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Liv Bin Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Pressure Cooker

Scroll down this article to learn about chef Liv Bin, one of the competitors of Netflix’s show Pressure Cooker. Though short, she left her mark on the show and fans are willing to learn more about her. Does she have a boyfriend? How old is she today? What about her family members?

We attempt to answer it all based on what we’ve discovered on the web. So tag along and learn more about Liv.

Liv Bin On Netflix’s Pressure Cooker

Liv Bin was one of the 11 chefs who competed on Netflix’s cooking competition show Pressure Cooker. The show premiered on 6 January 2022 with 11 talented chefs preparing what they prepare best and judging each other. The show has been hailed as the mix of Top Chef and Big Brother. The first season of the show featured a number of talented chefs who dazzled viewers with their skills and tactics while residing in the same home. The show was reportedly filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Liv’s time on the show was limited, and regrettably, after garnering four votes from her fellow competitors, she was the first chef to be ousted. The chef admitted that she had stage fright and that she can undoubtedly produce food that is superior to what she produced for the television series. Her departure shocked her fellow chefs, who vowed to stop by her restaurant.

When Liv returned to evaluate the meals of her former roommate in episode 2, it wasn’t the end of her experience with the pressure cooker. The chef’s career will undoubtedly continue to grow given his or her high position and youth.

Robbie Jester won the competition and secured the prize of $100 Thousand. The other cast member joining him were Christan Willis, Brian Nadeau, Ed Porter, Lana Lagomarsini, Jeana Pecha, Michael Eckles, Renee Blackman, Caroline Gutierrez, and Sergei Simonov.

Liv Bin Career

Liv Bin is a co-owner and executive chef of an Italian deli on Melrose Hill, Los Angeles. Due to her rapid advancement through the ranks at such a young age, she has previously battled with other chefs, but Liv has a plan for all of that. She aspires to hold the record for the youngest cook to receive a Michelin star.

In June 2021, Liv was hired by Ggiata who then was working as a private chef for high-profile entertainment industry clients. Ggiata was founded by Noah Holton-Raphael, Max Bahramipour, and Jack Biebel grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, a town where The Sopranos frequently filmed and Italian sandwiches are gospel.

“The three boys each grew up in primarily female households, and this was their homage to the strong women in their lives,” Bin says. The chef also created a signature Olivia sandwich that combines pesto chicken salad, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato spread, pickled onions, and arugula on ciabatta.

“Ggiata’s menu is designed to bring a sense of home to those missing their local East Coast deli while utilizing the amazing produce of California,” Bin said. “Every sandwich on our menu needs to represent both those elements equally.”

Ggiata is male-owned, but Liv runs the kitchen and they celebrate women with many menu items. Sandwiches like Antonia, Lorri, and Madeline all name-check either sisters or mothers of the founders.

The Classic Italian ($15) resembles a traditional East Coast cold-cut sandwich, but with some key differences and more kick. They stack ham, salami, hot capicola, and smoked Muenster on a charred sesame baguette, bolstered with shredded escarole and onion, and heirloom tomato. Red wine vinaigrette, Calabrian chilies, and Calabrian aioli provide welcome piquancy and heat.

Ggiata’s small selection of salads and sides includes Bin’s silky beef and pork meatballs ($12) seasoned with ingredients like chile flakes, black pepper, rosemary, parsley, and fennel. They arrive in a shallow pool of pomodoro with a Pecorino Romano shower and charred ciabatta in a paper bag.

You can find Ggiata on Facebook (@Ggiata) and IG (@ggiata).

Liv is a graduate of La Salle High School and graduated in 2014. While there she was an athlete playing volleyball.

Is Liv Bin On Instagram?

Yes, you can connect with Liv Bin on Instagram (@livbinlivbin) and TikTok (@livbinlivbin).

Does Liv Bin Have A Boyfriend?

While there is a plethora of information about her professional and family life, Liv Bin is quite reserved about her dating life. It is unclear if she is single or dating someone behind the public eye and on social media. But, based on what we’ve seen, we can conclude that she is single.

Liv Bin Age

Olivia “Liv” Bin was born in April 1996. Hence, she is currently 26 years old.

Liv Bin Family

Liv Bin has posted several pictures of her dad but his name eludes public knowledge. Her mom is working as a Terah Razad. She is on Instagram (@terahrazad).

On her mom’s birthday in November 2017, Liv posted: “Happy Birthday Mama!!! I’m so blessed to have had you to help me become the woman I am today, I love you ❤️ Thank you for being everything and more to me always.”

Liv also has a famous brother named Lucas Bin. He is a model and musician who worked with Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, and Coach. Lucas previously landed a modeling contract after appearing in Oyster magazine.

Moreover, born on 29 June 1999, Lucas is 23 years old as of 2022. He has German, Scottish, and Cuban heritage.

According to his modeling profile from Vision Los Angeles, Lucas stands tall at 6’3”, and has waist-inseam-collar-chest measurements of 30”-33”-15”-38” in that order.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Liv Bin Birthday?

Liv Bin celebrates her birthday on 27 April.

  • Where Is Liv Bin From?

Several sources online state that Liv Bin is a resident of Santa Cruz, California.

  • How Tall Is Liv Bin?

Liv Bin stands tall under the height of 5’5”. A few small tattoos that she has on her arms are her distinct features.

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