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Shane Oakley Bio, Job, Net Worth, Dr Michelle Oakley

Dr. Michelle Oakley is a popular personality in the Nat Geo Wild for her works with wild animals as a vet. The show stars Dr. Michelle Oakley and follows her adventures usually around her home base of Haines Junction, Yukon, and Haines, Alaska. She is not the only one starring in the show but also her husband of over 28 years Shane Oakley.

Shane often stars on the show alongside his wife providing her support. But, it’s time that viewers also learn a thing or two about him regarding his personal life and professional milestones. Learn all about him in this Shane Oakley bio.

Dr Michelle Oakley And Shane Oakley’s Relationship

Dr. Michelle Oakley, who was studying zoology at the University of Michigan and was in her third year of university, was working on her thesis. As an undergrad, students had to go somewhere. So, she chose to go to Yukon for two summers in a row. There, she met her husband Shane Oakley, and he was her instant crush. When they first met Shane called Michelle a “squirrel girl.”

But, only a year later, when Michelle again went to Yukon from Indiana, the pair started dating each other. Shane, who had never left Yukon before, came to the University of Michigan to visit Michelle. Coming from a rural area, he had never climbed an escalator, never been on a building over three stories.

Michelle’s friend called him “Crocodile Dundee.” It was love at first sight for the two.

Dr. Michelle Oakley and Shane Oakley married on 10 December 1992 in Hawaii.

Shane Oakley and his wife Dr. Michelle Oakley and two of their daughters (Pic: Michelle Oakley’s IG)

By the time, Michelle was 26 years old, they already had their two oldest daughters. The couple welcomed their eldest daughter Sierra Oakley on 15 July 1997. Whereas, they welcomed their second daughter Maya Oakley in 2000. During this time, Shane cared for the children while his wife worked to complete her vet school at The Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Sierra, like her mom, decided to follow the career path same as her mother. She wished to be a vet. Whereas, Maya joined college to study criminal justice. Both Sierra and Maya played hockey for the Yukon female hockey team. Sierra even led the team as a team captain in the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Whereas, Maya was the goalie in the team.

The married couple welcomed their youngest daughter Willow Oakley in 2004.

In 2018, Michelle celebrated her 26th anniversary. “Today is our 26th anniversary! 😍🥰❤️and every day I feel luckier to have this amazing, really kind, thoughtful funny, creative, handy, gentleman, in my life. #hothubs  #luckygirl  #yukonvet  #droakleyyukonvet #droakley #wildernessvet #photobomb,” she wrote on her Instagram post.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, their jobs often kept them apart from each other. Still, they stayed connected on FaceTime.

Shane Oakley Job

Shane Oakley has a job as a deputy conservation officer in his hometown in Yukon for Wildland Fire Management. He has been working the job for at least 27 years as of October 2021. Whereas, he also worked as a wildland firefighter. According to the reports of glassdoor, an average conservation officer made $85,000 per year.

Whereas, the website stated that in Canada, forest firefighters made a hefty sum of $162,529 per year.

But one memorable incident occurred in 2011 which always stayed in the back of his head and also made a major piece of news. Shane was the passenger in a police car as it sped down the Alaska Highway in pursuit of an SUV. The speed hit 140km/hour as the two vehicles headed north from Haines Junction towards Destruction Bay.

The chase ended 32 kilometers out of town with the windshield of the police car broken and the RCMP officer Kim MacKellar injured. Christopher Cornell, then 32-year-old Whitehorse man, faced two charges of attempted murder by shooting a rifle at Oakley and MacKellar in the early morning hours of Sept. 26, 2011.

He also faced charges for shooting at a marked RCMP vehicle while escaping from a robbery or attempted robbery.

Besides his job, Shane also often joined his wife Michelle for her works in television.

Shane Oakley Net Worth

Coming to his net worth, Shane Oakley should sit in at least $500 thousand.

How Old Is Shane Oakley?

Shane Oakley never divulged information on his birthday. Neither, his wife or kids ever wished him his birthday. Though he seems to be in his mid-50s, his precise age and his birthday require further unraveling to do.

Related FAQs

  • Is Shane Oakley On Instagram, Facebook?

No, Shane Oakley is not on any kind of social networking platform. However, his wife is on both Facebook as well as Instagram.

  • Who Are Shane Oakley’s Family Members?

As already stated, Shane Oakley is extremely private about his life. Along with his age, he never divulged any information on his parents or possible siblings. But, while we’re at it, learn about the family from his wife’s side. Michelle was born to her father Steve Plantinga and her mother Georgia Plantinga of Schererville. Her father passed away in 2018 at the age of 76.

  • What Are Shane Oakley’s Distinct Features?

With a height above 6 feet, Shane Oakley’s grey steel-colored hair and his scruffy facial hair are his distinct features.

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