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Sherrybeth Madewell Bio, Age, Still Married, Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws in its prolonged journey over the years has brought to fans several very talented racers. But ever wonder who else has been involved in the making of this fan-favorite program? It’s Sherrybeth Madewell we speak of and many of us have known, she works as both a producer and on-air talent on the show.

In this writing called ‘Sherrybeth Madewell’ let us tell you about all that you have been prying about.

Sherrybeth Madewell On Street Outlaws

Sherrybeth Madewell has shown up in news stories insisting that street racing is far safer when it’s done within the context of Street Outlaws. Also, at some point on the show, she explained how when she was taking steps to crack down on street racing, she had come to the city after a driver told her it would be an ideal location to start a team.

So, Sherrybeth has been greatly involved with the whole process that goes into the making of each Street Outlaws episode. She also has been open about her show having medics on set, enforcing a strict no-alcohol policy, making drivers sign to the fact that they won’t participate in illegal racing while they’re part of the production, and more.

Louisiana, from what Sherrybeth tells, has a lot to offer in the racing world. She told the Shreveport Times in March 2022, how the show simply taps into an existing racing scene, while also providing parameters that make the races safer than they would otherwise be.

Yet, Sherrybeth has not always received nicer comments from the Street Outlaws fans.

How Much Is Sherrybeth Madewell’s Net Worth?

Sherrybeth Madewell reportedly had close to $1.5 million net worth as of March 2023.

She owns her very own Madewell By Design Lawns & Landscapes and MBD Motorsports-Promotions and also runs a dragstrip Windy Hollow Dragway from what she recently shared.

One could also look up Madewell By Design Lawns & Landscapes on its Facebook page. Sherrybeth has been the owner-operator here since 2001. Motorsports Promotions, on the other hand, is a Midwest-based business with the goals of providing value and a quality experience to clients through motorsports.

Sherrybeth Madewell Age

Sherrybeth Madewell was born in 1973. So, she turned 49 years old in 2022.

Is Sherrybeth Madewell Still Married?

Not now. But Sherrybeth Madewell was in the past. Her husband at the time was Derrick Madewell. At the time of this writing, they were clearly not married and the ex-husband was instead likely happily married to Sheila Gail Madewell. Also, the former alum of Hard Knocks University and Owensboro High School continued to call Utica, Kentucky his home, as he turned 57 years old in August 2022.

Sherrybeth and Derrick had gotten together in 1996. 18 Valentines later in 2014, Sherrybeth was seen gushing on a social media post “Thank you, Derrick Madewell, for being my lifelong Valentine, Happy Love Day babe, I love you so!”. She called him “the Godly family man”.

However, despite Sherrybeth also pledging that her heart is forever his, they got divorced on 4 April 2021.

On 7 May 2022, Derrick got married again, to Sheila. Sherrybeth, meanwhile, even today marks being ‘single’ on Facebook.

Derrick also is the father of Sherrybeth, as on Father’s Day once she expressed how he has been a great father to them.

How Many Kids Does Sherrybeth Madewell Have?

Sherrybeth Madewell is the mother of two “awesome boys”. When she was 45 years old, a couple of years back, two of her sons, Joshua 28, and Danny 18. Often via social media, she also chooses to tell us that her favorite pass time is spending time with her boys.

Joshua Davis Madewell, the eldest, was born in May of 1991. AKA, the Milk Man, Joshua to his mom also his her baby, her boo bear, her partner, and co-worker and best-est pal. On his Facebook, Joshua mentioned working at Trailer Park Garage and being a former alum of Daviess County High School of Utica, Kentucky. On his birthday on May 22nd, his mother often writes things like “29 years ago you changed life for me for forever! You have and always will be the 1st love of my life!” on her social media.

Danny, also, mentioned the same things as his brother, even the “Always be kind to others”, on his social media too.

On a social media post back in August 2013, Sherrybeth also mentioned “a beautiful step-daughter” Terra, a son-in-law Cody, and a daughter-in-law Kaylee Sue.

So, Sherrybeth’s stepdaughter Terra Burden turned 35 in 2022.

Where Is Sherrybeth Madewell From?

Sherrybeth Madewell originally hails from Owensboro, Kentucky, her hometown. As of 2023 though, she had been living in Shreveport, a city in northwest Louisiana.

Who Are Sherrybeth Madewell’s Parents?

Sherrybeth Madewell has often talked about her dad, Danny Davis, tragically being taken from her at age 3. Yes, he passed away when his daughter was still a baby.

Sherrybeth also has talked about losing her granddad, Col. Charles E. Finley, brother Jimmy Madewell, another brother and Danny Davis, and her dearest friend Suzy Jackson.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sherrybeth Madewell’s Birthday?

Sherrybeth Madewell’s birthday is on December 19th and that makes her a Sagittarius.

  • Is Sherrybeth Madewell On Instagram?

Yes. Sherrybeth Madewell can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 29 March 2023, her IG account @sherrybethmadewell included 29 posts and 505 followers. And she also showed regular glimpses of her life on ‘Sherrybeth Madewell’ Facebook.

her social media presence seems dedicated to promoting racing events and encouraging in-person attendance at those events.

  • How Tall Is Sherrybeth Madewell?

Beautiful and seemingly natural-blonde Sherrybeth Madewell stands around 5’7” in height.

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