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Sunnie Diab Bio, Job, Age, Father, Height, sMothered

TLC’s sMothered returned for Season 5 in 2023 with some old and some newer close moms and daughters pairs, of kinds the world had never seen before. Eva and Sunnie of Houston, Texas were one of them. In this writing, which is more about Sunnie, the daughter, we shall tell you everything that you have been wondering about both of them.

Sunnie Diab On sMothered

sMothered in 2023 featured a mixture of returning pairs from past seasons like Chicago-based duo Kathy and Cristina, the OG’s from the show since Season 1, and Florida pair Mary and Brittani. Meanwhile, newbies introduced were Connecticut pageant queens Catherine and Gabriella, Atlanta-based dancers Sky and Skylar, first mother-in-law and son-in-law pair India and Trevor, and finally Eva and Sunnie.

Sunnie and her mom Eva became part of sMothered to not only share their story but also tell everyone that they are estheticians and the owner of their own boutique salon.

Sunnie says in the trailer that she wants to save some of her and her mother’s blood. She says that she wants them to have little vials of each other’s blood and put it in jewelry as, like, a little keepsake.

As for Eva, she does not mind telling people that though she has three other kids in addition to Sunnie, she is closer to Sunnie. “It is what it is,” she mostly also adds afterward in these conversations.

Speaking of how they portray to be on sMothered, Eva and Sunnie do not think it is weird to give each other spa treatments, shave each other’s armpits, or even give each other facials down there.

Sunnie also listed other activities, like popping each other’s pimples, bleaching buttholes, that she does with her mom.

Sunnie Diab Father

Sunnie’s dad is Rauf H Diab, AKA Ray Diab. He turned 75 years old in October 2023. He is originally from Katy, Texas. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Houston, Texas. Currently, he is also known to be working as a sales manager at Camping World. Long ago, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Arizona State University in 1972.

It is not understood if Rauf and Sunnie’s mother are still together. What we know is that all of Eva’s kids are Rauf’s too.

Also, here are a few things that we learned about Sunnie’s siblings. One is her sister Sarah Diab Drexler (Sar D), an employee at All The Pretty Things HTX. She can be found on IG @sarddrex. AKA Yusra Diab, she turned 41 years old in September 2023. Another is Sunnie’s brother Nurideen Diab. He turned 31 years old on 15 June 2023.

Is Sunnie Diab Married?

Sunnie Diab was not already married as of her recent appearance on sMothered in 2023. She was however hoping to get married to her boyfriend, Scott even though he did not already seem ready to propose. As a result, even Sunnie’s mom was seen being pushy about them getting engaged. So much so, that in one clip, tension reaches its highest point as Eva throws a drink in Scott’s face. Nevertheless, just on 18 October 2023, Scott came up with a “She will never know how much I value her, but I’ll use every day trying to show her” caption on Facebook next to a picture of him and Sunnie.

Scott was introduced to sMothered viewers as Sunnie’s boyfriend of two years. Before him, Sunnie actually had many boyfriends during her multiple appearances on reality shows. (Ambien)

When she appeared on Couples Court in September of 2021, for instance, she suspected her real estate mogul boyfriend of purchasing expensive gifts for his female clients in an episode titled “Rags To Glitches: Real Estate Mogul Does More Than Just Sell Sunsets.”

Likewise, in January 2019, she appeared on an episode of Divorce Court with restauranteur Chris Dilan, whom she claimed to have been dating for two years. Before that, went for Bravo’s first season of A Night With My Ex. Sunnie appeared with her ex, Matt, in the second episode of the show’s first season.

One year before that, in July 2016, Sunnie was on Oxygen’s Virtually In Love.

Last but not least, you should also know that Sunnie is a girl mom, a proud one.

Sunnie Diab Age

Sunnie Diab, real name Sundus Diab, was born in 1986. So, she turned 37 years old in 2023.

Sunnie Diab Job

In addition to her extensive resume of reality show appearances, Sunnie Diab ran a boutique salon with her mother as of December 2023. As of April of the year, Sunnie and her mom had their salon located at two sites in Houston. Also, according to Sunnie, they offered facials, laser hair removal, injections, body contouring, IV therapy, weight loss programs, and more.

Sunnie Diab Height

Sunnie Diab stands below 5’6” in height.

She also loves to talk about her weight loss journey. Just on 2 May 2023, for instance, she compared her picture from before and after 30 pounds of weight loss. In addition to weight loss, she also revealed that her after appearance is due to chin filler, lip filler, and also a brow lift with Botox.

Related FAQs

  • Is Sunnie Diab On Instagram?

Indeed. Sunnie Diab can be found on Instagram. As of December 2023, her IG @sunnie.ray included 181 posts and 44.5K followers.

  • When Is Sunnie Diab’s Birthday?

Sunnie Diab’s birthday is on October 1 making her Libra.

  • Where Is Sunnie Diab From?

Sunnie Diab is from Houston, Texas. She also continued to live there as of 2023.

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