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Stephanie Lebo Age, Job, Instagram, Jon Gosselin Girlfriend

Jon Gosselin kept his dating life in the dark for 2 years before finally unveiling his girlfriend Stephanie Lebo to the world in 2023. They have been in a relationship since September 1, 2021.

To learn more about Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend, continue reading!

Meet Stephanie Lebo, Jon Gosselin Girlfriend

Speaking to The Sun in Aug 2023, Jon Gosselin introduced Stephanie as his girlfriend. He told the outlet that together they were the happiest couple.

After meeting at a backyard barbecue of a mutual friend, Jon and Stephanie quickly fell for one another. They had met a few months following Jon’s split from his then-girlfriend, Collen Conrad.

Stephanie and Jon then took up to DM and never stopped talking. The “Jon & Kate Plus 8” alum then asked Stephanie on a date. The night of their date, Stephanie admitted to Jon that she wanted to kiss him. Neither Stephanie nor Jon was looking for anything serious at the time.

What bonded Stephanie and Jon was their shared bad experiences in past relationships. Admittedly, they had so much in common. Stephanie also didn’t shy away from confessing to knowing Jon even though she wasn’t a fan of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Stephanie even claimed they never argue. In her own words, “And there’s no gender roles in our relationship, if I’m slacking in the dinner area he picks that up or if he’s running late I’ll pick it up. We are a good team and I like that.”

Doubling down on their blissful romance, Jon claimed, “I feel it’s taken 19 years to find Steph. All the trials and tribulations, the heartbreak, the fighting, and worrying about who is going to talk about me to the press, then finally I meet Steph.”

Even Jon’s mother approved of Stephanie and their romance. In contrast, his ex, Kate drove a gap between him and his large family.

Jon was married to Kate for a decade before their separation in 2009. They are parents to share twins — Mady & Cara — and sextuplets: Collin, Hannah, Alexis, Aaden, Leah & Joel.

Stephanie Lebo Children

Everyone is familiar with Jon’s topsy-turvy relationship with his kids, there are little to no details about Stephanie’s kids. However, her Instagram suggests she is a mother to a daughter named Giuliana Brice. Stephanie allegedly had Guiliana with Michael Brice.

Giuliana is Stephanie’s saving grace. Stephanie once claimed her life is nothing without her daughter who turned 13 in 2023.

Normandy Albert is Guiliana’s Godmother.

Stephanie Lebo Age

1987 is her birth year. Thus, Stephanie Lebo turned 35 years old in 2022. For context, she is 11 years younger than Jon.

Referencing her upcoming birthday via an IG post, Stephanie once captioned, “One month ‘til 34”

Stephanie Lebo Family

According to our research, Stephanie Lebo is the daughter of Ralph Lebo Jr and Rita Lebo. The latter turned 66 in 2023. Since 2000, she has been working as a Director at WORKNET. Meanwhile, Ralph is a senior scientist at AkzoNobel.

Stephanie seems to have a close relationship with her parents. On 2022 Father’s Day, she penned a heartfelt message writing, “I’ll keep it simple. Thank you, Dad. Thank you for every single thing. Giving me the best childhood, and even better adulthood. Every memory is worth remembering because of you. You did everything with me. You are more than a great dad, you’re an even greater pop-pop. One of the coolest, kindest, selfless, super duper fun souls I know.”

“I am proud to say you are more than just my dad, you’re my best friend. In any lifetime, I’d choose you to be my one and only, old man. Days like today are meant for all the men like you. I love you very much. Today and every day,” the message continued.

Ralph Lebo Jr is the son of Ralph W Lebo Sr and Jean (Schaeffer) Lebo. While Jean (Schaeffer) Lebo passed away in 1989, Ralph Sr died in 2014. They were survived by 3 kids including Stephanie’s dad.

Rita Lebo is the daughter of Margaret Kohl. Daughter of George W. and Margaret (Doyle) Bausman, Margaret passed away in 2009. Until her retirement, she worked for Meridian Bank. At the time of her death, Margaret was survived by her husband, Raymond Kohl.

Stephanie isn’t an only child. She has a brother named Zachary Lebo, a Laramie, Wyoming resident. 3 years her senior, Zachary is an Assistant Professor at the University of Wyoming. Previously, he worked as Research Scientist at Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences.

Stephanie Lebo Job

Now onto her profession, Stephanie Lebo is an R&D Specialist 1 at AkzoNobel. She first held the job in October 2017.

For those wondering, AkzoNobel is a Dutch paint and coating manufacturing company. While the company’s headquarter is in Amsterdam, it operates all over the world.

According to The Sun, Stephanie previously made her living working as a beautician.

Stephanie Lebo Height

If one were to make a guess, Stephanie Lebo doesn’t seem an inch taller than 5’7”. Job Gosselin, meanwhile, measures around 5’8”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Stephanie Lebo Birthday?

Stephanie Lebo is a Leo who celebrates her birthday on the 19th of August every year.

  • Where Is Stephanie Lebo From?

As noted on her Facebook, Stephanie is a native of Reading, Pennsylvania. Reading, PA is also her current residence.

  • What Is Stephanie Lebo Ethnicity?

Stephanie is likely of Greek descent.

  • Is Stephanie Lebo On Instagram And Facebook?

Find Stephanie on Instagram @__ladiigreekstefanii__ and on Facebook @LaDiGrEEk. You can also reach out to her on Twitter @ladigreek87.


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