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Stacy Strangis Bio, Age, Anthony Strangis Ex, Bad Vegan

Meet Stacy Strangis, the ex-wife of Anthony Strangis from Netflix’s Bad Vegan. Learn about Stacy’s age, her relationship with Anthony, and her role in Netflix’s newest offering.

This article unfolds it all below. So keep on scrolling down this Stacy Strangis Bio.

Meet Stacy Strangis, Anthony Strangis Ex-Wife

Meet Stacy Strangis, ex-wife of Anthony Strangis, one of the subjects of Netflix’s Bad Vegan. Stacy lived a relatively ordinary life until she met Anthony in Tampa, Florida in 2004. She fell head over heel for him. Anthony told her they “were reincarnated lovers who kept finding our way through time” she went along with it with no trouble.

Three months later, Stacy and Anthony shared their wedding vows in Las Vegas and started building their life together alongside Stacy’s daughter from her past relationship who he seemed to care just as much. After Anthony ditched his family, Stacy had to publish a notice of action for the dissolution of marriage in various newspapers.

At the time, their son Riley was 8 months old. Speaking with The Post, she said, “I’ve never heard from him again.”

Bad Vegan unfolds the story of how a celebrity restauranter became the “vegan fugitive” when she is conned out of millions by a man who convinces her that he can expand her food empire and make her beloved pit bull immortal. However, she can’t question his increasingly unusual requests.

Sarma had reached the height of success as a raw vegan chef and restauranter in the early 2000s. Many celebrities such as Owen Wilson, Bill Clinton, and Alec Baldwin frequented the place along with other crowds joining the vegan raw food restaurant. But, she vanished in 2015.

Stacy told The Post, “I would always see what I thought were bandages [on] his chest. Come to find out, he was just taping his man boobs down. He’s a sociopath. I feel bad for him Melngailis”.

Stacy Strangis On Bad Vegan

One time, Anthony told Stacy that his late aunt had left him $5 million. He told her that he wanted to utilize by setting up accounts for them as individuals and for Stacy’s daughter’s college tuition. But, the alleged check never came around and Anthony refused to get a job to support the family.

They had a son eventually, Riley Strangis (@riley.strangis or @riley.strangis.7). Anthony would make often comment about how easy it was to kill an infant with salt without it ever showing up in an autopsy as stated in Bad Vegan. After that remark, she never left her children alone with her ex-husband.

Stacy shared on Bad Vegan that The relationship degraded over time and there were constant fights between the two. Then, he started spending half of the time in his father’s place. He had also convinced her that he was in the Navy seal and he was shot in the line of duty.

Furthermore, Anthony also made her believe that demons were after his life. Moreover, Anthony pawned off her jewelry with his father to supply for his gambling addiction , so you can see how important responsible gaming is.

In Bad Vegan, Stacy admits she knew there were red flags but loved him too much to stop herself, telling cameras, “I feel like it was one of the greatest loves of my life” and believed she would fix him if she loved him enough.

Stacy was also one of the few witnesses at Sarma’s trial who sent a letter to the judge defending the vegan restaurant owner. In part of the letter, she wrote, “I know how it feels to be taken in by Anthony. I know how it feels to love Anthony.”

Does Stacy Strangis Have A Husband?

Although Stacy Strangis dated a few people after Anthony based on her social media posts, no, she doesn’t seem to be married. Her Facebook also states that she is single as of March 2022.

Stacy Strangis Age

Stacy Lynn Strangis was reportedly born on 23 August 1971. Therefore, as of 2022, she is 50 years old.

Stacy Strangis Job

According to her Facebook, Stacy Strangis completed her high school education in 1990. She studied Dental Assisting at Concorde Career Institute – Tampa, Florida. She worked as an Oral Surgeon’s surgical assistant.

According to, Oral Surgery Assistant makes nearly $40,156 a year or $19 per hour.

Is Stacy Strangis On Instagram?

Stacy Strangis is on Instagram (@strangisstacy), Facebook (@stacy.strangis.5), and Pinterest (@rhinosmom04).

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Stacy Strangis Live Today?

Stacy Strangis currently lives in Palmetto, Florida. She cited Winter Haven, Florida as her hometown.

  • What Is Stacy Strangis Maiden Name?

Stacy Strangis hasn’t revealed her maiden name but she is related to people such as Gail L Avery, Christopher Michael Avery, and Crysta Scoutt Avery, her maiden name could be Avery which is yet to be confirmed.

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