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Sophia Messa Bio, Age, Net Worth, Family, Forever Summer

To make your summer extra hot, Amazon Prime Video’s long-awaited reality TV show, Forever Summer: Hamptons is here. The show follows a group of young college students spending their summer break in the Hamptons and one such student, Sophia Messa, is the subject of this article,

Find out about Sophia’s Forever Summer: Hampton’s stint, her age, boyfriend, job, and many more below.

Sophia Messa On Forever Summer: Hamptons

Forever Summer: Hamptons premiered on Prime Video on July 15, 2022, and in the very first episode, viewers were introduced to the cast, which consists of Avery Solomon, Emelye Ender, Ilan Luttway, Habtamu “Habs” Coulter, Frankie Hammer, Hunter Hulse, Reid Rubio, Juliet Clarke, Milo Munshin, Shannon Sloane, Lottie Evans, and Sophia Messa.

While not every cast member is a Hampton native and some outsiders even joined the crew for its “fun, surf, and good vibes”, one thing they all have in common is that they love to attend wild parties, lose themselves in flings, and get into loud arguments that threaten to ruin their friendships.

Talking about Sophia’s time in the newest Amazon Prime Video show, she had an on-and-off relationship with the outsider in the show, Ilan Luttway.

Sophia Messa Boyfriend

While exploring the dating scene in the coastal resort town, Ilan’s friend set him up for a date with Sophia. Although Ilan was reluctant to go on such arranged date at first, the two hit it off and had a wonderful time as they spent some talking with each other.

Shortly after his date with Sophia, Ilan went on a second date with a woman named Addison, which made the rest of the group as well as the viewers question his intentions. However, when Addison learned that Ilan was seeing Sophia, she decided to break things off with him.

Knowing of the date between Ilan and Addison, Sophia figured out she and Ilan would be better off as friends, which left the NYC resident dejected and disappointed.

Although the two spent time with each other afterward, it was more so as a friend. Quite surprisingly, their friendship made Sophia realize the significance of Ilan in her life. Following that, she expressed her true feelings to Ilan leading to a gentle kiss between the duo.

Almost a year has already passed since all of this happened. Is Ilan Luttway still Sophia’s boyfriend?

Leading a busy professional life, both Sophia and Ilan prefer to keep their personal life under wraps. The two have not spoken about their relationship in the public yet. With that said, since the two still follow each other on social media and also there is nothing to suggest a possible breakup, we think Sophia and Ilan are still a thing.

Is Sophia Messa On Instagram?

Sophia Messa is on Instagram @sophiamessa, where she has more than 43.5 thousand followers. She is popular on TikTok as well. Her TikTok account (@sophiamessamusic) had over 13 thousand followers in July 2022.

You can also Sophia on Twitter and Facebook.

Sophia Messa Age

Born in 2001, Sophia Messa’s age was 20 as of this writing.

Sophia Messa Job

Sophia Messa is a singer/songwriter by profession.

At the age of 19, she released her first single “moneydontfixlonely” which causes quite a stir in the pop music scene. Reportedly, Sophia started writing the song while she was at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, which she attended for a couple of weeks.

In the year 2019, Sophia also signed a record deal with Sony Arista.

With just over 43 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, Sophia also released an EP titled Ice Cream & Cigarettes in 2021.

For Sophia, the writing process is always changing. Sometimes, when she’ll be in a public setting, she’d make a voice memo or take notes to work on it at home or bring it into the studio.

The rising pop singer/songwriter considers Sia, Lady Gaga, Frank Ocean, and Rihanna as her influences and says she usually draws her inspiration for writing from relationships, friendships, and family. Sometimes even the smallest thing she sees, hears, or reads on the street is inspiring enough to write a song.

How Much Is Sophia Messa Net Worth?

Sophia Messa’s net worth was estimated to be under $500 thousand in 2022.

Sophia Messa Family

Unfortunately, Sophia Messa’s family details were not available as of 2022.

That being said, she does have a cousin named Natalie Manocherian. Based on Sophia’s Instagram posts, she is super close with Natalia and also considers her a best friend and a role model. Natalie’s Facebook tells that she received her undergraduate studies at New York University.

Sophia Messa Height

Forever Summer star Sophia Messa stands at a rather short height of 5 feet 3 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sophia Messa’s Birthday?

Forever Summer: Hamptons star Sophia Messa celebrates her birthday on the 30th of September every year. On her 30th birthday, Sophia took to share some of her pictures–possibly from her birthday ceremony–on Instagram and captioned it: “Birthday girl!”

  • Where Is Sophia Messa From?

According to, Sophia Messa hails from New York City.

  • What Is Sophia Messa’s Ethnicity?

A first-generation American, Sophia Messa’s ethnicity is mixed. She has Brazilian and Ukrainian heritage as her parents come from there.

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