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Shae Dawson Bio, Age, Job, Brihony Dawson Wife

When MTV’s most recent season of The Challenge, AKA The Challenge: World Championship featured on 8 March 2023, it introduced to audience legends, MVPs, and everyone in between. And other than the super-trained contestants competing for the “Challenge World Champion” title and $500,000 prize, it also brought into the limelight its impressive four co-hosts. Brihony Dawson, the acclaimed Australian sports commentator, television personality, and vocalist, was one of them. Last year, the same Brihony had made history as the first non-binary host of MTV’s The Challenge. So, yes. They go around by the ‘they/them’ pronoun.  In the rest of the writing, we shall now tell you all about their wife Shae Dawson.

Meet Shae Dawson, Brihony Dawson’s Wife

Shae Dawson has been Brihony Dawson’s wife since getting married on 19 March 2020, amid the ongoing COVID outbreak. The next day, Brihony took this very wedding picture of them on a Facebook post and next to it wrote “Words cannot express the total bliss of marrying my Darling @shaebird88 yesterday.” They shared how among the turmoil they found a moment to share their love with a few of their nearest and dearest. Brihony also completed the announcement by saying “I love you so much my wife. Let’s do a little more forever together.”

After two weeks into the marriage, Brihony again found time to take to the internet to promise their “lobster” that they will always reach for her over their pride.

The couple got engaged in July of 2019 on a bitterly cold Argentinian day with not a drop of the sun for them to bask in, from what Brihony said.

Shae Dawson Baby

Brihony and Shae also have been very transparent about their “eggcellent” fertility journey. They have been open about seeking treatment from Rainbow Fertility, Australia’s IVF service for the LGBTI+ community by IVF provider City Fertility.

And clearly, the two have been fortunate with everything as they now have baby Rue with them. On her social media, Shae now also loves to go around as “Rue’s Mum 🏳️‍🌈🐕‍🦺” more than any other introduction.

So you know, unlike Brihony, Shae identifies with ‘she/her’ pronouns.

Shae Dawson Age

Shae, with the full name Shae Lorraine Wright, was born in 1988. So, she turned 34 years old in 2022.

Where Is Shae Dawson From?

Shae Dawson originally hails from Melbourne, Australia.

We don’t yet know what kind of family background Shae comes from. Here’s instead what we learned about her in-laws.

Shae’s mother-in-law is Faye Dawson. She can be found on IG @fayesydawson, where she and the rest of the family seemed to be just as fond of Shae. A former Newlands High School Coburg alum Mrs. Dawson is like her daughter-in-law a native of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. When she went to her daughter Brihony’s show back in January 2023, grateful Brihony later on the day showed lovely glimpses of them on social media. And next to it, she wrote, “I love you Mumma. Thanks for coming to my gigs and covering yourself in pride flags”.

Unfortunately, Shae’s father-in-law is no more. Had he been around he would have turned 75 on his ‘October 13th’ birthday in 2022.

Of course, Shae also has a brother-in-law. He is Luke Dawson and one could locate him on IG @lukeyd_81. He is Brihony’s big brother. Brihony was really happy for him when he got married to Samantha Dawson on 18 November 2016. Professionally, he has been working as a brand retail manager at The North Face at True Alliance. Also, together with Samantha, he was residing around Toolangi, Victoria in Australia.

Shae Dawson Maiden Name

Shae Dawson before getting married to Brihony and adopting their last name went around by her maiden name, which is Shae Wright. However, on her social media she even today goes around by that very name.

Shae Dawson Job

On her LinkedIn, Shae Dawson mentioned being a full-time event project manager at Frank Wild since August 2022. She even cared to mention that LinkedIn helped her get the job.

For a year before this, she was an event manager at We Are Phoenix. And for five years between 2016 and 2021, she was a stage manager at Crown Resorts.

For her education, Shae received Certificate III in Events and Event Management from the College of Event Management in 2016. Between 2009 and 2011, she trained herself for Certificate IV Business Administration, Business Administration, and Management at CLB Training and Development. Also in 2010, she got through a course in intermediate Microsoft Excel at Chisholm Institute.

Brihony, on the other hand, have toured Europe and the US for the past couple of years with their band LadyHood. People have loved to watch her performance as a songwriter, entertainer and MC.

In affiliation with Event Entertainment, they notably won the Spice Magazine’s “Best Individual Performer” award for in 2019.

Is Shae Dawson On Instagram?

Yes. Shae Dawson could be found on Instagram @shaewright__ with 97 posts and 918 followers as of 15 March 2023. But, until this time, the account was kept private.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Shae Dawson’s Birthday?

Shae Dawson’s birthday is on December 25th, and that makes her a Capricorn.

  • How Tall Is Shae Dawson?

Beautiful Shae Dawson stands below 5’6” in height. And she has got looks no less than any professional fashion model.

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