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Shay Brunat Bio, Age, Job, Before, Father, IG, sMothered

TLC’s sMothered since it premiered in 2019 has highlighted some of the closest mother-daughter bonds in existence. So, as Season 4 returned on 8 August 2022, seven, old and new, mother-daughter pairs were introduced to viewers. Angie and Shay are among the brand new mother-daughter duo to join the cast. In the rest of the writing, we shall explore their turbulent relationship and talk especially all about the daughter Shay Brunat.

Shay Brunat On sMothered

Shay Brunat and Angie Hebner, like Paula & Francia and Ashley & Cathy, are a brand new mother-daughter duo to join the cast for this season of sMothered.

As shown in the trailer, Shay and Angie have always been joined at the hips. They especially grew this close since Shay came out as a trans woman sometime in 2020. So, Angie has been through it all during the big transformation of Shay’s life.

And while the mother seemed determined to be there for every step of her journey to womanhood, the daughter on the other hand was starting to find it a little bit too much, with her mom around her 24/7.

Angie not only was hell-bent on teaching Shay how to shave her legs and all the girlie things they could not before but had decided to take the lead on Shay’s weight loss journey as well.

So, this support from Angie Shay was starting to feel a little too burdensome. She in fact even condemns her mother for sticking her nose in her affairs. Shay uses words like she is starting to feel more like her mother’s “pet project” than her daughter.

But looking from the mother’s perspective, she also had not it easy, adjusting to having a daughter. It was rough for her too as she had to say goodbye to her son whom, she raised for 22 years.

Shay Brunat Father

As of the time of this writing, Shay’s mother Angie was still together with her husband Brian Keith Hebner.

Brian, who turned 49 years old in May 2022, is also Shay’s father. And according to Shay, he has been the best father in the entire world.

It is on the 31st of March that Angie and her husband celebrate their anniversary. However, the year they got married was not known. He said this and that he loves his old man when wishing him a ‘happy birthday’ on the 29th of May in 2019.

Shay also has a sister who seemingly went through tough times around March 2022. One day at this point, Shay had taken to Facebook to cite that her sister has been found finally and they have therefore taken her flyer down. She also shared that the whole week before her sibling was located was very stressful and traumatic.

Shay Brunat Partner

Now that Shay Brunat finally has her pronouns changed officially to ‘she’ and ‘her’, does she also have a partner? This is all her new and old fans have been wondering about for a while.

From the look of things, as of the time of this writing, she did not seem to have one. And so you know, her relationship status over social media even continued to be labeled as ‘single’.

Is Shay Brunat On IG?

Yes. Shay Brunat could be found on Instagram @lilbishaybish and there were 161 posts and 1,608 followers on it as of 8 August 2022.

Shay was also on ‘Shay Brunat’ Facebook and Twitter @lilbishybish. For some reason, she deleted her previous Twitter account @brunat_chayse.Therewere also already 1.28K subscribers connected to her YouTube channel ‘Lilbishybish’ without her uploading any videos on it.

Shay Brunat Age

Born in 1998, Shay Brunat turned 23 years old in 2021.

Shay Brunat Job

Last year in July (2021), Shay Brunat was beyond excited to have been accepted into Full Sail University. So, she must be being a student there as of the time of this writing (2022).

Though all along Shay also should be making a good amount of money as at this point she already had established herself as a TikTok star. Shay already was quite popular on TikTok before the whole TLC fame took over. As of 8 August 2022, her TikTok @lilbishybish entertained some 747.1K followers.

She was also hoping to add to her fortune via her Cameo account where there were already a few followers, that is maybe to pay for her Amazon wishlist, among other things.

How Tall Is Shay Brunat?

Shay Brunat stands above 5’10” in height.

Shay Brunat Before

Before the transition, i.e., before Shay started going around as Shay, she was Chayse Burant. And this is how he appeared as a male.

Shay Brunat before the transition (PIC: TikTok)
But, according to Shay she still had not transitioned fully. On the occasion of pride month (10 June 2022), she discussed in a Facebook post that she wants surgeries and hormones as she is very dysphoric. That is, she still feels this uneasiness because of the mismatch between his biological sex and gender identity. She said that she is still not at ease about her outer appearance and that she herself worded his “masculine-looking”. So to appeal to that dysphoria, she expressed, that she would want to alter her body and mind to look, feel and present more femininely!

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Shay Brunat Hail From?

Shay Brunat was born and bred in Indianapolis, Indiana and she never really moved away from this hometown of hers.

  • What Is Shay Brunat Real Name?

By now, we all know that Shay led a life of a male until 22 before finally getting to reveal her desired identity. So, the name that was assigned to her at birth was Chayse Brunat.

  • When Is Shay Brunat Birthday?

Shay Brunat’s birthday is on the 23rd of August thus making her a Virgo.

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