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Sonoya Mizuno Partner: Who Is The HOTD Actor Dating?

Japanese-British actress Sonoya Mizuno worked as a high-fashion model and danced with several ballet companies before making her film debut in the sci-fi film Ex Machina. Then, she got be play bride Araminta Lee in the film Crazy Rich Asians and appear in La La Land, Netflix’s Maniac, and FX’s Devs. And just like that she also found pushing herself creatively in a role in the much-anticipated series House of the Dragon, abbreviated as HOTD.

Let us tell you more about her HOTD stint and who she is dating now in the rest of the writing.

Sonoya Mizuno On House Of The Dragon

Sonoya Mizuno was not a Game of Thrones fan before signing on for its prequel show. But once she got far along in the audition process, she decided it was time to check it out. And very quickly she also understand why people became so obsessed with it.

Sonoya stars as Mysaria, who in the George R. R. Martin book is the lover of Daemon Targaryen, played in the show by Matt Smith of The Crown.

However, her character veers quite far away from the character in the book. And that was both in a way liberating and a challenge for her and the director. She said it was liberating in the sense that she and the makers had more free rein. But of course, whatever they decided to do had to have a kind of framework.

Sonoya further described her character as a self-made woman who is also making a lot of mistakes in the first season. She also said that playing her felt like something very human. In Sonoya’s words, it felt very relatable in terms of being a woman in her 20s and 30s and learning what you want and not pleasing other people and realizing where your power truly lies rather than where you thought it lies when you were 22.

So, overall, the actress had a lot of fun and she also got to ride some dragons.

Lately, Sonoya could not attend the Los Angeles premiere earlier in August because she was performing elsewhere. But she did later reunite with the cast for the London premiere.

How Much Is Sonoya Mizuno’s Net Worth?

Sonoya Mizuno reportedly had around $1 million net worth as of 2022.

Although a veteran of the stage, she is a former professional dancer, and theater acting for her is an entirely new game. However, even today, she is introduced as a dancer in addition to being a model, actor, and singer.

Mizuno trained with the Royal Ballet School and danced with several companies before jumping to acting, starring in screen projects including the miniseries Maniac and the Tig Notaro-directed film Am I OK? She has appeared in many of director Alex Garland’s recent movies, including a small role in Men, which came out earlier this summer, and the director’s next (and potentially last) project, Civil War.

As a model, she has previously been an ambassador for Shiseido and clothing brand Aerie. She also featured in fashion editorials for American Vogue and Elle UK and has been a muse for shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood’s spring/summer 2020 campaign and performed on an Adidas by Stella McCartney for Matches Fashion in 2015.

However, despite having such indisputable talent, there was a time when even Sonoya felt like she felt the need to show that she is no more a dancer and just an actor.

Sonoya Mizuno Partner: Who Is The HOTD Actor Dating?

Sonoya Mizuno keeps her private life under wraps and that includes her dating life as well. So, her relationship status was unclear at the time of this writing.

Fellow actor Chris Ping is the closest thing Sonoya has ever come to having a boyfriend. These two were cast to play husband and wife in the supporting roles in Crazy Rich Asians. However, this was not the first time that the La La Land actress has been linked with her co-stars.

Back in 2015, in the movie, Ex-Machina, her chemistry with actor Oscar Isaac also created quite the stir. But like old times when it was about Chris Ping, there was no validity to the gossip of the pair being an item.

Who Are Sonoya Mizuno’s Parents?

Sonoya’s father is Hajime Mizuno. While her mother Charlotte Mizuno passed away on 1 December 2014  in Hackney, United Kingdom.

These folks had separated when Sonoya was only two. And following this, Sonoya, her siblings, and their mother moved to Somerset, England.

Lately, when asked “who do you love?” in an interview, Sonoya quickly named her brothers and sisters, Saya, Jinya, Mariya, Miya, and Tomoya, her nieces and nephew, Amaya and Otoya, and her three-day-old niece with no name (as of April 2022), and finally her cat. So, these are Sonoya’s very talented siblings, whom she talks about quite often. Glamour magazine has even predicted the siblings are likely to become Hollywood’s next family, joining the likes of the Kardashians, the Olsens, and the Hemsworth brothers.

The siblings have already worked together on multiple projects. For Ex Machina, for instance, Miya was the set photographer and Mariya was the assistant director. The sisters all worked on Annihilation as well.

In terms of employment, Mariya is an opera singer, Jinya is a sculptor and musician, Miya is a gymnast, Tomoya is a rugby and cricket player, Saya an artist, and of course, Sonoya is a dancer and actress.

Sonoya Mizuno Height

A natural beauty, Sonoya Mizuno stands 5′ 7″ (1.7 meters) tall in height.

Sonoya Mizuno Age

Sonoya Mizuno was born on 1 July 1986. So, she reached the age of 36 in 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Is Sonoya Mizuno On Instagram?

Sonoya Mizuno did not maintain any personal social media accounts including Instagram (as of 29 August 2022). In fact, she even admitted around this time that she had not followed the online response to the House of the Dragon rollout.

But then this private account on Instagram @privatesonoya could be hers. And also there were a couple of fan accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Where Does Sonoya Mizuno Live Today?

As of August 2022, Sonya Mizuno had been living near a theater in New York and she was planning to return home to London after they wrapped up this play she was working on.

  • What Is Sonoya Mizuno’s Ethnicity?

Sonoya Mizuno is a Japanese-born British. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, and raised in Somerset, England, in the UK. Her now-deceased mother was of half British and half Argentine descent and her father is Japanese.

She has more than once mentioned in interviews that she faced prejudice as an Asian child growing up in her hometown. This one time, Sonoya detailed how she was the only mixed-race girl in her primary school class and she was called names such as “Chinese take away” and “chocolate brownie”. Also, some of her classmates imitated Japanese gestures and language.

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