursue her passion for hairdressing when her parents wanted her to become a doctor or lawyer.

Is Selina Chhaur On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @selina_chhaur.

Also, here’s her Facebook @selina.chhaur, TikTok @hairbyselinachhaur, and Youtube.

Selina Chhaur Age

Selina Chhaur was 32 years of age when she filmed Married At First Sight Australia season 9. However, she was 33 when the show aired in Feb 2022.

She is two years older than her MAFS husband Cody Bromley.

Selina Chhaur Job

Selina Chhaur is a hairdresser and a “Redken Haircolourists” certified hair colorist, who just loves her job.

Having worked in the industry for over a decade, Selina has won many state bridal competitions and has also been a finalist for AHIA Stylist of the Year 2017 and 2018, AHIA HOT SHOTS 2017, 2018, 2019, and a finalist for AHFA SA/TAS Hairdresser of the Year 2019.

Also, back in August 2019, she joined the fabulous team of Rogue & Regal. Here’s her professional IG @hairbyselinachhaur linked to Rogue & Regal.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Selina Chhaur Birthday?

Selina receives her birthday wishes on October 4, making her of the Libra zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Selina Chhaur?

The hairdresser stands tall at a height under 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

  • How Much Is Selina Chhaur Net Worth?

By 2022, Selina garnered a net worth of under $400 thousand.

Reportedly, a hairdresser in Australia earned around $40 thousand per annum.

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