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Shimon Hayut Bio, Today, Age, Net Worth, Tinder Swindler

Shimon Hayut, a world-renowned Tinder scammer is the subject of Netflix’s new show “Tinder Swindler”. This article covers his whereabouts today. Discover his age, his net worth, and his family.

Keep on scrolling this Shiumon Hayut Bio to learn more about him.

Meet Shimon Hayut, The Tinder Swindler

Shimon Hayut is the subject of the new Netflix’s True-Crime offering “The Tinder Swindler”. The show followed jaw-dropping stories of many women who he had conned while posing as Lev Leviev’s son (Simon Leviev) by legally changing his name. The show tells the story of an Israeli conman who scammed women out of thousands of dollars by claiming himself to be the diamond billionaire’s son.

He had reportedly used his charm to attract women from Norway, Finland, and Denmark by hopping on the dating app Tinder. Shimon convinced these women to hand over a chunk of money so that he could pay his expenses and protect himself from his “enemies”.

Some of his victims featured on the show are Ayleen Charlotte, Cecilie Schrøder Fjellhøy, and Pernilla Sjoholm. With a text message in May 2019, Shimon told ABC’s “Nightline” that he was innocent. He also added that all the accusations against him were merely about “a loan between friends that went south”.

He added, “They used me for my life, they got expensive gifts and everything, in other words, gold diggers. When I ask for help they agreed to help and they know that I have some problems. I didn’t run from no one, it’s all fake news and lies.”

But, in December 2019, police got hold of him and imprisoned him in Israel. He was sought after by Interpol and the Israeli Police. He was sentenced to 15 months in jail. But, he ended up serving only 5 months of the sentence. He was out early because of the pandemic.

He was ordered to pay $43,289 in compensation in December 2019.

The show premiered on 2 February 2022.

Shimon Hayut Response To Netflix’s Tinder Swindler

Shimon Hayut had initially responded with a series of tweets to Netflix’s “Tinder Swindler”. However, he later deactivated his socials so his posts are unavailable.

Nevertheless, netizens went on Twitter about their experience watching the show. One wrote, “Be careful ladies! Mtu anajifanya ana hela, the next thing you know anaanza kukuomba hela. Anyway, Ayleen ana akili sana was my favorite. Great documentary!”

But, one Twitter user applauded his scam and shared, “FML this Simon Leviev guy got ’em good! “Move in with me”??? Watchu think this is a movie?!” Another female user tweeted, “That Simon Leviev guy is sick af. Why is he a free man? #TheTinderSwindler“.

Where Is Shimon Hayut Today?

After everything that has happened, Shimon Hayut seems to have turned his life around. He launched his website. His business revolves around providing business advice for free where he stated that he “made it all on his own” and became a “wealthy businessman.” He is also pursuing a career as a model.

Is Shimon Hayut Married?

Currently, Shimon Hayut’s relationship status remains unclear and he may not be married as of this writing. But, we know that he has got that wit and charm to attract women and he is smart and handsome to be able to pull off that scale of scam. So you know, he certainly doesn’t have any hard time getting women.

Shimon Hayut Age

At the time of the premiere of the documentary, Shimon Hayut is 31 years old as of 2022.

Shimon Hayut Net Worth

Shimon Hayut’s net worth should be under $500 thousand. However, he often posed with jets, yachts, and expensive cars and flaunted that he was living an expensive lifestyle, a billionaire’s son lifestyle to be exact.

But, since he is currently pursuing a career as a model, the average salary of the model is ILS 116,056 or ILS 56/hr according to

Who Is Shimon Hayut Father?

All the family members Shimon, dead or alive, everyone remains away from public eyes. There is no information on his father, his mother, and any of his siblings. However, he had claimed that Lev Leviv, a diamond billionaire was his father. Lev owns an integrated diamond outfit with mines in places like South Africa & a jewelry boutique in New York.

Lev Leviev was born in Uzbekistan and his Lubavitcher Jewish family fled to Israel in 1971. According to Forbes, Lev has a total net worth of $1 billion.

Shimon Hayut Height

Shimon stands tall to the height of over 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Shimon Hayut From?

VG did a special report on Shimon. According to their reports, he was born Shimon Yehuda Hayut, in Israel. He grew up in an orthodox city in Israel.

  • Is Shimon Hayut On Instagram?

Shimon Hayut on Instagram went by the name (@simon_leviev_official), Twitter (@LevievSimon), and Facebook (@simonlevievofficial).

  • Is Shimon Hayut Back On Tinder?

Shimon is no longer on Tinder. Although some people claimed that they had seen him on the app, Tinder’s spokesperson confirmed, “We have conducted internal investigations and can confirm Simon Leviev is no longer active on Tinder under any of his known aliases.”

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