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Cody Bromley Bio, Height, Family, Net Worth, MAFS

Having spent his 20s traveling the world and living an adventurous life, Cody Bromley, a contestant on MAFS Australia Season 9 put his love for the adventure ahead of everything, including romance. But this changed when he turned 30. He realized he wants who he can continue to share adventures with — a partner in crime with whom he can create memories.

As he placed the search for a life partner in the hands of relationship experts on the dating show, he got paired with Selina Chhaur. The rest, you shall explore in this ‘Cody Bromley Bio’.

MAFS Australia: Are Cody Bromley And Selina Chhaur Still Together?

Cody Bromley, who is uncomfortable with PDA, was hoping Selina Chhaur, his wife on MAFS, to just love and accept him and be patient as he works through these issues. Even holding hands is something Cody struggles with.

But then it was Cody only who later confessed that Selina was not his type during an honesty challenge. Once full of hope, potential, and promise to find a bride, he sensationally admitted he was not attracted to Selina. (Yes. Because of her Asian ethnicity!) And while fans worried this to put an end to their courtship, they were caught outside amid an outing in Sydney on 25th October 2021.

Cody and Selina’s first meeting at the altar and wedding in Cattai, New South Wales was played out in S09 E03.

Despite the bumpy start, they seemed to have later overcome their issues, with Selina revealing that she and Cody had consummated their relationship. Cody, a self-proclaimed impulsive, chiller, and loyal, too confirmed being in a good place their relationship completely changing its course. “After we consummated the marriage it sort of feels like we’re on track now.”

They also made it past the S09E17 with a bit of hope. Though Selina decided to “leave” Cody’s shyly written “stay” saved the relationship for another week.

32-year-old Selina is a self-proclaimed black sheep of the family. She admitted to having fallen short in the eyes of her parents, who had expectations of her becoming a doctor or lawyer. She left school early to pursue her passion for hairdressing. Now with MAFS, she also hoped to prove them wrong that one could find a match on a reality show.

Cody Bromley Height

Cody Bromley stands above 5’11” tall. To some of us, he looked in some way alike his co-contestant Jack Millar (got paired with Domenica Calarco.)

Cody Bromley Family

Cody Bromley lost his father when he was 15. He said it was the heartbreak that made him put the walls up, rarely allowing himself to show vulnerability, especially in relationships. This is why Cody revealed he avoided serious relationships and pushed away any partners who wanted a deeper commitment.

We found Cody’s mother Laurina Bromley on Facebook. She happens to have worked at sports and outdoor media and gone to Forest High School in Sydney. Yes. She is a native of Sydney currently based in Jasper, Alberta in Canada.

Cody seemingly shares a very beautiful bond with his mother.

The other family members would be Dan Bromley of Newcastle, New South Wales (now married to Kimbo Bromley), Jenny Bromley, also married and of New Castle, Emma Bromley, and Chris Bromley, also of New Castle but separated.

Is Cody Bromley On Instagram?

Yes. Cody Bromley could be found on Instagram @codybromley included 44 posts and 10.1K followers as of 28 February 2022.

One could also locate Cody on TikTok @codybromley and ‘Cody Bromley’ Facebook.

Cody Bromley Age

When Cody Bromley participated in MAFS in 2021, he was 30 years old.

Cody Bromley Job

Professionally, Cody Bromley is a swim coach and personal trainer.

Before he came on MAFS, he was employed at The PLUS FITNESS NARRABEEN. The Bio of which describes Cody as a lifestyle coach with a passion for a healthy balance.

It goes into detail that Cody specializes in nutritional management, weight loss, muscle development and will always take time to listen with his trainees.

Cody acquires qualifications and experience in personal training, group exercise, swim coaching, and boxercise.

Cody is registered as a personal trainer/gym instructor with AUSactive. They say he is a Level 2 AUSactive Registered Professional with over 4 years in the health and fitness industry.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Cody Bromley’s Birthday?

Every year the 3rd of March marks Cody Bromley’s birthday making him Pisces.

  • How Much Is Cody Bromley’s Net Worth?

Cody Bromley reportedly held above $400 thousand as net worth as of February 2022.

As per Salary Expert’s estimation, he should have made on average $71,747/year or a $34/hour (excluding n average bonus of $1,578) working as a swim coach gross in Australia.

Also, his average personal trainer salary is likely $70,000/year or $35.90/hour.

  • Where Is Cody Bromley From?

While MAFS introduced Cody Bromley to its fans as a New South Wales native, he listed Sydney to be his hometown, on Facebook.

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