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Skylar Marie Bio, Job, Boyfriend, Age, Father, sMothered

TLC’s sMothered returned for Season 5 in 2023 with some old and some newer close moms and daughters pairs, of kinds the world had never seen before. Atlanta-based dancers Sky and Skylar were one of them. In this writing, which is more about Skylar Marie, the daughter, we shall tell you everything that you have been wondering about both of them.

Skylar Marie On sMothered

sMothered in 2023 featured a mixture of returning pairs from past seasons like Chicago-based duo Kathy and Cristina, the OG’s from the show since Season 1, and Florida pair Mary and Brittani. Meanwhile, newbies introduced were Connecticut pageant, queens Catherine and Gabriella, first mother-in-law and son-in-law pair India and Trevor, Eva, and Sunnie Diab of Houston, Texas, and finally Sky and Skylar.

Skylar and her mother became part of sMothered to not only share their story but also tell everyone just how similar and inseparable they are. In addition to having similar names, this mom and daughter pair also share the same interests and hobbies.

To sMothered‘s people, Skylar’s mom opened up that she is a choreographer, dancer, and singer, and when parenthood derailed her dreams of being the next Beyoncé, she pinned those dreams on Sky and even took on the role of her “momager.” In a confessional, the matriarch opened up that when Skylar was first born, she held her in her hands and said, “This is me, all over again.”

Sky wants to try her best to help her daughter Skylar turn her dreams into reality. She wants to live her dream of being the next Beyonce through her daughter Skylar. So, Sky claimed that she just wants to see her daughter do well in her life, both personally and professionally.

The ‘sMothered’ star claims she is her daughter Skylar’s brain. Sky is the one supporting and cheering for her daughter as she gets ready to step into the entertainment industry.

Then, comes the cringe-able! In the sMothered Season 5 trailer, Sky was shown massaging her daughter’s “derriere”. And at one point, viewers are told, that she even sniffed her daughter’s underwear and found it to be smelling “like candy.”

When Skylar was first born, her mom was determined that she wanted her to grow up to be just like her so that she could name her “Skylar”.

Who Is Skylar Marie’s Father?

At the time of this writing, almost no one knew who Skylar Marie’s father is. Neither Skylar nor her mother seem to have spoken about him during sMothered’s episodes.

Skylar’s mom talked about all things, even gushing about the secret behind her glowing and youthful appearance. She quipped that she drank the water from the Fountain of Youth. She also mentioned that she began getting facials and chemical peel treatments when she was 18. But, she did no such thing when it came to addressing her baby-father.

Skylar Marie Boyfriend

As of her appearance on sMothered, Skylar Marie did not have a boyfriend or maybe wanted her audience to believe that. So, fast forward to today, her relationship status remained as it is, unheard of.

Skylar Marie Age

Because Skylar Marie was born in 2003, she just turned 20 years old in 2023.

Skylar Marie Job

As per LinkedIn, Skylar Marie has been the founder and manager at Xtreme Talent School of Arts, Inc. since January 2000.

Xtreme Talent School of Arts, formerly known as Xtreme Dance Performing Arts, Inc., is described as a nonprofit organization created to help make dreams a reality by allowing youths to express themselves freely through dance, music, modeling, and arts.

Moreover, Skylar also claims to have been working as a sales consultant at Georgia Auto Dealer since January 2015 and as a credit consultant since January 2013.

What’s more, Skylar studied Business Administration at Hinds Community College and also attended Provine High School.

Skylar Marie Height

Skylar Marie stands around 5′ 5″ in height. Also, around this time, she weighed 150 pounds and her long hair and eyes looked brown.

Skylar, her mom believes and even we do, looks so much like her mother. Especially, she looked the exact same as her when she was a child.

Related FAQs

  • Is Skylar Marie On Instagram?

Yes. Skylar Marie was on Instagram as “Sky aka Sky Blu” as of December 2023. Her IG @skyblu101 included 2,509 posts and 13.8K followers. “God1st🙏🏼Jeremiah 29:11”, she wrote in the BIO here among other things.

Skylar also enjoyed as many as 5.2K followers on her ‘Sky Coffee’ Facebook.

Most lately on Instagram, as Skylar wished everyone ‘Happy Thanksgiving’, she gushed over her thankfulness for the opportunity to be one of the cast members along with her mother. She raved about not being able to wait for everyone to see it and also promised tons of excitement, shocking secrets, funny moments, and downright over-the-top scenes that captured absolutely everything.

  • When Is Skylar Marie’s Birthday?

Skylar Marie’s birthday is on November 6th making her Scorpio.

  • Where Is Skylar Marie From?

Skylar Marie is a native of Jackson, Mississippi. She was born there and had been also residing there as of December 2023.

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