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Meet Kate Konlin, Tinder Swindler Shimon Hayut Girlfriend!

Meet Kate Konlin, girlfriend of Netflix’s “Tinder Swindler” con-man Shimon Hayut. This article explores their relationship and her comments about his criminal past. Learn more about her career and her family in this article.

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Meet Kate Konlin, Tinder Swindler Shimon Hayut Girlfriend

Kate Konlin is the girlfriend of Tinder Swindler Shimon Hayut, at least at the time of filming the show. Shimon had used the alias among them the best one was Simon Leviev, the son of an Israeli diamond billionaire. At the end of the documentary, it was revealed that Shimon was dating an Israeli model.

Her name was kept a secret but there were several photos and videos of her that matched with Kate.

Shimon was reportedly the first to approach Kate. He reportedly began “courting” her. He sent DMs and started commenting on her socials. But, Kate paid no attention and didn’t respond for four months. She didn’t know anything about him at the time and only noticed that he was a wealthy man.

Kate ignoring Shimon came from a place where she didn’t want to be labeled a gold digger. She shared, “I am not like that. It is very important to me mind, spirituality, to feel butterflies in my stomach,” she added before saying that she fell for him after “two or three months”.

Until the interview in July 2021, Kate had been dating Shimon for nine months. In December 2021, Kate posted her birthday post which revealed a painting of her and Shimon in the background. she wrote on the post, “My CRAZY, FANTASTIC, UNFORGETTABLE 2️⃣4️⃣Birthday everrrr!‼️ Btw My birthday sexy and gorgeous look has been fully designed by my man. ( Yesss) ‼️”.

Her Facebook shares that she is still in a relationship.

Has Kate Konlin Commented On The Netflix Documentary?

Kate Konlin hasn’t made any comments on Netflix’s documentary. But in July 2021, she spoke to the Israeli magazine and shared about Shimon’s past. She shared that she lived with Shimon Hayut in a luxury tower block in Tel Aviv and said she was aware of her boyfriend’s history.

“He told me everything about himself on the first date. He told me he was sitting in jail, about the investigation that was in Norway and all the accusations that were against him,” Kate explained. “He did not hide anything from me, it was important to him that I know everything about him from the beginning”.

She also shared that she doesn’t believe in the allegations made about him.

Kate also shared, “This testimony is as much about reality as you will write about me being a WWE fighter. Listen, the sums they said he stung were equal to a gift he buys me on Saturday.”

“It’s absurd, why should he take a girl tens of thousands when he spends such a sum as a matter of routine? It does not make sense,” the model continued. She even announced that he “showed me documents proving he did nothing wrong”.

Kate Konlin Age

In December 2021, Kate Konlin turned 24 years old.

Kate Konlin Job

By profession, Kate Konlin is a model. She is currently signed with Metropolitan Models and IMG Models. Her association with the agencies and her talent as a model have helped her made her able to model for brands such as Vogue Italy, Vogue Japan, L’Officiel Paris, and the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong.

Furthermore, Kate has also made to the cover of ‘Grazia’ Italy in 2017. She also modeled for French photographer Gautier. In addition, she also made it to the cover of Wallpaper Magazine. Plus, her modeling gig has taken her all over the world.

As a fashion model, she also worked for ‘Diesel’ and billboards of which was in Tel Aviv, Israel.

According to, a fashion model makes ₪ 115913 or an equivalent hourly rate of ₪ 56 in Israel.

How Much Is Kate Konlin Net Worth?

Kate Konlin’s modeling gig has helped her stack a total net worth under $500 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kate Konlin From?

Kate Konlin is a model based in Israel. However, she was reportedly born in Ukraine as Katrina Koryakin or Katherine Konl’in.

She has an equally beautiful younger sister who turned 15 years old in March 2021.

  • What Are Kate Konlin Measurements?

Kats flaunts her measurements of 32.5-24.5-35 inches on her socials. She has blonde hair and green eyes. Moreover, she stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters).

  • Is Kate Konlin On Instagram?

Yes, Kate Konlin’s IG (@kate_konlin) has 104k followers. Her Twitter account (@katekonlin) only has two tweets and she seems to have two Facebook accounts (@katya.konlin and @kate.konlin).

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