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Stella Guidry Bio, Age, Today, Tyler Henry Grandmother

Learning about Stella Guidry certainly gave chills as well as insight into what the life of Tyler Henry’s mother Theresa grew up in.

Let’s learn about the woman who Theresa believed was her mother most of her life. Here, we discuss her age, where she is today, and other family details.

Meet Stella Guidry, Tyler Henry Grandmother

In Netflix’s Life After Death With Tyler Henry, Hollywood Medium Tyler is solving a mystery in his own family. His mother Theresa did a DNA test and discovered that the woman Stella Guidry Nestle who raised her wasn’t her birth mom. It means Stella who Tyler called his grandmother wasn’t his grandma.

Viewers learned that not only Stella was abusive towards her children, she also went to prison for a double murder. All of this unfolded in the show that hundreds of thousands of his fans watched on Netflix’s new offering in that genre. So, let’s more about her.

So the question rises how did Tyler’s mom Theresa end up with his grandmother Stella. Theresa’s sister Aunt Felicia and Uncle Peter (non-biological) had some faint ideas about it. Felicia revealed that one time Stella went to Louisiana for two years and when she returned she came back with Tyler’s mother.

Tyler’s family assumed that she was pregnant in New Orleans.

But Theresa learns from her half-siblings that Stella volunteered or worked a the hospital where Tyler’s actual grandmother Mary gave birth. Mary at the time had two kids and struggled financially. They assumed that Stella might’ve persuaded to hand over the baby. Around the time, Theresa was born Stella was dating a Whiteman so they had assumed that Stella might have had a daughter.

Stella wasn’t the greatest mother for her children. Besides her abusive nature, the kids were never taken to dentists or doctors and rarely had food in the house. Three siblings protected each other and had each other’s back. But, Tyler’s uncle Peter was still connected with Stella.

Where Is Stella Guidry Today? Is Tyler Henry’s Grandmother Still Alive?

One night when Stella called Peter from her job at the Fowler Motel. At the time he was only 18. She told Peter that she “wanted to show him something.” When he arrived at the motel, Stella took him to the motel’s office where the bodies of the owner and her boyfriend Wen-Li Wang and Wai Lee, were tied up.

Stella concocted a story about four Mexicans who showed up and murdered them for money. They would return and kill their entire family, Stella warned Peter if he didn’t assist her to get rid of the bodies.

Stella Guidry, having served over 30 years in prison, is reportedly alive and is in her 90s. She was found guilty after her son Peter testified against her in exchange for the reduced charge of accessory to murder. Meanwhile, Peter also received two years probation.

Stella is believed to be in California still and prefers to keep away from the spotlight.

In the show, Tyler and Theresa talked about celebrating Stella’s birthday. And at one point Felicia asks if Theresa planned on confronting Stella about everything she learned. Theresa says no and showed no interest in doing so.

Stella Guidry Age

As of 2022, Stella Guidry is reportedly in her 90s.

Stella Guidry Husband

Stella Guidry was previously married to her ex-husband Guile Nestle. Guile was born on 14 August 1937 in Little Falls, New York. His father was Curtis James Nestle and Wava Gertrude Lewis Nestle. Stella’s husband attended a school custodian in Apple Valley California School District.

Guile married his second wife Elizabeth Frances Bilyou on 9 March 1996. He was a US Navy Veteran serving on the USS Saratoga in Mayport, Florida.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Did Stella Guidry Stay In The Prison?

Stella Guidry stayed in the prison for over 30 years.

  • Where Does Stella Guidry Live?

Stella Guidry reportedly still lives in California.

  • Did Stella Guidry Appear On Netflix’s Life After Death?

No, Stella doesn’t appear on Netflix’s Life After Death with Tyler Henry.

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