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Snehal Patel Bio, Manish Dayal Wife, Job, Age, Instagram

American actor Manish Dayal is a star on the rise indeed. He is best known for his roles as Raj Kher in The CW teen series 90210 as well as for his roles in the films The Hundred Foot Journey and Viceroy’s House. Since 2018, people have also loved seeing him as a main cast member of the Fox medical drama series The Resident. And so, when they say there is a woman behind every successful man, in Manish’s case it is Snehal Patel, his wife. In the rest of the writing, called ‘Snehal Patel Bio’, we shall now tell you all about her.

Meet Snehal Patel, Manish Dayal’s Wife

Manish Dayal has been married to Snehal Patel for a while now. If you need the exact dates, they tied the knot on 2 May 2015. Also, it is known that the two had a traditional Indian-style wedding. The wedding venue was not in India but in Toronto of Canada.

So, on May 2nd of 2022, they celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary.

Manish prefers to keep much of his family life private. Still, sometimes he can not help but rave about the love that he has for his dear wife. Snehal also cannot help but gush about her handsome husband and show off the life they have built together, every now and then.

This couple is also believed to have dated for some time before deciding on a nuptial.

Manish Dayal And Snehal Patel Kids

Manish Dayal and Snehal Patel are also blessed with two kids. They are two boys Aaron and Ryaan and together they are also called “little stinkers”.

Despite deliberately never showing the boys’ faces, Manish and his wife still have often featured the boys on their respective social media.

Ryaan the eldest turned 5 on 23 March 2022 and Aaron turned 3 on 10 October 2022. Also, the former graduated Pre-kindergarten in May 2022. And more than him, it was his parents who looked delighted.

The parents of two, despite having had their parenting styles clash, are nevertheless very grateful to their partner for doing an incredible job as a parent. For instance, Snehal said this one time that despite everything, she and her “baby daddy” agree on how “freaking much” they love their boys. “The boys and I are blessed to know and experience his love, his dedication, and his protection every single day. We love him, it’s true 💙”, she wrote on social media on Father’s Day.

Manish too had always been in awe, even “indebted he says for his “superwoman”. She is the one, he says rocking everyone’s world in the family.

Snehal Patel Age

Snehal Patel was born in 1987. So, she turned 35 years old in 2022.

Snehal Patel Job

On her Instagram Bio, Snehal Patel introduces herself as a digital creator. Other than this, she also owns a clothing line called Poppy + King.

Get ready for HOLI. Snehal is wildly talented and creative. It started when she went looking for quality, culturally (holiday) themed clothing. The health/beauty brand as Snehal claims it to be likely came into existence in February 2019, during Holi, a popular festival of Hindus.

Around that time, promoting his wife’s startup, Manish also took to his Facebook to gush about how she is wildly talented and creative. He said this business of hers started when she went looking for quality, culturally (holiday) themed clothing. She could not find the right balance between what she needed culturally and what matched her specific style. And so she decided to make it herself.

Is Snehal Patel On Instagram?

Yes. Snehal Patel could be found on Instagram as of 11 January 2023. This account (@snehal.patel87) included 488 posts and 1,656 followers. And here, she showed glimpses from her life as a boy mom, wife, and daughter. She even specified this herself that she would be sharing minimalist style, simple recipes, motherhood plus clean living tips.

Besides, she also ran a TikTok account, @snehalpatel1031, and a profile on where she invited people to shop her looks.

Snehal Patel Family

Snehal Patel’s father is no more. On 12 April 2021, when her “dada”, her grandfather, left, Snehal also was reminded of her father’s passing. She described her dada as strong, resilient, dedicated, and someone doing things on his own terms, said she had him for 33 years and that her dad had him for 34 years.

Now, it seems all Snehal has is her mother, Vilas Patel. No doubt, she has grown even more fond of her. She can be seen appreciating her mother every now and then. Snehal’s wish for her mother on 7 December 2021 was that her boys get to hold her hand for years and years and years to come.

Speaking of siblings, Snehal does not appear to have one. This one time on “National Siblings Day” she wrote on Instagram how she has always envied the sibling relationship.

Snehal Patel Height

Beautiful and fashionable Snehal Patel stands below 5’3” in height.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Snehal Patel’s Ethnicity?

Snehal Patel’s ethnicity is Indian-Canadian and she is really proud of it.

  • Where Is Snehal Patel From?

Snehal Patel was born either in India or Canada. It was not quite understood. However, her husband was born to an Indian Gujarati family in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

  • When Is Snehal Patel’s Birthday?

Snehal Patel’s birthday is on October 31st. And so, referring to her Scorpio traits, Snehal proudly describes herself as a “basic witch”.

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