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Sophia Grace Brownlee Boyfriend, Baby Daddy, Is She Married?

Sophia Grace Brownlee, who grabbed the spotlight as a child with a performance of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, is now pregnant! Yes, the then little girl is now expecting her first baby at the age of 19.

So, who is her baby daddy? Is it her boyfriend? Are they married? Find answers below.

Who Is Sophia Grace Brownlee Baby Daddy?

Sophia Grace Brownlee revealed her pregnancy v.i.a. a Youtube video in October 2022, but she didn’t reveal her baby daddy then.

In the video, the star said, “So, currently I am 21 weeks. I just turned 21 weeks today. I have a couple of apps on my phone, so I know, like, exactly how many weeks I am. The baby is currently the size of a banana.”

She even shared her sonogram photos from her ultrasound sharing, “As you can see, the baby is sort of just laying there.”

Later, Sophia then stood up to show off her growing baby bump for the camera whilst also admitting that she was “nervous” about the process. “Some of the scans can show problems with the baby,” she explained.

But though Sophia didn’t reveal her baby daddy, she promised to let her fans soon know about the baby’s gender. In fact, she was considering getting an early gender reveal test.

This music artist rose to fame in 2011 through The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and later surfed the popularity wave in her Youtube videos. The next year, she even earned herself a Teen Choice Award. 

Is Sophia Grace Brownlee Married?

No, Sophia Grace isn’t married. The star is just 19 (as of 2022), and she still has a lot to do.

However, for a few years from now, she will be busy with her new journey in life called motherhood, and may not post as often as she did.

Sophia Grace Brownlee Boyfriend

Sophia Grace Brownlee entered the dating world in 2019, at the age of 16. But unlike many stars, she didn’t feature her boyfriend on her socials.

“I keep that side of my life pretty private, but I do have a boyfriend and I’ve been with him for maybe two years but I don’t post him on Instagram or anything,” she explained.

So, is Sophia’s boyfriend her baby daddy? Well, the star made it clear that she would not share details of her private life. Meaning, we’ll just have to wait for the moment when she’s comfortable enough to share him.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Sophia Grace Brownlee?

Sophia was born on April 18, 2003. That made her 19 years of age in 2022.

On Sophia’s birthdays, her parents often took it to their IG to wish their daughter.

  • Who Are Sophia Grace Brownlee Parents?

Sophia was born to her parents, Dominic and Carly Brownlee.

Her dad, Dominic (born: Aug 17, 1981) is British. He moved to LA, CA with his family and went on to work in the music industry as a writer, producer, and consultant. He is also the CEO of PinkSky Entertainment.

Also, her mother, Carly (born: Sep 4, 1983)is also British — originally from Essex. She moved to Los Angeles, California with her family.

When Sophia wasn’t filming, one of her favorite thing to do was go on enjoying coffee dates or shopping trips with her mom.

Here are Dominic and Carly’s IG — @dominicbrownlee and @carly.brownlee.

  • How Many Siblings Does Sophia Grace Brownlee Have?

Sophia has a little sister named Belle Brown Lee who models for LoLo London

Thanks to her mother, Belle is also now a star and has over 39K followers on her IG @bellebrownlee.

And for those of you confused, Belle is Sophia’s one and only sister.

Rosie, who’s 4 years younger than Sophia is just her cousin and her closest friend. Though they might not always post things together online now, they are still best friends and have meet-ups offscreen.

“We always have family meet-ups at my nana’s house and we see each other. We’re still just as close as we ever were. We literally never had an argument and I hope that clears things up because, for some reason, some people think we don’t like each other, which is completely the opposite,” the star explained.

  • How Tall Is Sophia Grace Brownlee?

Sophia stands tall at a height of 4 feet 10 inches (152 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Sophia has brown eyes, dark hair, and a fit body.

  • What Does Sophia Grace Brownlee Do For A Living Now?

Sophia is Youtuber. She has over 3.3 million followers on her Youtube @SophiaGrace, where she features her daily life.

And not to mention, Sophia’s also a musician. So far, she’s released a few eps titled Girl in the mirror, Best friends, Hollywood, A Princess Inside, It’s so good, and You can’t touch this.

But singing wasn’t always the dream for this star. “I’ve always sung. My parents noticed that I had quite a good voice, but when I was younger I didn’t even think about being a singer when I was older,” she explained.

Also, Sophia’s in the family clothing business LoLo London

And Someday, she would also like to dabble in the world of acting.

Here’s Sophia Ig @therealsophiagrace with over 1.4M followers.

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