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Starla Heinz Age, Job, Husband, Squid Game Player 318

Get to know Starla Heinz who appeared on Squid Game as player #318. Learn about her age, job, husband, and more in this article below.

Tag along and read all about her here as this article proceeds.

Meet Starla Heinz, Player #318 From Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge

Starla Heinz is donning #318 on Netflix’s reality show Squid Game: The Challenge. “It’s like ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,'” Starla said in the show. “Going after the golden ticket… Who’s not in debt? We’re facing a recession. I mean, I had to – – I’m not getting paid at work for this. But you’re dreaming; you’re taking a chance. What’s that like, to be able to pay off your house? What’s that like, to be able to pay off your car? I know these may be simple dreams, but what’s that like? Yeah, I got my own dreams. They may not be much, but I got dreams too.”

Starla was determined to make it to the end. Sadly, she got eliminated within a few minutes because she couldn’t maintain her balance and she failed to pass Red Light Green Light, the first challenge.

Starla Heinz Age

Starla Heinz reached age 61 in June 2023. She was born in 1962.

Starla Heinz Job

Starla Heinz is an actress and a comedian out of California. She has appeared in feature films such as The Glass Cage, Thin Line Between Love and Hate, The Fan, Cable Guy, and Three Weeks and One Day among others.

On TV, she has appeared on America’s Most Wanted, Chicago Hope, Malibu Shores, It’s Good to be King, The Wayan’s Brothers, and Diagnosis Murder to name a few.

Over the years, Starla has trained at various institutes to hone her acting skills. Starla studied stand-up comedy at Flappers Acting University and did improv at Groundlings Theatre & School. She also went to City College of San Francisco, School of Drama, and California State University of San Francisco, School of Drama.

In addition to acting, she did some modeling for YumYum Collection and you can find her portfolio here.

Furthermore, Starla also holds a degree in criminal justice from California State University of Los Angeles.

For 20 years, she has also worked as a deputy probation officer at Los Angeles County Probation.

Starla Heinz Husband

Starla Heinz is married to her husband Ralph Heinz. Ralph and Starla made their relationship official in September 2016. They married on 12 August 2017.

In early September 2023 when Ralph celebrated his birthday, Starla wished her husband, “Everyone please say Happy Birthday To The Hubby! #familyfirst.”

Speaking of birthdays, Ralph turned 63 in 2023. Originally from College Point, he is now residing in Riverside, California. He has been working as a Sr. Vice President at Renkus-Heinz since September 1989.  Renkus-Heinz has been a family affair with three generations of the Heinz family, as well as a number of veteran employees of more than 20 years working together at the company’s headquarters in Foothill Ranch, CA, where the majority of the company’s products are still designed and manufactured in-house.

Renkus-Heinz was founded by Ralph’s dad Harro Heinz. His background was in mechanical engineering, and he “has a natural talent for understanding acoustics.” He joined the organization early on.

Starla has at least one daughter named Mimi. In March 2023, she wished her, “Happy Birthday my little one. What a breath of fresh air you are to me. There is an old French saying “Qui vivra verra” which simply means “The Future Will Tell”
You have been showing and telling us for a while. Keep moving mountains. Love you the most. #family.”

Starla Heinz Height

Starla Heinz’s height measures 5’6”. Despite being in her early sixties, she showed in the show that she is in great shape.

Starla Heinz Family

Starla Heinz’s family came from Mississippi. Her mom came from a very big family with 12 siblings.

Starla’s maternal grandfather was a deacon in the church and her mom was born out of wedlock. When Starla’s mom was 13, she lost her mother. At the age of 18, Starla’s mom married her dad who was in the Air Force. Each of their children was born on a different base.

Starla was the youngest of her siblings born at Beale Air Force Base in Marysville, California. When she was six weeks old, her dad left military service and moved the family to San Francisco where he became a bus driver on the “Muni” that took you all over the city. But Starla was four years old when he left her mom with six kids to raise by herself. The only way she could see her father was to catch his bus route and stay on his line from start to finish.

Two of her siblings we know of are Brian White and Cynthia White.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Starla Heinz From?

Starla Heinz was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She is now residing in Riverside, California.

  • When Is Starla Heinz Birthday?

Starla Heinz’s birthday is on 25 June.

  • Is Starla Heinz On Instagram?

Yes, Starla Heinz is available on Instagram (@everyonesfaveauntie), TikTok (@everyonesfaveauntie), and Facebook (@starla.white.39).

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