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Sophia Smith Parents: Mollie Smith And Kenny Smith

Sophia Smith, who made her debut in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 on Friday 21 July, was born to her parents Mollie Smith and Kenny Smith. Who are they? Are they still married? Where do they live?

Read all about them in this article below.

Who Are Soccer Star Sophia Smith Parents?

Sophia Smith, a renowned soccer player, is the daughter of Mollie and Kenny Smith. The Smiths had previously had children before Sophia was born. They were puzzled by their younger daughter as she matured, though. Every morning before going to school, she made her bed, organized her cleat collection, and arranged her toys in order of size.

Sophia began playing soccer because her sisters did, and she spent a lot of her childhood trying to emulate them. Sophia had to wait for a few seasons before she was ready to compete because Gabrielle and Savannah are four and five years older than she is. However, those years spent on the sidelines were crucial. Sophia watched the game throughout the play but would kick the ball with other younger siblings after intermission.

In middle school, Gabrielle and Savannah stopped playing soccer, but this time, Sophia didn’t. “We all quickly realized that this is something that I was good at and something that I loved more than anything else,” Sophia said. “This is what I was meant to do.”

When Sophia was in first grade, her coaches would award their players stickers when they learned a new talent. She gathered quite a collection, but Sophia wasn’t motivated by rewards. When Mollie or Kenny returned from practice, she would drag them into the backyard. They eventually had to purchase Mollie a rebounding net so she wouldn’t sustain any more harm.

“It was terrible playing goalie against her,” Mollie said. “I was always ducking, because every time I stuck out my arm or hand, I’d end up hurting it.”

At the age of 12, she told her parents that she needed to leave her local club and drive three hours round-trip every day to play for Real Colorado. It was a sacrifice for everyone. For Sophia, it meant leaving school early in order to avoid rush hour and putting her organizational skills to good use tracking assignments from the car.

Mollie got a new job that gave her the flexibility to take Sophia to and from training sessions. The team practiced four or five times a week — not enough for Sophia, who often coaxed Kenny or Mollie into driving her on off days to get extra workouts in.

“I’ll never complain,” Mollie remembers her saying. “I’ll never complain one time. Can I please go down there and play soccer?”

‘She understood the commitment,” Mollie says. “And she never did complain.”

Meet Mollie Smith, Sophia Smith Mother

Sophia Smith’s mother is named Mollie Smith. In November 2016 IG post, the soccer star wrote on her IG, “thankful for many things in this world, especially my beautiful momma.”

  • Mollie Smith Age

Mollie Smith is 54 years of age as of 2023. Her birth year is 1969 and her birth month is April.

  • Mollie Smith Job

Mollie Smith never revealed her job. However, during an interview Mollie shared that she quit her job that she had for 20 years to take on a job that offered her the time to commit to the three-hour round-trip journey it would take to ensure Sophia could train every day.

Mollie explained in an interview, “Up until the age of 11, she played in northern Colorado, but I think at about that time, she was the one that came to us and said she thought she wanted something more. So we went down to Real Colorado and she played with them for a weekend and decided that’s what she wanted to do.”

She added, “I remember thinking to myself, ‘If we decide to go to Denver, she better not complain one time about the drive.’ And she never complained one time! There were times when we were stuck in traffic, it took us two and a half hours to get to practice. She never complained. She thanked us probably daily, She was so grateful that I probably would’ve done anything.”

  • Is Mollie Smith On Facebook?

Yes, Mollie Smith is available on Facebook but there are no posts on her profile.

Meet Kenny Smith, Sophia Smith Father

Kenny Smith is the father of Sophia Smith. In an interview with CPR, Kenny told the outlet that when Sophie was six years, he knew that his daughter was going to be a special soccer player. He said, “She used to play on a little three v. three soccer team, and I saw in her a determination and a will, and she had some athleticism that a lot of other kids didn’t have. Even at that stage in her life, she wanted to be the best player out on the field.”

  • Kenny Smith Age

Born in May 1968, Kenny Smith is 55 years of age.

  • Kenny Smith Job

One LinkedIn found online states that Kenny Smith played football at the University of Wyoming,

  • Is Kenny Smith On Facebook?

No, Kenny Smith is not on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Sophia Smith Parents Still Married?

Yes, as of 2023, Sophia Smith’s parents are still married.

  • How Many Kids Do Sophia Smith Parents Have?

Besides Sophia, Kenny and Mollie Smith also has one older daughter named Gabrielle Smith.

Gabrielle reached age 28 in March 2023. She attended Fossil Ridge High School and the University of Northern Colorado. She is currently employed at Nike Factory Outlet and Billie Martinez Elementary School.

Gabrielle has been married since July 18, 2020.

Another daughter of Kenny and Mollie is called Savannah Smith. She is working as director of creative strategy & basketball operations at UNC. She previously served as a graduate manager for the team, completing her MBA in the Spring of 2021.

During her playing career as a Bear, Savannah was named Big Sky MVP for the 2017-18 season and was a three-time, All-Big Sky First team selection. She was named the 2018 Big Sky Tournament MVP, leading UNC to its first appearance in the NCAA tournament in Program history. In the Big Sky Tournament, Savannah broke the scoring record with 78 points in three games played. She was named the 2018 Colorado Sportswomen of the Year.

Savannah is 27 years old.

While Gabrielle lives close to her parents, Savannah is in California.

  • Where Do Sophia Smith Parents Reside?

Kenny and Mollie Smith still reside in the same Windsor, Colorado home where Sophia and her two older sisters grew up. Kenny and Mollie keep Sophia’s room ready for her in Windsor. Anytime she wants to come home, it’s there, just how she left it. Growing up, she changed it often. An interest in interior design spawned from hours spent playing “The Sims” with Gabrielle and Savannah, and Sophia always had a new idea for her room.

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