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Sonia Acevedo Bio, Today, Age, Worst Roommate Ever

Meet Sonai Acevedo from Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever, one of the victims of serial squatter Jamison Bachman.

Learn about Sonia’s age, her job, and where she is today in this article.

Sonia Acevedo On Worst Roommate Ever

Sonia Acevedo, who is of Caribbean heritage, loved the beach and moved into a condo in February 2012. She went to see the lot so she thought to take a chance on it and ended up taking a loan from her pension for that down payment.

Sonia had a partner and she separated from him after ten years. They shared a mortgage and when the relationship dissolved, she was looking for another roommate. She put up her place on Craigslist regarding renting her room for $700 and two people answered. One was a young couple with a young child and the other was a successful lawyer, Jamison Bachman.

So, she made the obvious choice. He showed up at the apartment with a U-Haul and was ready to move in. Sonia was struggling and Jamison came with the cash that she needed. Saving her home was her main goal so it was “perfect” for her. He moved in February 2012 and things were great in the first three months.

Since she was a licensed nurse for animals, Sonia also cared about how he treated his animals.

But, Jamison stopped paying rent and it made Sonia’s life miserable. She couldn’t change the lock of the place to keep him out because he had the right to live in the place for three months before he got legally evicted. They also had a roommate and once he started going into their roommate’s place, he started crossing his lines.

So, they started fighting over that.

Then, they started having fights and he even threatened Sonia with legal action. They fought verbally to the point that she even started barricading her room with a chair at night.

Where Is Sonia Acevedo Today?

Sonia Acevedo is quite private about her life. But, on the show, she mentioned she started prioritizing her needs over others.

Sonia Acevedo Age

Sonia Acevedo, A 49-year-old in 2018, is at least 52 as of 2022.

Is Sonia Acevedo On Instagram?

No, Sonia Acevedo doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Who Is Jamison Bachman?

Jamison Bachman, son of Philadelphia residents Joan & Jim Bachman, was groomed for greatness. He was a graduate of Georgetown University and earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Miami School of Law in December 2002. However, after failing the bar exam, everything started changing for him including his purpose in life.

Jamison’s friend Bob revealed To NYMag, “They doted on him. It was always ‘You’re doing great, champ’ or ‘You’re the best,’”.

He had an older brother named Harry, who was four years old than him, was handsome and multitalented, juggling the varsity soccer team and the school productions of Camelot and Brigadoon. Harry was outgoing and humble whereas Jamison was ostentatiously self-confident.

Jamison killed his brother Harry in 2017 after Harry bailed him out of prison. The contrasting life of Harry and Jamison was allegedly the reason for the attack. Harry had earned a degree in architecture from Cornell, married a psychologist from Paris, and raised two daughters in a quaint, Colonial-style home on a quiet street in Elkins Park — a sort of suburban fairy tale of making good and sticking close to your roots.

  • What Happened To Jamison Bachman?

After killing Harry, Jamison got arrested and sent to prison where he hung himself and took his life.

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