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Krysten Collins Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Family, MAFS

Meet Krysten Collins from Married at First Sight season 15.

Krysten was partnered with Mitch Silverstein in the show. Recently fans of the show argued that she lied about her age in the show. But did she? Who are her parents? We got all the answers below in this article. We also cover her job.

A few of the fans took to Reddit and claimed that she might be even older than Mitch. Many commented that the makeup didn’t help cover dark circles around her eyes. But, one Redditor who went to high school with Krysten claimed that she isn’t lying about her age.

So, keep on scrolling down to learn more about season 15 MAFS Krysten Collins.

MAFS San Diego: Are Krysten Collins And Mitch Silverstein Still Together?

Both Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein tend to remain private on their social media. So, it is unclear if the couple is still married or not. Their on-screen chemistry definitely showed a good sign that they might’ve found happily ever after with each other. The MAFS experts partnered Krysten with Mitch in season 15 of Married At First Sight.

The couple was joined by five other couples as they headed to the sunny shores of San Diego. Krysten introduced herself as a person who is very close with her family. She dreamt of having children and was previously engaged to be married. But the engagement fell apart for an undisclosed reason. Ever since then, she has been struggling to find a genuine connection.

Her partner Mitch opened up about never being in a long-term relationship. When his parents divorced at the age of 3, it terrified him and he couldn’t see himself getting into stuff the relationship stuff that could mean that he might repeat the same mistake. Hence, instead of depending on himself, he chose to remain to rely on the experts on the dating show to find someone special.

“I had a great life, but the only thing missing was a partner,” Mitch remarked.

Besides true love, another reason why Krysten joined MAFS was to enjoy San Diego. “San Diego is filled with beaches, sunshine, and attractive men who just seem like they never want to grow up,” she explained. One difference pointed out on the show was Mitch had never seen any dating shows before, meanwhile, Krysten is a fan of the show.

The show is still on but, some fans of the show believe that Krysten might be lying about her age in the show. In the first two episodes of the show, the new cast was introduced and saw three of the five couples meet and get married.

Krysten, who was engaged to be married four years ago, claimed she is 32 at the time of the filming. She made it to the altar only to find out that her ex-fiance cheated on her. In the show, her partner Mitch is 41 years old.

At the end of the second episode, had a preview of episode 3 which showed Krysten ready to reveal to her father that she is getting married right before he walks her down the aisle.

Fans are also really disappointed about Mitch if we address the show. Many commented that Mitch wasn’t happy seeing his wife rather he was excited about his mother-in-law.

Fans also thought Mitch had a short fuse since he loudly requested that everyone knot his bow tie and became irate when no one offered to assist him. One girl eventually resolved the situation for him. Even in the previous episode, he was disappointed in his appearance and yelled at his hairdresser to show it.

Fans of Married at First Sight thought Krysten was more enthusiastic about the nuptials than Mitch. She remarked on his mother’s beauty and handsomeness of Mitch, but Mitch did not compliment her. Mitch told his relatives that he was not immediately attracted to her, in contrast to how Krysten felt. Fans hoped that Mitch will be able to connect with Krysten in the future and that his anxiousness was all that was coming through.

Is Krysten Collins On Instagram?

No, Krysten Collins is not on Instagram or Facebook.

Krysten Collins Age

Born in August 1989, Krysten Collins is 32 years old. So, no she wasn’t lying about her age.

Krysten Collins Job

According to LinkedIn, Krysten Collins started her career at NVR, Inc. as a Sales and Marketing Representative in June 2011. She worked in that role until May 2019. The company promoted her to Sales Manager. She worked as a sales manager till December 2020. During that period, she directly managed a sales team of 20.

Krysten analyzed market research and developed ad strategies, led and held weekly sales meetings, and interviewed and hired sales representatives.

In 2021, Krysten moved to San Diego California. She first worked as an enterprise business development representative at Salesforce till June 2022. Starting from June 2022, she is working as a senior enterprise business development representative.

She is also a licensed real estate broker/sales agent.

As for her academic qualification, Krysten holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies from Jameson Madison University. She graduated in 2011.

On her LinkedIn bio, Krysten writes, “I have over 10+ years in B2C outside field sales experience. I have a lot of energy and am extremely passionate about life, excelling in my career, and making personal and professional connections. And, I have a competitive spirit, an entrepreneurial drive, and am always looking for a new challenge”.

Krysten Collins Family

Krysten Collins was born to her parents Steve E Collins and Rogelia Leena Collins.

Born in 1959, Steve is 63 years old in 2022. He attended Matthew Fontaine Maury High School. Rogelia was born in October 1963, which makes her 58 years old in 2022.

Rogelia recently married her husband Matt Rogers in October 2021.

Talking about her job, Rogelia attended Miami Central High School. She also studied Business and Finance at Miami Dade College.

Rogelia worked at TowneBank, worked as a model at Stevensons Modeling Agency, and has been working as a Mortgage Loan Originator at OVM Financial.

Krysten has at least one sister Rachel Collins. Rachel studied at James Madison University. Then, she attended William & Mary. She has been working at Google since July 2021. She is currently based in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Krysten Collins Originally From?

Krysten Collins is born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She has been living in San Diego, California since 2021.

  • How Tall Is Krysten Collins?

Krysten Collins stands tall under 5 feet 8 inches.

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