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Harry Van Vliet Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Below Deck

Below Deck Down Under is another spin-off of the popular Bravo series, focusing on an Australian super yacht and its “complicated” dubbed crew. Its Season 2 just dropped on Peacock on 17 July 2023, featuring casts made of some familiar faces and some new ones. Very handsome Harry Van Vilet, who we are going to talk about now, is one of the latter.

Keep reading and discover all that you have been wondering about this new man on your TV.

Meet Harry Van Vliet, Deckhand On Below Deck Down Under Season 2

This spin-off of the popular Below Deck borrows the original’s premise and “takes it down under”. The series follows the crew of an Australian super-yacht as they sail through their charter season, delving into different waters. Super excited to be part of this journey, Harry Van Vliet like all his co-stars/boatmates has taken to his social media to gush about it. Just lately, for instance, he gushed to his followers “Trust me when I say this season has seen things no other ever has! Buckle up, grab your mates, and enjoy the ride. I sure did!”

So, Harry is a deckhand and comparatively newer to the yachting industry than his coworkers.

His BIO on Bravo’s website goes on to tell that he comes with only three years of experience but has anyway found his time as a deckhand to be some of the most enjoyable work of his young life.

Exploring the Great Barrier Reef on Below Deck Down Under, was really exciting for him. To the cameras on the show, Harry also shared that he is a friendly fellow and is therefore finding it easy to make friends with just about anyone he comes across.

Overall, Below Deck Down Under has a different cast but like old ones it also comes up with some of the same old drama, from uncontrollable guests to difficult charters and boat romances. Fans also have been promised that there is going to be an interesting new cultural backdrop.

How Much Is Harry Van Vliet’s Net Worth?

Harry Van Vliet reportedly had close to $100K net worth as of July 2023. He says he misses friends and family during charter seasons, but he nevertheless loves being aboard the Northern Sun making more money each time he gets on board.

Harry is an aerial and landscape photographer. He practices the job under the organization HVV Photography, which he founded himself. One instance of a project done by him would have to be the music video for X Factor runner Jason Owen’s new single, Calypso, from his album, Jason Owen Sings John Denver. Harry did the drone shot of the video.

Just in July 2023, Harry also completed his Padi instructor development course in the Philippines. That same year in April, he graduated from university with a Bachelor of Commerce.

If you also need to have a hint at Harry’s Below Deck salary, a deckhand, like him, is found to be usually making around $3,500-$4,500 a month.

Harry Van Vliet Age

Harry Van Vliet was born in 1999. So, he reached the age of

Who Are Harry Van Vliet Parents?

Harry Van Vliet’s father is Nic Van Vliet and his mother is Tracey Van Vliet. Though not much is known about them, they are clearly fond of their son and he of them.

Then, in his family, Harry also has two sisters: Georgia Van Vliet of Gold Coast (on IG @georgia.vv_) and Alex van Vliet of Sydney, Australia.

Harry seems to have a great bonding with both his siblings.

On 25 September 2021, when Georgia turned 18, he had taken to the internet a beautiful picture of them and next to it, he had written “Happy 18th sis. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do xx.”

Harry Van Vliet Girlfriend

On his Facebook, as of July 2023, Harry Van Vliet marked his relationship status as ‘single’. So, at this point, he did not seem to be dating anyone.

However, before the release of his season of Below Deck, Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott did hint towards a possible romantic connection between Stewardess Margot Sisson and Harry. So, Harry maybe found himself a company while out in international waters and did not think of revealing it to his fans.

Harry Van Vliet Height

Harry Van Vliet stands pretty tall and this makes him appear even more dapper among his growing female fans. He stands somewhere around 6′ 3″ tall.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Harry Van Vliet’s Birthday?

Harry Van Vliet’s birthday is on April 1st and that makes him Aries.

  • What Is Harry Van Vliet’s Nationality?

Harry Van Vliet was born and bred in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. So, his nationality is Australian of course.

  • Is Harry Van Vliet On Instagram?

Yes. Harry Van Vliet can be found on Instagram. As of 23 July 2023, his IG @harry_van_vliet included 95 posts and 1,979 followers. Here, he proudly admitted to being an “ADI scuba instructor”.

At the same time, here and on his ‘Facebook’, he also has shown people glimpses of his travels. Harry loves seeing different places one can tell. Some of the notable places he had been to are Mexico, Thailand, and Indonesia. In November 2022, he was very happy to see the amazing Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

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