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Shyam Rethinavelu Bio, Age, Partner, Great Chocolate Showdown

They say when you lose one of your senses, the others heighten up. Well, Shyam Rethinavelu is hard of hearing, but in return, he’s developed an amazing sense of taste and sight. No wonder, the chef looked confident as he appeared in Great Chocolate Showdown season 3.

Delve into this Shyam Rethinavelu Bio to learn more about him.

Shyam Rethinavelu On Great Chocolate Showdown

Food Network’s Great Chocolate Showdown season 3 premiered on March 1, 2022, and it saw 10 bakers including Shyam Rethinavelu, all prepared to go head-to-head in all the chocolate-based challenges.

This season, the cast was diverse. Filled with immense talent, determination, and dedication, the 10 individuals from different walks of life and culture, each told their own story and represented their communities while also learning to navigate through each chocolate-inspired challenge.

Joining Shyam over this third installment of the ooey-gooey series were co-stars — Amber Horn (Bartender), Bri Brow (Mortgage Company Team Lead), Connie Kazan (Stay-at-Home Mom), Evan Morgan-Newpher (Tulsa Zoo Manager), Gavan Knox (Home Dad), Ian Frias ( Children’s Museum Finance Manager), Lexi Christiansen (Realtor/Model), Maile Crewdson (Homemaker), and Vince Driver (Artist/Host/Photographer).

Shyam’s game plan to impress the three judges Anna Olson, Cynthia Stroud, and Steve Hodge, was to infuse his chocolatey creations with flavors like cinnamon, coriander, and citrus. However, it’s going to take a lot more than just flavors to win over these tough judges. So, the chef needs to pull off some amazing baking feat under the tight constraints, if he wants to win the show.

All excited for the premiere, Shyam took it to her IG on Jan 17 to share, “I am kicking off the new year with an announcement that I will be one of the contestants in the upcoming season of Great Chocolate Showdown.”

Also, he added that “it was a great experience and lovely meeting” the three judges and fellow contestants.

Shyam Rethinavelu Age

Shyam Rethinavelu was 34 years of age when he appeared on Great Chocolate Showdown in 2022.

The oldest contestant that season was 44 (Gavan Knox), and the youngest was 28 (Ian Frias).

Does Shyam Rethinavelu Have A Partner?

No, Shyam Rethinavelu didn’t seem to have a partner as of 2022.

Unfortunately, his one and only partner then — his cat Dex, a.k.a. Puppsy — passed away in late 2020.

Shyam is a hopeless romantic and believes in love at first sight. So, when he first saw Dex, playing all by himself at PetSmart in Greater Chicago Area, he knew he was in love. “I knew that instant that Dex and I were meant to be together,” he recalled.

Thus, after weeks of finalizing the adoption process, Shyam brought home Dex. And the first time, the chef held his cat, he hissed at him. But eventually, the cat came out of his shell, and the next thing Shyam knew, Dex was following him around everywhere.

“I didn’t think was how I would manage without him. I have made peace with his absence, but like a headache, our memories together haunts me on a regular basis,” he talked about how much he missed Dex.

For those of you wondering if Shyam is gay? Yes, he is! He is often seen celebrating the pride month, and often labeling himself as a “gay chef.”

Shyam Rethinavelu Ethnicity

Shyam Rethinavelu flaunts Indian ethnicity.

He grew up in an Indian family of four — his parents, himself, and his brother.

Also, he had a loving grandmother who would often cook delicious snacks almost every day by the time he and his brother got home from school.

Trivia: Shyam had a family tradition to bake lemon meringue pie for his family gathering every July 4th.

Shyam Rethinavelu Job

Shyam Rethinavelu is a fashion stylist who went to DePaul University (his second grad school) to study engineering.

So, how did an engineering student turn into a professional fashion stylist? Well, Shyam always wanted to pursue fashion as a career. He even tried out for a fashion institute before joining DePaul. Unfortunately, the chef failed the selection process and was prompted to take on engineering, after a suggestion from his mother.

Besides styling, Shyam also works as a gardener. And the guy’s pretty good at his job. Check out his IG @amoureux_de_rose if you love flowers.

Is Shyam Rethinavelu On Instagram?

Yes, here’s his Instagram @baking_lovers_soul.

Most of his posts then showcased his food recipes.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Shyam Rethinavelu Birthday?

The chef’s birthday wasn’t revealed.

  • Where Is Shyam Rethinavelu From?

Shyam might be based in San Francisco, CA. But he’s originally from Tamil Nadu, India.

His full name is “Shyam Sundar Rethinavelu.”

  • What is Shyam Rethinavelu Height?

He stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

  • How Much Is Shyam Rethinavelu Net Worth?

By 2022, Shyam garnered a net worth of under $200 thousand.

Reportedly, his job as a fashion stylist and gardener made him around $44 and $72 thousand per annum.

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