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Who Is SheRaSeven Husband James Scott? His Age, Job

Meet YouTuber SheRaSeven‘s husband James Scott. Read all we’ve discovered about James in the public domain. From age, and job, to his current residence, this bio covers all you need to know about him.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more.

Meet James Scott, YouTube & TikTok Star SheRaSeven Husband

James A Scott is the husband of YouTube & TikTok star SheRaSeven AKa Leticia Padua Scott. According to AncientFaces, they reportedly married on 11 February 2006. SheRaSeven did share in a comment section that they met in 2001.

While the YouTuber chose to keep her husband away from social media, she did share the origin story of their love story on her channel. “I met him while I was waiting to embalm a body,” SheRaSeven recalled. “Um, I was supposed to meet up at a funeral home with an owner to help him embalm a body. And he was running late, so I had to stop at a local restaurant, and I sat at the bar because my friend worked there.”

So, while she was waiting alone wearing a skirt suit, James approached her and started a conversation. At first, she ignored him and asked him every question that should have turned him off. But James’ persistence got her intrigued and to her surprise, he was actually an “intelligent” guy with a career and a nice car.

James was a catch so she skipped her job and went on a date with him. The couple have been happily married ever since.

You know by now that the SheRaSeven shares her wise take on different relationship-related issues. One of the tips that she shared was the necessity to lie in a relationship. She explained, “Men lie to get what they want….. If my husband had not lied to me when we met, we would not be married or have our kids lol…….women lie to keep peace and build confidence lol….. If I had not lied to my husband telling him he was a Boss and a future millionaire he would never have bought me a Benz lol.”

As stated earlier, SheRaSeven never posts about her husband on social media. The first time she actually did was in May 2014 with a caption that read, “I am about to do something I have never done …. lol I am about to POST A PICTURE OF MY HUSBAND… lol so many people have been asking to see what crazy man would ever marry me….. lol well get ready to find out!!!!!!!”

James Scott And SheRaSeven Kids

James Scott and SheRaSeven are parents to two daughters. Their oldest Leila is 15 years old whereas the younger daughter is 13 years old as of 2023. The family supposedly maintains different religious beliefs.

In August 2014, SheRaSeven shared, “My husband goes to church (Joel Osteen) at Lakewood and listens to T.D. Jakes on TV….. Lol alone… My kids and I meditate and study spiritual alchemy ….. And we all just let each other be… one tries to convert the other.”

James Scott Age

As of 2023, James Scott is 53 years old. Reports available online suggest that he was born in August 1969.

James Scott Job

James Scott keeps a low profile, surprisingly because of his job. In May 2014, when fans asked about her husband’s job, SheRaSeven responded in the comment section while writing, “lol well he cannot be on social media lol his career asks him to keep a low profile lol.”

However, SheRaSeven did describe her husband as one with a career and a nice car.

But, we’ve discovered a LinkedIn profile where James is working as a SQL Developer/Integration Specialist. He had briefly worked as a data engineer and Technical Lead with a huge corporation. So, he definitely has a successful career.

Is James Scott On Instagram And TikTok?

As stated earlier, no, James Scott is not on social media or at least doesn’t have a public profile. He is neither on Instagram nor on TikTok.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is James Scott From?

SheRaSeven once shared that her husband James Scott hailed from Arkansas. He is residing in Texas.

  • When Is James Scott Birthday?

James Scott’s birthday is in August.

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