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Sofie Nyvang Parents: Morten Nyvang And Dorthe Nyvang

Meet Morten Nyvang and Dorthe Nyvang, the parents of Sofie Nyvang. She recently made headlines after igniting rumors of a romance with Louis Tomlinson. That also dragged attention to ward the family Sofie, more importantly, parents and siblings. Who are they? What do they doing as a job? Are they still married?

This article answers it all so keep scrolling down and read all about it.

Who Are Sofie Nyvang Parents?

Fashion model Sofie Nyvang is the daughter of Morten Nyvang and Dorthe Nyvang. She was born in 2001 which makes her 21 years old in 2023 celebrating her birthday on the 10 June. Most recently she made headlines after being spotted walking hand-in-hand on a California street with former 1D star Louis Tomlinson.

The rumors of this new relationship surfaced only a few weeks after Eleanor Calder and Louis Calder were said to have ended their long-term relationship. These two had been friends long before Louis’s meteoric rise to stardom and had begun dating in 2011, only to break up again four years later and then renew their relationship.

“If you’re asking me if I’m going to marry her? Yes, I think so! And more kids, I’d say so”, the “Out of My System” singer had told the Sun in 2020. Louis was vocal about his plans to eventually tie the knot with Eleanor. It was Harry Styles who had introduced Louis to the fashion blogger and model (with a hefty 3.4 million Instagram followers).

More about Sophie, she is a model and also a badminton player. Sofie also had been pursuing her BSc in Business Administration and Service Management at Copenhagen Business School at the time of this writing. She got enrolled in the program on 1 September 2020. From 2016 through 2019, before that, she went to Niels Brock, Julius Thomsens Plads. Also, she previously attended  Dronninggårdskolen (2010 – 2016) and Frederiksborg Byskole.

Social media activity indicates that Sofie and her family get along nicely. Also, it is apparent that Sofie’s first language is Danish and that English is their second. Tobias Nyvang, Lene Nyvang, and Camilla Nyvang of Greve, Roskilde, Denmark are some further members of Sofie’s family that we are aware of.

Now talking about her parents,

Meet Morten Nyvang, Sofie Nyvang Father

Morten Nyvang Voss is the father of Sofie Nyvang. Morten is originally from Herlev Municipality, Denmark but is currently based in Holte. According to his LinkedIn, he is a group CEO of North Europe for Roth North Europe A/S since January 2013.

The company is a subsidiary of the international German family-owned group Roth Industries GmbH, which was founded by the Roth family in Germany in 1947. With an annual turnover in excess of EUR €270m, the Roth Group is one of Europe’s top manufacturers of HVAC systems and employs over 1,350 staff.

Before that, he worked from January 2008 to December 2012 in Roth Nordic A/S as COO of Nordic Group.

Furthermore, Morten worked at Langbaek A/S as a senior consultant, Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain from May 2003 to December 2007. According to his LinkedIn, he started his career at the Republic of Fritz Hansen™ as Project Manager from 1999 to 2003.

Talking about his education, Morten attended Herlev Gymnasium from 1991 to 1994 where he studied mathematics. He then joined the Techincal University of Denmark from 1995 to 1999 and earned his BSC degree. He majored in Production and Management.

Morten also holds Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School in 2013.

Meet Dorthe Nyvang, Sofie Nyvang Mother

Sofie Nyvan’s mother is named Dorthe Nyvang. Dorthe’s LinkedIn states that she has been Store Manager at Circle K since June 2016. She had previously worked at Q8 Danmark A/S as Business Manager / Administrative manager from 2000 to June 2016.

According to her CV, Dorthe started her career in 1990 working at Kuwait Petroleum A/S. She worked there till 1992. From 1994 to 1995, she worked at Aupair, USA. And from, 1998 to 2002m she worked at Q8 Danmark A/S as a supervisor.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Sofie Nyvang Parents Reside?

Sofie Nyvan’s parents are currently residing in Holte.

  • How Many Kids Do Sofie Nyvang Parents Have?

Sofie Nyvang’s parents have a son named Nicolai Nyvang. Nicolai went to Niels Brock, Julius Thomsens Plads.

  • Are Sofie Nyvang Parents Still Married?

Yes, Sofie Nyvang’s parents are still married. They have been married since 30 June 2007.

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