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Shaeeda Sween Bio, Family, Job, Age, Height, 90 Day Fiance

Meet Shaeeda Sween from 90 Day Fiance.

The TLC show star Shaeeda connected with Missouri-native realtor Bilal Hazziez for the first time on Instagram. According to Bilal, they had mutual acquaintances on social media, and she slid into his DMs and expressed interest in him out of the blue.

But, according to Shaeeda, she addressed the relationship in her interview with Newsday, “He was on Instagram, saw my pics and ‘liked’ them. He looked cute and I ‘liked’ his pics back. He sent me a private message saying ‘great progress’ and ‘you inspire me.” She also talked about finding the love with (Bilal) although she didn’t reveal his name in the interview.

In December 2019, Bilal arrived in Trinidad and met her family, and proposed to Shaeeda on Maracas beach.

Furthermore, Shaeeda shared her plan to get married, as soon as she can, and move to the US to begin a new chapter of her life in her new yoga studio.

According to the trailer, Bilal Hazziez was married to his ex-wife Shahidah. He understood that no matter how much a person loves them, there is a potential that they will no longer feel the same way about their other half. He struggled with the split and felt like a failure, but when he met Shaeeda, he described it as “it was a gift.”

But because of the similarity in his partners’ names, Bilal ignored Shaeeda for a while until the point he couldn’t resist anymore.

90 Day Fiance: Are Bilal Hazziez And Shaeeda Sween Still Together?

Bilal, on the other hand, couldn’t stop bragging about Trinidad’s beauty. Shaeeda is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to her yoga studio.

All of these characteristics enticed Bilal to arrange a trip to Shaeeda. He went to Trinidad to see her and stayed with her for seven days. During the trip, they got engaged. They sought a K-1 visa in order to begin their lives together in the United States. The COVID-19 epidemic struck soon after.

Before 90 Day Fiance, they hadn’t seen each other in person in nearly two years.

Bilal, on the other hand, has a couple of secrets that he hasn’t told Shaeeda about. He “intentionally” conceals his financial situation and affluent lifestyle from his fiancée.

“I purposely don’t show what I have,” he says while talking to a friend. “She’s never seen my house. She doesn’t see — even when we video chat, you’re looking at a wall.”

He adds, “I’ve never shown her some material things related to my success because I wanted to see if she was really in it for me, not just what I have,” he says. “Unfortunately, there are some people who they consider gold diggers out there, and there are a lot of things that we still don’t know about each other.”

Bilal speaks more, “You want somebody to love you or be with you for you, versus what you have”. He also has plans about getting her to sign a prenup in order to protect his children.

So you know that Bilal is also cautious about Shaeeda’s intentions.

Bilal, who has a 16-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son, appears to have no plans to have any more children. Before the wedding, he also wants Shaeeda to sign a prenuptial agreement.

She laments in the series, “The boy I fell in love with is the guy I met in Trinidad,” causing her mother to advise her that she must immediately catch a plane and come home.

Shaeeda Sween Job

Shaeeda Sween has been working as a yoga instructor since 2017. It was a love affair born out of the sudden and heartbreaking end of another. She told Newsday, “In March 2017 I was in a very dark place in my life. My boyfriend had broken up with me via a text message. Who does that? Imagine I was looking at him as my future husband. I was emotionally and mentally damaged”.

While trying to cope with her heartache, Shaeeda discovered an online image of a woman doing a headstand that caught her attention and it looked calm. She attempted to do it but couldn’t. “I googled headstands and found yoga I was intrigued. I followed the yoga prep poses and was able to do the headstand in two weeks.”

She shared, “I fell in love with yoga and had to get into it. I did research, looked for an accredited school, and purchased a package online. So you see, in the end, it all worked out perfectly. If he (her ex-boyfriend) hadn’t done what he did I would have been focusing on a wedding instead.”

Shaeeda teaches Vinyasa yoga, a style of yoga that focuses on flexibility. It is characterized by stringing poses together so that each one moves seamlessly into another. She completed her certificate in a year from Aura Wellness in the US and has been continually updating her training.

“Every two years instructors are expected to update. I chose Vinyasa because I didn’t want anything too traditional. I just wanted to inspire women to lose weight over time and get the benefit of flexibility.” she said.

Before yoga, Shaeeda was working as an executive assistant and logistics coordinator at a government ministry. She gave up her eight-to-four job and opened a studio on Henry Street, Port of Spain. “I wanted to do something that I loved and that could pay the bills. I also did fashion blogging, but it was not an income earner.”

She places no age limit in her class and inspires women that, who, with no dance or gymnastics background were able to do it than anyone could. During a pandemic, she launched online classes which opened doors for students from London, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon, Iraq, and the US.

Moreover, Shaeeda was also part of a book called Yoga for Inflexible People. She was also featured in the Women’s Magazine.

She also has a retirement plan in place – making flexibility videos and selling them online. As she looks back on the past four years of her life she sees her pain from a different perspective.

Shaeeda Sween Net Worth

Shaeeda Sween has a net worth of under $150 thousand.

How Old Is Shaeeda Sween?

At the time of filming the show in 2021, Shaeeda Sween was 37-year-old.

Shaeeda Sween Height

The Muslim beauty, Shaeeda Sween’s height measures 5 feet 8 inches.

Shaeeda Sween Family

As of 2022, Shaeeda Sween hasn’t shared anything about her family members.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Shaeeda Sween Birthday?

Shaeeda Sween’s birthday is unclear as of this writing.

  • Where Is Shaeeda Sween From?

Shaeeda Sween hailed from Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Is Shaeeda Sween On Instagram?

Yes, Shaeeda Sween is on Instagram (@westindianbella). Her account has 12.3k followers.

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