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Silas Cooper Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Summer House

Meet Silas Cooper from Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard. From age, net worth, family, height, and more, we’ve put together this article based on what we’ve discovered on the web.

So, keep scrolling down to learn more about Silas.

Silas Cooper On Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

Silas Cooper, the husband of Jasmine Ellis Cooper, is a first-generation Liberian-American. Per his Bravo bio, he attended Ivy League schools and is a member of prestigious fraternities and organizations. The oldest intercollegiate African American fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, is referenced in the man’s IG bio.

“Listen, I have a lot more grace and appreciation for Kyle [Cooke],” Silas exclusively told Us Weekly. “Let me just say that. Like, on the show, I’m like, ‘Man, this guy’s always got a drink in his hand.’ I understand why, brother. I understand why having all those folks around you and all these personalities and trying to make sure everybody’s good and you got your girl there.”

The show also has other 10 cast members (Amir Lancaster, Preston Mitchum, Bria Fleming, Alex Tyree, Shanice Henderson, Jason Lyke, Summer Marie Thomas, Nicholas “Nick” Arrington, and Mariah Torres) besides the married couple. Silas noted that living with a group of ten people was different from their normal existence and that their “routine” back in New York City made the transition simple.

“It’s, like, learning how flexible that we need to be,” Silas explained to the outlet. “And Jasmine was very good at making a point of getting a marriage counselor prior to getting married. Like, we had a marriage counselor the moment we got engaged, and that is so helpful ‘cause it really puts a lot of things in perspective when we get a chance to chat about what the fights we’re having [are about]. … I think we talked about this during filming that, like, feeling as if we have to uphold like this grand institution [of] marriage is a lot of pressure.”

Updating on the current group chat status of the cast members, Silas added, “Right now we are all good. No one has left the group chat yet, right?”

Also, appearing on the show Silas learned a few things about himself. “I learned that I could work on being more flexible, and and and being more present,” Silas confessed. “I think that’s something that I learned about myself, and what I learned about my wife is that she is super important, for me to be flexible in a sense of, to listen to her and to be more receptive, to change it, right?”

Coming to what viewers should take away from the show he had a few things to say about that too. “When the Bravo audience watches the show, I think one of the things I want them to get out of that is that, hey, look, it’s OK to be authentically who you are and share your experiences,” Silas told ET. “You know, whether it is my military — what we call them battle buddies, right? My folks in the military — whether it’s my battle buddies, you know, the vets that are going to watch, or even the spouses right of and military families and gold star … we want them to feel like they can completely, authentically be themselves and have a good time. And that is OK to just let loose!”

Silas Cooper Job

Silas Cooper is a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve and also establishing a career in the finance world.

He completed high school at Shea High School. While there he played varsity football and graduated in 2009. Back in 2014, he was inducted into the political honor society at American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts. At the American International College was a senior double majoring in political science and criminal justice.

He was also an executive vice president of the college’s student government.

How Much Is Silas Cooper Net Worth?

Silas Cooper’s estimated net worth is likely above $600 thousand.

Silas Cooper Age

In 2023, at the time of the show’s premiere, Silas Cooper is 32 years old.

Silas Cooper Family

Silas Cooper is a first-generation Liberian-American who was born to his immigrant parents. His parents are named Magdaline Tamba and Christopher Tamba.

Christopher is the Senior Pastor and CEO at Fruit Of Life Healing Ministry Inc. since 2010. He attended William V.S. Tubman High School and Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI).

Magadaline serves as the director of the organization, according to the business portal of the Rhode Island Department Of State.

In April 2021, Silas posted a pic for his sister’s 12th birthday. The family celebrated the day by going to Walt Disney World. He captioned the post writing, “Baby Sis turned 12 last weekend. She’s growing up way too fast. Blessed to celebrate with her.”

In May 2021, Silas posted a throwback where he mentioned his grandmother and great-grandmother. He wrote, “Looking back – From my Kindergarten graduation in Buduburam Refugee Camp(‘96) to my Law School graduation in DC (2019) – I’m grateful that my body grew to match my head 😂 And that I’ve had strong support system every step of the way. The greatest resource we had then and now is each other. – I only wish my Grandma & Great-Grandma was able to make that second graduation. God bless their souls.”

Are Jasmine Ellis Cooper And Silas Cooper Still Married?

Indeed, Jasmine Ellis Cooper and Silas Cooper are still married. When Silas proposed to Jasmine, the engagement was featured on a blog, Union Square Partnership.

The site claims that Silas and Jasmine first connected in March 2020, and they decided to go on their first date at the Greenmarket so they could socialize outside. As Silas and Jasmine continued to go to the market frequently to look through everything from fruits to flowers, Union Square remained a cherished spot for them.

Silas planned his proposal knowing that Union Square Park would make the ideal setting. On January 16th, 2021, Silas blindfolded Jasmine and led her to the heart-shaped rose petal-covered area in the middle of the park’s north plaza. Shoppers and bystanders cheered the pair as he dropped down on one knee and proposed in front of their family and friends to help them celebrate this magical “only in New York” specials moment.

You can watch the proposal video here.

The engaged couple then exchanged their wedding vows on 26 June 2022.

Silas Cooper Height

Silas Cooper, with a muscular build, stands tall at 6′.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Silas Cooper From?

Silas Cooper is currently residing in New York City, New York. He hailed from Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

  • When Is Silas Cooper Birthday?

Per his IG post, Silas Cooper celebrates his birthday on 4 March. On his 28th birthday in March 2019, he wrote, “I’m truly blessed. 2️⃣8️⃣.”

  • Is Silas Cooper On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Silas Cooper is available on Instagram (@callmecooper_) and Facebook (@silas.cooper).

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