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SheraSeven Sprinkle Sprinkle Lady Bio, Age, Net Worth

SheraSeven is a Youtuber and TikTok star who invented the viral catchphrase “sprinkle sprinkle” many years ago. Many also recognize her as the “Sprinkle Sprinkle Lady.”

But SheraSeven is much more than just a “Sprinkle Sprinkle Lady.” If you wish to learn more about her keep reading this SheraSeven Sprinkle Sprinkle Lady Bio.

Meet SheraSeven, TikTok’s Sprinkle Sprinkle Lady

SheraSeven made up the phrase “sprinkle sprinkle” a long time ago on her Youtube channel. However, it wasn’t until April 2023 that the phrase went viral after someone posted a clip from her YouTube page on TikTok.

According to her, “sprinkle sprinkle” meant blessings or bless your heart. “It’s just something I made up a long time ago on this channel so, it’s just like saying ‘Okay, bless your heart’. You know, ‘back at you’. Whatever y’all needed it to mean,” she explained.

Also, in a video, she elaborated, adding that “sprinkle sprinkle” can also mean “thank you”, “I agree”, or “blessings and abundance to you.”

So, in simple words, “sprinkle sprinkle” can mean whatever you want it to be, and that’s the beauty of it. 

SheraSeven Age

SheraSeven was 44 years of age in 2023.

She is the same age as fellow TikTok stars Tabitha Brown and Ellen Stafford.

SheraSeven Real Name

SheraSeven’s real name is “Leticia Padua.”

Who Is SheraSeven Husband James?

SheraSeven married her decade-older husband James A. Scott on February 11, 2006, in Harris County, Texas. “I met him while I was waiting to embalm a body,” SheraSeven recalled. “Um, I was supposed to meet up at a funeral home with an owner to help him embalm a body. And he was running late, so I had to stop at a local restaurant, and I sat at the bar because my friend worked there.”

So, while she was waiting alone wearing a skirt suit, James approached her and started a conversation. At first, she ignored him and asked him every question that should have turned him off. But James’ persistence got her intrigued and to her surprise, he was actually an “intelligent” guy with a career and a nice car.

That day, she skipped her job and went on a date with him.

Now, over a decade later the two are still married. Her tips for a successful relationship? Lie! “Men lie to get what they want….. If my husband had not lied to me when we met, we would not be married or have our kids lol…….women lie to keep peace and build confidence lol….. If I had not lied to my husband telling him he was a Boss and a future millionaire he would never have bought me a Benz lol,” she wrote.

As for their kids, SheraSeven and James share two daughters named Leila and Sash. They were 15 and 13 years of age respectively in 2023.

Did you know: SheraSeven never featured her husband on her socials until May 2014.

How Much Is SheraSeven Net Worth?

SheraSeven garnered a net worth of under $500 thousand by 2023.

A relationship expert, SheraSeven is one of the most controversial coaches on social media as her views on being a “kept woman” has been criticized by many. However, she’s also admired by hundreds of thousands of fans for her unorthodox view on relationships.

SheraSeven started her career back in November 2011 offering women lessons online on hypergamy and the art of “leveling up.” Eventually, her videos like “How to Get Your Man to Give You Money”, “How to Make Him Jealous”, and “Let Your Man Cheat” got her trending on Youtube, earning her fans from all around the world.

Now, her teachings have also their rounds on TikTok.

Besides offering dating advice online, SheraSeven also penned her guidance over books such as I Bring Nothing to The Table: a Level Up Concept; Too Pretty to Pay Bills: Keys to Gold Digging Success: Tips on How to Have the life you deserve as a woman; The Wisdom Of She Ra Seven: Daily Affirmations and Quotes; and Leveling Up to Your Best Life: Creating a Life of Comfort and Luxury.

Prior to becoming a dating coach, SheraSeven used to be a Mortician and funeral director. She even filmed her adventures as a mortician on Youtube which lasted for 13 vlogs. The last vlog of the diary was uploaded on April 26, 2014. (Xanax)

When SheraSeven was not working, she loved to drive through cemeteries and look at all the statues.

SheraSeven Height

SheraSeven stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, she has an oval face, a tattoo of three stars on her chest, and a tattoo of Michael Jackson her arm.

Did you know: A man tattooed SheraSeven’s name on him. He was someone the Youtuber never met before and went they finally met for a date, things didn’t work out.

Related FAQs

  • When Is SheraSeven Birthday?

SheraSeven celebrates her birthday on March 10 and is of the Pisces zodiac.

For her 39th birthday, SheraSeven’s husband took her sailing.

  • Where Is SheraSeven From?

She hails from Katy, Texas.

  • Is SheraSeven On Instagram?

In May 2023, SheraSeven entertained 90.6K followers on her Instagram @sheraseven.

Also, here’s her TikTok @asheraseven, Twitter @lpadua11, Facebook, and Youtube @SheRaSeven1.

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