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Theresa Koelewyn Bio, Age, Job, Tyler Henry Mother

Meet Theresa Koelewyn, mother of Tyler Henry, who appeared alongside her son in the Netflix show Life After Death with Tyler Henry. She explored her real family in the show as she knew the woman who raised her wasn’t her mother. Learn more about her and her story below in this article.

Furthermore, we also cover her job, age, and social media reach.

Meet Theresa Koelewyn, Tyler Henry Mother

Meet Theresa Koelewyn mother of Tyler Henry. Tyler is the only child born to her mother Theresa and her father David Koelewyn. They met each other at the age of 15 and have been happily married for over 36 years.

Tyler is very close to his mother and shares an intimate bond with her. On Mother’s day 2020, he captioned his IG post, “I’m so thankful to have an incredible mom whose light is shared with the world. Through this journey together we’ve met so many kind people and she always has plenty of love to go around. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Theresa Koelewyn On Netflix’s Life After Death

In Netflix’s “Life After Death with Tyler Henry” Tyler and his mom work to unravel a true-crime mystery in his own life. In 2019, his mother took a DNA test and discovered that the woman named Stella Guidry who raised her wasn’t her biological mother. She also revealed that she was kidnapped and raised by a convicted killer.

Henry told on the show, “I want to learn more about what happened to my mom’s family. She could’ve had a completely different life that was taken from her by this criminal.”

And his mom learns that Stella Guidry the woman who raised her wasn’t even her mother. A weight was lifted off of her because she considered Stella “everything bad a person can be.” As for Theresa’s father, Guile Nestle died on 2 December 2017 at the age of 80.

In the show’s first episode, Henry and Theresa look at her birth certificate and his mom says, “Up until my mid-50s, I thought my biological parents were Stella (Mary Guidry) and Guile (Nestle).” She says that knowing Stella wasn’t her mother lifted “a ton of bricks” off her back because Stella had served 30 years in prison and was a known con artist.

Speaking about Stella, she shared, “She’s everything bad a person could be”.

Who Are Theresa Koelewyn Biological Parents?

Theresa’s biological father was Joe Cowart who wasn’t on the family picture and her mom Mary and grandmother believed she would have a better life under someone else’s care. Growing up, Theresa had doubts about her parents because she was the only White person in the primarily Black household. However, Stella’s ex-boyfriend was White so she had come to peace with that.

In the show, eventually, Henry helps his mom investigate her biological mother and this leads to her biological family in New Orleans. The family shares that Mary “had a breakdown” after giving her up. But, they found each other and that’s all that mattered.

Theresa meets her siblings/cousins. She also learns that her mother gave her up out of necessity/shame rather than anything else.

Theresa Koelewyn Age

Born in February 1964, Theresa Koelewyn is 58 years old as of 2022. She celebrates her birthday on Valentine’s Day.

Theresa Koelewyn Job

Theresa Koelewyn hasn’t said much about her employment, but she’s been chauffeuring her son to his medium appointments since his fame grew. She also tweeted in November 2017: “Another fun day of filming with Tyler. I think I better keep my day job. Still laughing!”.

Tyler’s fans frequently praise her for doing an excellent job of parenting Tyler in his natural setting. Tyler’s admirers are well aware that she is his most ardent supporter and cheerleader.

She also worked in her husband’s tile business as an officer.

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  • Where Is Theresa Koelewyn From?

Theresa Koelewyn’s current residence is Hanford, CA.

  • Is Theresa Koelewyn On Instagram?

Theresa Koelewyn is on several social media platforms. Like you can find him on Instagram (@theresakoelewyn), Facebook (@theresa.koelewyn), and also Twitter (@theresakoelewyn).

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