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Angie Hebner Bio, Age, Job, IG, Husband, sMothered

sMothered since it premiered in 2019 has highlighted some of the closest mother-daughter bonds in existence. So, as Season 4 returned on 8 August 2022, seven, old and new, mother-daughter pairs were introduced to viewers. Angie and Shay are among the brand new mother-daughter duo to join the cast. In the rest of the writing, we shall explore their turbulent relationship and talk especially all about the mother Angie Hebner.

Angie Hebner On sMothered

Angie Hebner and Shay Brunat, like Paula & Francia and Ashley & Cathy,  are a brand new mother-daughter duo to join the cast for this season of sMothered.

Especially after daughter Shay revealed that she was transgender, the pair have been inseparable. To the extent that they ticked off all standards required to be on sMothered. What started off as beautiful ended up turning into more of a controlling situation between these two, according to their friends and family members. The very reason they decided to bring cameras into their lives.

Angie is determined to be there for every step of her journey to womanhood. She also decides to take the lead on Shay’s weight loss journey. But, this support from Angie starts to feel a little too overbearing for Shay’s liking. She actually condemns her mother for sticking her nose in her affairs. Shay reflects that she is starting to feel more like her mother’s pet project than her daughter.

Maybe by the time the season comes to an end, they find ways to come back to a place where all their differences are solved.

As seen in the clip of TLC, Angie’s daughter is transitioning from MTF and this is big for Angie as she is also learning how to adjust to having a daughter. Initially, it was rough because Angie had to say goodbye to her son whom, she raised for 22 years.

Yet, Angie was for sure happy for Shay and was looking forward to teaching Shay how to shave her legs and all the girlie things they could not before. Here, she grew famous for her viral series of fake FaceTime videos for people to use when in uncomfortable situations.

Angie Hebner Husband

As of the time of this writing, Angie Hebner was still together with her husband Brian Keith Hebner.

Brian, who turned 49 years old in May 2022, is also Shay’s father. And according to Shay, he has been the best father in the entire world.

Angie Hebner and her husband as seen in November 2020 (PIC: Facebook)

It is on the 31st of March that Angie and her husband celebrate their anniversary. However, the year they got married was not known. He said this and that he loves his old man when wishing him a ‘happy birthday’ on the 29th of May in 2019.

Is Angie Hebner On IG?

Angie Hebner could be found on Instagram at @eviesmimi2016. As of 8 August 2022, this was a private account with 1,075 posts and 373 followers. And while this is her page for personal glimpses from life, there was another account, Enjenuz Designz (@enjenuzmama2020) where she introduced herself as an artist, paparazzi consultant, and a few more things. Here, most lately, she had put on display several earpiece and necklace designs for sale. She had marked the price for each at 5 dollars.

Angie also kept herself occupied with her ‘Angie Hebner (Wessel)’ Facebook, TikTok @enjenuzmama75, and Pinterest @enjenuztbc.

Angie Hebner Age

Born in 1975, Angie Hebner turned 47 years old in 2022.

Angie Hebner Job

According to LinkedIn, Angie Hebner is the owner and head stylist at EnJeNuZ TBC, which is maybe an outlet (likely salon) based in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. Besides also made money from her Enjenuz Designz and Paparazzi Accessories. The latter, in their words, is a home of the $5 jewelry and accessories.

Now the oldest jobs. Angie, all the while, continued being the owner and CEO at Master Colorist/Hair Stylist, a venture she started back on April (17th) 1994. Explaining this very job, she bragged on Facebook that she has been banging hair for almost 30 years. And since being a pro at hair styling and glam makeup for quite some time already, she was also in the process of designing her own lash line.

As for her education, Angie went to Ivy Tech Community College and Avon High School, before all this happened one after the other.

As for Shay, Angie’s newly transformed daughter, she already was a renowned figure on TikTok before the whole TLC fame took over. At present, her TikTok @lilbishybish entertained some 747.1K followers.

How Tall Is Angie Hebner?

Angie Hebner, who is always sporting different new hairstyles, stands below 5’3” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Angie Hebner Hail From?

Angie Hebner was born and bred in Avon, a town in Washington Township, Hendricks County, Indiana, United States. Though lately, she had been calling Trafalgar, Indiana her home.

Her father, Roger Tingler is a native of Beech Grove, Indiana (yet born in Whitmer, West Virginia). Now retired, he went to Harman High School back in the day.

  • What Is Angie Hebner Maiden Name?

Angie, before she got married and added the last name Hebener to her name went around by her maiden name: Angie Wessel.

  • When Is Angie Hebner’s Birthday?

Angie Hebner’s birthday is on the 31st of March. So, she is an Aries.

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