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Squid Game #51 Rose Mary Kah Bio, Age, Job, Boyfriend

Meet Rose Mary Kah from Netflix’s Squid Game. She is best known as player #051. Does she have a boyfriend? How old is she now? What has she shared about her family?

Here is what we know about her.

Meet Rose Mary Kah, Player #51 From Squid Game: The Challenge

In Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge we met people from different parts of the world and one of them is Cameroonian girl Rose Mary Kah Gang Tangiye. Rose donned a #51 tracksuit. She has an extremely remarkable on-screen journey. She had a solid game from the beginning of season 1, which helped her to win the job after the task.

Even while there’s always a chance of luck in situations like this, she can hardly be blamed for her own efforts in the games themselves or in the socializing aspect of the tournament. After all, one must give it their best in order for luck to work.

Rose may have benefited from not being the center of attention during the challenge’s initial stages because it allowed her to move through the performance without drawing attention to herself. She advanced through each round cautiously and gradually until she was among the final few standing and prepared to take any necessary action to win the $4.56 million grand prize.

In November 2023, Rose added, “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! Squid Game: The challenge, streaming now on Netflix 😎 Come watch me compete with 455 players for 4.56 million dollars πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½ Cameroon represented πŸ‡¨πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨πŸ‡² It’s a Once in a Lifetime Experience it’s crazy how amazing it was because of the great people I meet and bonded with πŸ₯Ήβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜Š Thankful to God for this and to everyone who shows me love and supportπŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ½.”

Rose Mary Kah Age

Born in 1997, Rose Mary Kah is 26 years of age as of November 2023.

Rose Mary Kah Family

During a Q&A video Rose Mary Kah posted on her vlog, she shared that her mom was from Babadjou. She added that she is a mixed breed and is a little bit bilingual (speaks French). She loves her dad very much.

Rose describes her dad as the most strict person she ever met in her life. She then shared a story carrying the same sentiment from the time she was in high school about a bracelet she received from her friend and wearing it on school premises. Then, Rose added that she learned a lot from her dad and added that he kept her grounded which made her appreciate things and respect rules and regulations.

Rose Mary Kah Job

Rose is working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. She is a compassionate professional and intellectual individual seeking an opportunity as a Full Time Medical Laboratory Technician in a hospital/clinical laboratory to utilize my skills and resources in order to become a valuable asset to an institution/company providing Children’s/ adults Healthcare.

In 2023, Rose has been employed by Duly Health and Care since May 2020. She worked at Transplant Cameroon Health Centre as a Medical Laboratory Technician from 2019 to 2020.

Rose graduated from the University of Bamenda (Cameroon). Her major was microbiology.

Actually, Rose’s desire as a child was to become a nun. Although she has since entered the fields of science and medicine, she still seems to have the same heart that first inspired her to follow a life of holiness. She has also stated that she intends to use the possible prize money from the Netflix series to advance her career and healthcare prospects in Cameroon.

Rose Mary Kah Boyfriend

Rose keeps the characteristics of her dad in her mind, a trait that she will be looking for in her future husband. She shared that she hasn’t such things as “love at first sight.” She believes a person needs to have a crush on somebody.

Rose added that she had a crush only two times in her life and for her personally “love at first sight” will probably not happen as it takes time in her case. During a Q&A fans also ask her if she is married and the answer is no. She dated a few times but never tied the knot or did anything rash that involved romance.

On Valentine’s Day 2020, Rose posted a vlog on how she spent her day that you can watch here.

Rose Mary Kah Height

The beautiful Rose Mary Kah’s height measures under 5’7”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Rose Mary Kah From?

Rose Kah hailed from Bali Nyonga, Cameroon, West Africa. She is now residing in Joliet, Illinois.

  • When Is Rose Mary Kah Birthday?

Rose Kah celebrates her birthday on 14 August.

  • Is Rose Mary Kah On Instagram?

Yes, Rose Kah is available on Instagram (@_mommy_cici_) and YouTube.

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